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Hogwarts Houses




It’s been 3000 years since i didnt draw anything undertale related so ya here’s shitty ddl

How Idealists care about others:

FeNi (ENFJ):

“Hiiiiiiii! :D!!!!! How ’s everything????
Looook, i brought u chocolates, ‘cause i know you’re very exhausted by the tests!!!
Want to talk?
Ooooh! Give me a hug x3!”

NiFe (INFJ):

“Are you okay? What’s going on? What happened?
Oh, come on, that’s not true, and you know it.
And that’s because of this, and that, and […], and… and you’re awesome, and I love you so much.”

Nefi (ENFP):

“Oh, yeah… i know…  i really understand you… but you know? THAT’S NOT TRUE! You’re pretty f*ck*ng awesome!!! >_<!!!
Come on, i was also like you, but… but there is a way out, don’t give up!
I swear i understand you, and you’re going to overcome it! I’ll be with you!!”

FiNe (INFP):

“Oh… i know… i understand you perfectly… it hurts a lot, but… *hug* let’s go, everything will be okay, you’ll be fine, of course you’ll be.
It’s hard, it’s so complicated, but you can with this…  You and me, we’ll be fine, because i’ll be with you.”

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Hi I'm a Carat and I see on one of your posts you said that Woozi likes chocolate?😱 He's not my bias but do u have some tea for this👀. I'm Joshua and Mingyu biased💞

Oh he was/ is a big Beyonce’ fanboy

I forgot what else I’ll have to look through his tag

Happy Birthday to Paloma Garcia-Lee, a true Phantom legend who has numerous Broadway credits. She joined the Broadway company of Phantom when she was 17, became principal Meg on the US tour soon after, staying until the end of the tour. She has since come back to Phantom several times as a vacation cover. But she also has appeared in Nice Work if You Can Get It, On the Town (Dance Captain/Swing), Great Comet (Dance Captain/Swing) and is now in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory as a member of the ensemble and u/s Veruca Salt!

*ChocoLate Bomb!! info: Crossfade for ChocoBo’s 1st full album “Mille-feuille” here

Shirofuku: I was listening to this while reading the blog entry from after the final performance and I started crying… You’ve been working so hard… Now we’re friends under the same company.
This album is so awesome!!

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fun fact : marshmallows can and will kill us all. we must destroy them first. burn their troops alive and squish their corpses between chocolate and graham crackers. c o n s u m e t h e m


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*gives polli a HUGE chocolate cake* here u go friend UwU

Polli: Ahhhh! tastes it It’s wonderful tytyty! hugs I love it immediately starts eating it-

watch her make inappropriate noises eating it…

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There's a small purple box with a note attached. "Hey dark, I made a batch of cookies and honestly, I can't eat these all on my own before they get stale, so I thought I'd leave you a few. -A.D"

Chocolate cookies.

d e l i c i o u s . 

Why does no one talk about Sirius and Remus post-Azkaban? Like I bet Remus followed Sirius with P O U N D S of chocolate and Sirius was like “Wtf I’m a dog you murderer” and Remus was like “what you are is depressed fucking eat it” and I swear to fucking god there is nothing in my life except Wolfstar I am trash

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if we were dating I'd buy you shittons of food and take u out to movies and we'd stay up at night and I'd give u lots of little gifts bc I'm a sentimental romantic deep in my heart and we'd eat chocolate until five am and cuddle? lmao I'd love u with my entire soul tho?

how do u know i love all those things????¿¿¿¿ like especially the chocolate at 5am part, that’s so personal?????¿¿¿¿¿ have u been sPYING on me,,,are u a psychic aklsjklasjklasj no but srsly this is the warmest and softest foken thing anyone’s ever said to me like wrow