Chocolate Art


The Department of Delicious Deception found the perfect gift for anyone with a sweet tooth and a love of photography. UK-based chocolate wizards The Amazing Chocolate Workshop make this awesome vintage Nikon SLR camera created entirely of velvety Italian chocolate.

“Paying chocolatey homage to the glory of the vintage analogue camera, this full-size Nikon SLR solid chocolate camera took an insane amount of time to craft, delivering massive levels of intricate detail worthy of a true design classic,” the shop writes. “Focus your eye on the incredible plastic casing texture effect, ultra-fine aperture lines and intricate dial and winder detail and you’ll be forgiven for wondering whether to eat it or frame it.”

Visit The Amazing Chocolate Workshop to check out more of their entirely edible creations. 

Order the chocolate Nikon camera here.

[via PetaPixel]


Wood Carvings by Seiji Kawasaki

Japanese wood carving artist Seiji Kawasaki creates ultra realistic food sculptures. Taking 2-3 hours to make, some of Kawasaki’s wooden food double as holders for resting chopsticks. He also does picture-perfect chocolate, vegetables and baked goods! #Love it!