Cho, Harry, and Cedric after playing some Quidditch, lying on the pitch and joking around

Because nobody dies and these three have the chance to live out their crushes on each other


A patronus, Harry tells Hermione, is acing a test and the warmth of a butterbeer between your hands. It is your friends holding you when you fall, and Ron’s sparkling eyes when you whisper hi. And there’s an otter, swimming, and Hermione is blushing.

A patronus, Harry tells Ron, is Ginny’s shaky smile lighting up the world at the end of second year. It is winning the Quidditch World Cup, unwrapping yet another knitted jumper, and your startled surprise at the sight of Hermione punching Draco in the face. And there’s a dog, chasing the otter, and Ron is laughing.

A patronus, Harry tells Luna, is the feeling of starlight on your skin and grass between your bare toes. It is snow melting through your fingers, the magic your mother used to make, something singing in your heart when you stare at the impossible. And there’s a hare, jumping, and Luna is shining.

A patronus, Harry tells Cho, is Marietta shouting the lyrics of her favourite song, dancing in the rain during a storm. It is the look on Cedric’s face when he saw you at the Yule Ball, his hand holding yours and never letting go. And there’s a swan, sliding, and Cho is crying.

A patronus, Harry tells Seamus, is Dean’s funny expression when he is about to burst into laughter and the sound of a explosion that turns out right. It is the fireworks, bright flowers blossoming in the night sky; and the fire burning in your lungs as you fly. And there’s a fox, running, and Seamus is smirking.

A patronus, Harry tells Ginny, is the world expanding underneath you and the wind playing with your hair. It is dancing and laughing until there are tears on your cheeks, Molly’s disapproving voice and Arthur’s amused eyes after one of the twins’ pranks. And there’s a horse, flying, and Ginny is grinning.

A patronus, Harry thinks, is that weird feeling that lives in his chest when the Room of Requirement glows silver, speaking of times when the world was golden.

  • Ginny doesn’t start dating Luna until after she breaks up with Harry
  • Luna was always there to comfort her at hogwarts, so when Ginny asks her to stay over the night after she and Harry broke up, how could she say no?
  • But that morning when Ginny wakes up, Luna is gone
  • She eventually finds her in the garden, eyes red from crying
  • Luna hadn’t been able to sleep in a closed off space since she’d been locked up in the Malfoy basement
  • She’d been sitting outside for hours, afraid to wake up Ginny
  • Ginny promises she doesn’t have to sleep indoors after that
  • Now they sleep outside, their intertwined hands illuminated by the stars
  • But when winter comes and the snow starts to fall, even the most powerful heating charms won’t work against the cold
  • Ginny decides this won’t do, and asks everyone she knows to come over for new years
  • And all of Luna’s friends arrive to finally make her feel safe and at home
  • Dean, Seamus and Dennis Creevey paint the ground floor to look like the open parts of the forbidden forest
  • Percy and Oliver Wood make the laundry room look like a quidditch pitch
  • Fred and George draw the most ridiculous creatures they can think of in the hallways of their new house
  • Harry, Ron and Hermione paint the bathroom to look like a huge coral reef
  • Ginny and Neville transform the guest room into a moorland
  • The attic was turned into a meadow filled with flowers by Bill, Fleur and Cho  
  • Only one room was done by just one person
  • Because Ginny knew he regretted not saving Luna from his basement more than anything
  • And he wanted to show her how sorry he was
  • So when midnight neared, and Luna came home to find all of her friends there
  • In a house where she finally didn’t feel trapped
  • She met a boy with pale blond hair
  • And scars across his chest
  • Sitting in the middle of her bedroom
  • Covered in paint, surrounded by the night sky
  • And Luna smiled, because she had the most perfect girlfriend
  • And Draco smiled, because he knew he’d made up for at least one of his mistakes
  • And Harry smiled, because he now finally knew who to kiss at midnight.
  • And they were happy
  • And all was well

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things from the book that would've been cute as FUCK in to all the boys i’ve loved before movie
  • lara jean talking about the letter w/ peter because honestly her letter is so sweet but it’s so funny

- “In a low, quiet voice, Peter says, “Just so you know I don’t have any STDs.. I also don’t always take the last piece of pizza.”
- “Wait.” He hesitates, “Listen I didn’t mean to steal your first kiss or whatever. I mean, that wasn’t my intention-“

  • the actual way peter and lara jean kissed not that spin the bottle bs peter has loved her since literally the seventh grade

- “Peter and I were downstairs alone, the last two to be picked up. We were sitting on the couch.”
- “And then out of nowhere, he said, “Your hair smells like coconuts… Then Peter Kavinsky leaned right in and kissed me, and I was stunned.”

  • okay noah said in an interview that they decided to change the original kiss because it was hard to shoot -which is understandable- but the original is SO cute

That’s when I see him. Peter Kavinsky, walking down the hallway. Like magic. Beautiful, dark-haired Peter. He deserves background music, he looks so good. I run up to Peter and launch myself into his arms like a shot out of a cannon. I’ve got my arms around his neck and my legs hooked around his waist… Peter’s expression is registering pure shock and disbelief and maybe a drop of amusement, because Peter likes to be amused.

Raising his eyebrows he says, “Lara Jean? What the-?” I don’t answer, I just kiss him… My heart is beating so fast I forget to be afraid of doing it wrong. Because for about three seconds, he’s kissing me back. Peter Kavinsky, the boy of every girls dreams, is kissing me back.”

  • peter being low-key jealous
    • part one

“John Ambrose McClaren.”
Peter’s eyes widen. “McClaren? When did you like him?”
“Eighth grade.”
“I thought you liked me in eighth grade!”

    • part two

“At dinner I get a text from Peter. It says, If you’re going to hang out with Sanderson, can you at least not do it in public?”


“He pushes away from the wall and puts his head in my lap, and I go completely still.
I try to make my voice sound normal as I say, “You’re in a really strange mood today.”
He raises an eyebrow at me. “What kind of mood am I in?”
“The obnoxious kind,” I say, and he laughs.
“I’m sleepy.” He closes his eyes and snuggles against me. “Tell me a bedtime story, Covey.””

    • “I stand there for a second and then I go for it: I do what a girl in love with Peter would do. I do what Genevieve would do. I march right in and plop down in his lap like it’s my rightful place.”
  • talking in his car

Lara Jean; “Do you think there’s a difference? Between belonging with and belonging to, I mean?
Peter; “Sure. One implies choice; the other doesn’t.”

  • the estate sale!!!!

- “Peter’s mom’s van pulls up… before I can say a word, he says, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry. But look what I brought you.” He passes me a donut in a napkin, still warm. “I stopped and got it special, right when they opened at seven thirty. It’s mocha sugar.”
- “You’re crazy,” Peter says, pulling me back in by the hem of my shirt. He’s looking at me like he did that day I kissed him in the hallway. Like I’m different than he thought.”

the notes

- “During chemistry, Peter writes me a note that says, Can I come over tonight to study for the test? I write back, I don’t remember study sessions being in the contract. After he reads it, he turns around and gives me a wounded look. I mouth, I’m kidding!”
- “Meet you at your locker after school?”
- “Can I borrow your chemistry notes from yesterday?
- “Can you take the bus home today? I want to surprise Kitty and pick her up from school so she can show me and my car off to her friends.”
- “Thanks for coming to the estate sale with me this weekend. You made the day fun. I owe you one.”
- “Don’t forget to pack a Korean yogurt for me!”
- (see christmas cookie bonanza) “If you make Josh’s dumb white-chocolate cranberry cookies and not my fruitcake ones, it’s over.”
- “You look pretty today. I like you in blue.”

  • the literal whole halloween part (Jenny Han said that they couldn’t do it bc of copyright w/ marvel and hp but it would’ve been great

“His eyes are big. “You look hot,” he says, sounding surprised. “What are you? An anime character?”
“No,” I say, or more like snap. “I’m Cho Chang.”

  • lara jean being sweet to peter bc he’s nice to kitty
  • lunch
  • peter likes lara jean
      • “He definitely likes her, Kitty agrees, her mouth full. “He… he looks at you a lot, Lara Jean. When you’re not paying attention. He looks at you, to see if you’re having a good time.””

“You forgot your bag,” he says, glancing over toward Josh’s house.
“I know,” I say breathlessly. “Thanks for coming back.”
“Is he out there?”
“I don’t know. He was a minute ago.”
“Then just in case,” Peter says, and he leans his head out and kisses me on the lips, open-mouthed and sure.
“…He drives off into the night and I’m still standing there with my fingers on my lips. Peter Kavinsky just kissed me. He kissed me, and I liked it. I’m pretty sure I liked it. I’m pretty sure I like him.”


- “Peter’s here; he stopped by after school to work on chem, and now it’s hours later and he’s still here. He and Kitty and I are in the living room going through the cookbooks.”
“Hey, what about these?” Peter pushes a cookbook in my lap. It’s opened up to a fruitcake cookie recipe.
I gag. “Are you kidding? You’re kidding, right? Fruitcake cookies? That’s disgusting.”
“When done right fruitcake can be really good,” Peter defends.
[Lara Jean tells story of “A Christmas Memory” by Truman Capote]
“That’s depressing,” Peter says. “Forget the fruitcake cookies.”

- “Josh!” I hear her [Kitty] squeal.
Peter’s head jerks up.
“He’s here to see Kitty,” I tell him.
“Yeah, right.”

- …”You’re making my favorite, right?” Josh gives me puppy-dog eyes…
“What’s your favorite?” Peter asks him. “Because I think the list is pretty set.”

sorry that one was long af but its so cute i wish it was in the movie

  • josh kissing lara jean and peter being jealous

- “And then he [Josh] jerks his head towards mine, and he kisses me. On the lips. His eyes are closed, mine are wide open.”

- In chemistry class I write Peter a note. You were right about Josh.
I tap him on the back and slip the note in his hand. When he reads it, he sits up straight and immediately scrawls something back.
Be more specific.
He kissed me.
When Peter stiffens, I am ashamed to say that I feel a little bit vindicated. I wait for him to write back, but he doesn’t. As soon, as the bell rings, he turns around and says, “What the hell? How did that even happen?”
“He came over to help us trim the tree.”
“And then what? He kissed you in front of Kitty?”
“No! It was just the two of us at the house.”
Peter looks really irritated, and I’m starting to regret mentioning it. “What the hell is he thinking. kissing my girlfriend? It’s fucking ridiculous. I’m gonna say something to him.”

  • peter confessing that he likes lara jean at the ski lodge

Peter grabs my hand mid-swat and says, “Wanna hear something funny?”
“I think I started liking you.”
“…Stop teasing.”
“I’m not teasing. Why do you think I kissed you that day at McClaren’s house back in seventh grade? It’s why I went along with this thing in the first place. I’ve always thought you were cute.”



  • “It’s like … it’s like there’s only ever been Peter. Like everyone else that came before him, there were all to prepare me for this. I think I see the difference now, between loving someone from afar and loving someone up close. When you see them up close, you see the real them, but they also get to see the real you. And Peter does. He sees me, and I see him.
    • Love is scary: it changes; it can go away. That’s part of the risk. I don’t want to be scared anymore.”
  • Gryffindor: Ravenclaw you look like a person who play chess in her free time?
  • Ravenclaw: No, I do not.
  • Hufflepuff (overhears): She's more of a Scrabble person and very pretentious when she's playing.
  • Ravenclaw: That is outrageous I...
  • Hufflepuff (Continues): She will scoff at your word choice. Totally ignore her set of rules and use the word "poop" to win the game.
  • Slytherin (turns page): That's my girl.
Houses as Tiny Turn Ons
  • Gryffindors: People who lean back against walls with one shoulder while they talk.
  • Hufflepuffs: Hugs that linger just a bit because neither of you really want to let go.
  • Ravenclaws: Someone leaning towards you from their desk to help you with a question/problem.
  • Slytherin: That 'accidental' slip of their gaze from your eyes to your lips as you're talking.