omg, you guys. Imagine it was the other way around tho

Yuuri is this really popular 23 year old skater who is winning championships left and right. And Viktor is this washed up ex-idol who lost his love and passion for skating he’s thinking of quitting it all together, only ever messing things up after he had to take time off because of an injury.

then he skates Yuuri’s routine, the one that Viktor really likes. maybe he always looked at Yuuri in awe, because such a young and shy boy from Japan took the audience (and him) by storm

So he skates this really emotional routine that Yuuri was just a tad too young for at 23 and Yurio of course posts it on the internet, because he is a troll and he still is a big fan of Viktor’s

And then Yuuri, who only ever got as far as he did because he had admired Viktor when he was young sees it and is dropping everything (maybe even a chmpionship) to tavel to Russia and coach Viktor for one last magnificent championship.

And of course Ciao Ciao isn’t too pleased about it, but Pitchit is totally on board

Gosh, maybe Yuri awaits Viktor in a bar or whatever… ahhh, I could spend hours with this au