omg, you guys. Imagine it was the other way around tho

Yuuri is this really popular 23 year old skater who is winning championships left and right. And Viktor is this washed up ex-idol who lost his love and passion for skating he’s thinking of quitting it all together, only ever messing things up after he had to take time off because of an injury.

then he skates Yuuri’s routine, the one that Viktor really likes. maybe he always looked at Yuuri in awe, because such a young and shy boy from Japan took the audience (and him) by storm

So he skates this really emotional routine that Yuuri was just a tad too young for at 23 and Yurio of course posts it on the internet, because he is a troll and he still is a big fan of Viktor’s

And then Yuuri, who only ever got as far as he did because he had admired Viktor when he was young sees it and is dropping everything (maybe even a chmpionship) to tavel to Russia and coach Viktor for one last magnificent championship.

And of course Ciao Ciao isn’t too pleased about it, but Pitchit is totally on board

Gosh, maybe Yuri awaits Viktor in a bar or whatever… ahhh, I could spend hours with this au

BLOCK B REACTION: When He finds you're a famous gameplayer

Annyeong~~ I take a long time to finished that, I’m so sorry 

Zico: After days working with his band, Jiho goes to his girlfriend’s house to make an surprise visit but end up seeing her lying on the couch, her eyes fixed on the tv with her  hands moving fast. She don’t even notice his presence since she is in the middle of a championship.

“Woah, what is this?” He says sitting on the sofa, scaring her.

“Oppa you scared me!” She would answer pausing the game while throwing the remote far away.

“I was in a important game… I would’ve go to the world wide chmpionship if I will this!”

“Wordwide?” He would be surprised to know your level was so high and would ask you a lot of questions.

Taeil: On the begging he’d think that you were just playing for fun, but after seeing you playing for 24 hours direct, he would get worried if you’re not getting tired.

“I will win… And then, I’ll become the best in all Korea!”

“All Korea?” He’d think you were exaggerating, but as soon as you show him your skills, it made him realise it was real.

B-Bomb: With a two days break, b-bomb would automatically call you to ask you out. He wouldn’t expect a rejection; Sad he asks for an explanation. You send him a adress and ask him to meet you there at the same day.

B-bomb reaches the place and find a videogame championship, in which has a big poster with your name on it, and it has something more with it, it said that you were one of the finalists and one of Korea’s best players.

“Jagi… is this real?” It would be the only thing he could think of to say, besides looking around like a impressed fool.

Jaehyo: discreetly Jaehyo would try to get closer, do umpteen questions about what you were playing and even ask to try, all for have some of your attention. “Oppa … Did you know that you’re learning from the best player in the country? ” You would question excited to tell him that.

“Hey, where’d you learn how to brag like that?”.At first he would think it was a joke and when he bring home would be crazy.

U-Kwon: He doesn’t question directly to you to see you on the computer playing for hours, but he’d be jealous about to hack into your computer while you were doingsomething else.

“YAH! OPPA WHAT YOU THINK YOU’RE DOING ON MY COMPUTER? ” You scream to catch him in the Act.  "I’M JUST LOOKING AT WHAT YOU ARE DOING HERE.“ He would shout back, with the cheekbones red of getting caught.

You’d have a long discussion until finally the fact you be a famous player was revealed.

Kyung: He couldn’t believe when listening to yourself it was a famous player, he would ask for evidence and would take some time to convince himself. When convinced could use the games during some fights or as an argument to see you.

P.O.: After seeing for you hours and more hours in front of the computer, without giving attention P.O. would have an attack of jealousy, would try to turn off the computer, but you’d stop him screaming about to be there so long.

"Woooah, my girlfriend is the best in the world!” He’d talk when both were calmer andeverything explained.

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