Luci has grown so much :’)

In Episode 1 of Season 2 Chloe brings up the fact that Lucifer got shot when saving Trixie from Malcolm. He responds with “No need to thank me for my heroism. Well, maybe a little’. He’s a tol cute lil’ devil, but he still has a lot of arrogance in him, and needs people to pay attention to him.

In Episode 13, after Chloe says that she heard it was Lucifer who saved her, he says ‘It was a team effort.’ This is so important, because he’s changed so much. Not only is he not seeking praise, he is involving others as well, and appreciating their contribution (even he was the one who made the biggest sacrifice).

This is so important. Not only does it show that Lucifer has evolved to be less self-centred in general, but it also shows how much he appreciates the little family that he built for himself.  

He’s scared, and hurt, and feels betrayed by everyone around him, and yet he’s still including them in the praise. If that doesn’t show how much Luci has grown up, then I don’t know what does. 


My Top OTP’s for Marinette:

•Lilanette (The clingy tol x The smol)
•Chloenette (The Princess x Ms.Oblivious)
•Alyanette (The cutest girlfriends ft. Puppy-Like!Marinette)

Seems hella gay lol, might be cuz I’m hella gay.


To me, one of the most important bits of the last scene between Chloe and Lucifer is the moment she takes his hand, because it is the first time that she’s taken the initiative to really reach out to him.

Before, whether it was dancing, dinner or whatever, it was always Lucifer who initiated intimacy between them (I know she offered to listen when he was upset about Uriel, but her behaviour then was triggered directly by the way Lucifer was acting).

In this scene, it is just Chloe spontaneously going ‘oh, I care about him, and I’ll show him that’. 

In the previous episode Dan said that Lucifer clearly feels something for Chloe, but that no one knows how she feels. And then Mum said that Chloe doesn’t feel the same way as Lucifer does, which resulted in this sad face:

But then…But then, Chloe shows us that she does care about Lucifer oh so much. Taking someone’s hand like that is clearly an intimate gesture, especially given the setting they were in, and especially given the risk that Lucifer would turn it into some kind of an innuendo/joke. 

They may not have kissed, but I am so incredibly happy that we got genuine proof that Chloe totally reciprocates his feelings, and that Lucifer isn’t just chasing after her like some lost puppy.

Yo, look, Chloe Turner is my angelic art queen mama bear. She-Who-Protects-Nerd-Boy-Teenagers and Lady-Of-Holiest-Girl-Talk-And-Wine-Nights or whatnot. Saint Chloe. Mother of Lost Puppies and Those Who Wander. My girl. Chill and non-angsty. Literally copes with her problematicTM powers by being AGGRESSIVELY OPTIMISTIC. She is Doing Her Best to be a good girl. I love her. She’s pure. 

She also literally took one look at Damien and literally was like “NO. NOPE. NOT TODAY SATAN. KILL IT. KILL IT WITH FIRE!” to the point Joan was like “Whoa, hey, chill. I know he’s kind of a pain but like –” and Chloe was like “NAH, BRO. CALL THE AM. PICK UP IS NOW. CHOP CHOP.” and Joan was like “NO, CHLOE. DAMN.”

And I think that’s important to remember.


Chloe’s physical change between the first and last picture makes my heart hurt. It’s like Beca’s presence just literally changes Chloe’s entire mood and has made auditions better. She went from bored, and quite frankly upset, to excited in less than 3 seconds… Like a little cute puppy… Chloe… Baby…. You’re in love with Beca… We can all see it… It’s okay… We all love you… Baby…. You’ll get the girl in the end … Keep thinking that… I’m gonna cry… Over there… Waaaay over there… BECHLOE IS REAL😭😭😭😭


“This beautiful girl is DEAF & WITH SLIGHT VISUAL IMPAIRMENTS.  This does not slow her down a bit and she gets around just fine!  She is learning hand signals. Chloe is also a cancer survivor.  When a tumor was found on her lower jaw, she had to have it removed.  This meant that she would loose half of her lower jaw.  She has been cancer free for almost a year now and her tongue does fall out of her mouth, but I think she is still adorable and lovely.”

Person A has woken up in the morning and Person B is sleeping next to them. Person A thinks about how wonderful it is to be next to Person B. Then Person B rolls over in their sleep and their arm smacks Person A in the face.

Chloe wakes to the gentle vibrating and buzzing of her phone’s alarm. She quickly reaches across to her nightstand and grabs the phone, shutting the alarm off before it wakes up her still sleeping girlfriend who, unlike Chloe, had chosen all afternoon classes this semester (and every other semester).

Chloe likes to be awake early. She likes to be the first one up in the house. She likes watching the sunrising over the lake whilst on her morning run. She likes having time to go over her class notes whilst eating her yogurt and muesli. She likes making a second bowl of yogurt and muesli, and leaving it in the fridge for Beca, who would otherwise have nothing but black coffee for breakfast. She likes not having to race the other girls to the shower to get to class by 8AM.

But by far, Chloe’s favourite thing about being an early riser was being able to catch a glimpse of a sleeping Beca Mitchell. She set her alarm ten minutes earlier than she actually got up just to allow herself some time to watch Beca sleeping.

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