Yo, look, Chloe Turner is my angelic art queen mama bear. She-Who-Protects-Nerd-Boy-Teenagers and Lady-Of-Holiest-Girl-Talk-And-Wine-Nights or whatnot. Saint Chloe. Mother of Lost Puppies and Those Who Wander. My girl. Chill and non-angsty. Literally copes with her problematicTM powers by being AGGRESSIVELY OPTIMISTIC. She is Doing Her Best to be a good girl. I love her. She’s pure. 

She also literally took one look at Damien and literally was like “NO. NOPE. NOT TODAY SATAN. KILL IT. KILL IT WITH FIRE!” to the point Joan was like “Whoa, hey, chill. I know he’s kind of a pain but like –” and Chloe was like “NAH, BRO. CALL THE AM. PICK UP IS NOW. CHOP CHOP.” and Joan was like “NO, CHLOE. DAMN.”

And I think that’s important to remember.

Luci has grown so much :’)

In Episode 1 of Season 2 Chloe brings up the fact that Lucifer got shot when saving Trixie from Malcolm. He responds with “No need to thank me for my heroism. Well, maybe a little’. He’s a tol cute lil’ devil, but he still has a lot of arrogance in him, and needs people to pay attention to him.

In Episode 13, after Chloe says that she heard it was Lucifer who saved her, he says ‘It was a team effort.’ This is so important, because he’s changed so much. Not only is he not seeking praise, he is involving others as well, and appreciating their contribution (even he was the one who made the biggest sacrifice).

This is so important. Not only does it show that Lucifer has evolved to be less self-centred in general, but it also shows how much he appreciates the little family that he built for himself.  

He’s scared, and hurt, and feels betrayed by everyone around him, and yet he’s still including them in the praise. If that doesn’t show how much Luci has grown up, then I don’t know what does. 


Chloe’s physical change between the first and last picture makes my heart hurt. It’s like Beca’s presence just literally changes Chloe’s entire mood and has made auditions better. She went from bored, and quite frankly upset, to excited in less than 3 seconds… Like a little cute puppy… Chloe… Baby…. You’re in love with Beca… We can all see it… It’s okay… We all love you… Baby…. You’ll get the girl in the end … Keep thinking that… I’m gonna cry… Over there… Waaaay over there… BECHLOE IS REAL😭😭😭😭

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51 for the drabble thingy please

“You deserve better than me,” Beca said, pulling away from Chloe. “Why do you even want to date me? You can do so much better.”

“Are you kidding me?” Chloe said.

“You’re like… you’re the most amazing person and I’m me. I don’t know why you’d want me.”

“Beca,” Chloe said softly, taking her hands, “I really like you.”

“But… why?”

“Everything,” Chloe said. Beca rolled her eyes, so Chloe squeezed her hands tighter. “I’m serous. I like everything about you. You’re funny, and pretty, and you’re so talented, and you’re kind. There is nothing about you I don’t like.”

Beca was still looking away, shaking her head.

“Please, you have to trust me on this,” Chloe said. “If you don’t want to date me because you don’t like me then that’s okay, you just have to say it. But if you do like me, and you do want to date, then all you have to do is let it happen.”

“I do want to date you,” Beca said, in a small voice. “I’m just scared that once you get to know me you’ll leave.”

“Never,” Chloe said. “Unless you kill puppies in your spare time or something.”

Beca finally laughed and looked up.

“So, how about it? Will you go out with me?”

Beca laughed again and nodded.

“Yeah,” Beca said. “I will.”
Make Me Better, a life is strange fanfic | FanFiction
Inspired from the Before the Storm trailer. Chloe is still haunted by her dad's death and misses Max terribly, even if she won't admit it. But luckily for Chloe her guardian angel, Rachel Amber, is there for her. Both girls are suffering the hardships of life while trapped in Arcadia Bay, but they find comfort in each other. Amberprice feels and fluff.

I AM SO STOKED FOR BEFORE THE STORM GUYS!! I had to write a fic to let out some of my feelings. It features Chloe and Rachel having a quiet moment at the junkyard and focuses heavily on their friendship and their fragility, but also their strength. They need each other to make it through whatever this game is gonna put them through. None of us are ready.

The link above will take you to, but here is the a03 link as well:

I appreciate everyone who reads and reviews my stories guys! Let’s fucking hype about this game together.

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prompt: mikaelson family holiday. with the boyfriends (Lucien and Enzo) and girlfriends of course (kat, bon and caroline)

A/N: Super, super late entry for Mikaelson day of 25 days of Klaroline (heads up most of my entries are proably gonna be days late “Why?” you ask beacuse I’m a mess that’s why).

Also my sincere apologies to the anon who sent this prompt to me years ago.

Thank you to @purestheartslove  a wonderful beta who I am extremly gratefulul for.x.

Katherine & Elijah

“Katerina, are you planning on taking that entire bag of shoes with us on vacation?” Elijah queried, edging cautiously in Katherine’s direction.

Katherine turned her head ever so slightly toward him, arching a perfectly plucked eyebrow in response.

“Yes… and?”

“You are aware that Niklaus and Caroline have invited us on a skiing expedition?”

“Is there a point you’re trying to make here ‘Lijah?” Katherine asked with a bored expression.

“I’m simply bemused as to why you feel the need to pack such excessive amounts of… footwear for one trip. To a place where we’ll be surrounded by snow no less,”

“Don’t be silly, Elijah. I have no intention of wading around in the snow, in £1000 boots. These-” she said holding up a pair of gold, strappy, heels. “-are for the cool nightclubs the place is bound to have scattered about,”

“I hope you’re not thinking of dragging me along with you,” Elijah asked wearily, taking down his suitcase from the shelf and unzipping it.

Katherine smirked and wrapped her arms around him from behind.

“If you’d only loosen up and have fun once in awhile-”

“I have plenty of fun, I’ll have you know,” he sniffed.

“Ah yes, afternoon tea at the ivory,” Katherine mocked, in an overly exaggerated British accent. “Is that your idea of fun?”

“Ignoring your crass attempt at mocking me,” Elijah began. “I would ask you as kindly as possible to refrain from over packing your belongings this time around, dearest. We wouldn’t want a repeat performance of the last… incident.”

“Alright, first of all, I don’t know what that bitch at the check in desk was thinking but I was nowhere near overweight. Just because her pathetic flight attendant salary isn’t enough to buy her a Louis V wallet, much less a luggage set! I’m telling you, Elijah, she had it out for me,” Katherine hissed.

“Yes dear, but just in case hmm?” he hummed, pressing a gentle kiss to her forehead.

Katherine huffed irritably before her pout curled up into a devious smirk.

“Are you looking forward to joining the mile high club?” she asked suggestively.

Elijah sighed.


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Well I got food, water, more food, and Daisy Johnson. I may also have Chloe Bennet and a puppy.

…………………………………………………………………………..Say that you can take me away from my parents and we got a deal

Okay but real talk

I hardcore ship pregame!Chloe/Victoria

Chloe being totally and helplessly in love with Rachel so that she’s always by her side and convincing herself that one day Rachel will love her when she’s secretly just with Frank and won’t tell Chloe, stringing her on

Victoria wanting to be Queen bee and being stupidly jealous of how popular Rachel becomes because it isn’t fair, Victoria is top, she’s the prettiest, she’s the most talented but she tolerates Rachel because so do all of her stupid Vortex Club friends who never ~ really ~ understood her

And Victoria just sees Chloe as this little puppy at Rachel’s side and thinks she’s kind of pathetic and Chloe sees Victoria as this massive bitch and hates her guts and so they always bicker and have snarky comments to say when they’re around each other

And maybe one night they get a little too fucked up and all Victoria’s Vortex friends have gone to bang somewhere and Rachel has not so sneakily snuck off to see Frank and it’s only them left, intoxicated and broken. Victoria wanting to BE Rachel and Chloe wanting to be WITH Rachel

And they argue and they end up like hate fucking and they agree it was stupid, obviously, but they end up sneaking to each others rooms and hate fucking like all the time but also its weird that they both understand each other so so well

And then Rachel disappears and Chloe is heartbroken and Victoria is Queen bee but she feels so guilty, since Rachel could be dead and looking at Chloe makes her feel sick with guilt and Chloe hates Victoria for making her feel like she’s replacing Rachel so they just stop talking altogether

And Victoria hears about this blue haired girl that new girl Max is hanging with and she thinks it can’t be true until the end of the world party when Chloe bursts in demanding for Nathan and waving around a fucking gun and Nathan is like Victoria’s brother, it’s insane but she can’t help but look at that broken girl and see a part of herself

Give me all the hate fucking pre game Pricechase

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hey, i saw your post not long ago comparing Chloe and a puppy, and boy it was on point. But i've just seen a happy pikachu picture and those eyes, it's Chloe ! Since everybody is Pokemon crazy these days, would you mind making a Pokemon Bechloe post ? thanks! (love your gif/posts skills)

Well, if Chloe is Pikachu

then what would Beca be? The only one I came up with that kind of resembles Beca is Pidgey.

known as the Tiny Bird Pokémon. It is a brown color, with a lighter colored throat and belly. It has black markings around its eyes. Pidgey are docile and prefer to avoid conflict. If disturbed, however, it can ferociously strike back.

Species: Tiny Bird
Type: Flying, Normal
Abilities: Keen Eye, Tangled Feet
Weakness: Electric, Ice, Rock
Evolves to: Pidgeotto
Ability (hidden): Big Pecks


Originally posted by donuthea

Person A has woken up in the morning and Person B is sleeping next to them. Person A thinks about how wonderful it is to be next to Person B. Then Person B rolls over in their sleep and their arm smacks Person A in the face.

Chloe wakes to the gentle vibrating and buzzing of her phone’s alarm. She quickly reaches across to her nightstand and grabs the phone, shutting the alarm off before it wakes up her still sleeping girlfriend who, unlike Chloe, had chosen all afternoon classes this semester (and every other semester).

Chloe likes to be awake early. She likes to be the first one up in the house. She likes watching the sunrising over the lake whilst on her morning run. She likes having time to go over her class notes whilst eating her yogurt and muesli. She likes making a second bowl of yogurt and muesli, and leaving it in the fridge for Beca, who would otherwise have nothing but black coffee for breakfast. She likes not having to race the other girls to the shower to get to class by 8AM.

But by far, Chloe’s favourite thing about being an early riser was being able to catch a glimpse of a sleeping Beca Mitchell. She set her alarm ten minutes earlier than she actually got up just to allow herself some time to watch Beca sleeping.

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