“This beautiful girl is DEAF & WITH SLIGHT VISUAL IMPAIRMENTS.  This does not slow her down a bit and she gets around just fine!  She is learning hand signals. Chloe is also a cancer survivor.  When a tumor was found on her lower jaw, she had to have it removed.  This meant that she would loose half of her lower jaw.  She has been cancer free for almost a year now and her tongue does fall out of her mouth, but I think she is still adorable and lovely.”


To me, one of the most important bits of the last scene between Chloe and Lucifer is the moment she takes his hand, because it is the first time that she’s taken the initiative to really reach out to him.

Before, whether it was dancing, dinner or whatever, it was always Lucifer who initiated intimacy between them (I know she offered to listen when he was upset about Uriel, but her behaviour then was triggered directly by the way Lucifer was acting).

In this scene, it is just Chloe spontaneously going ‘oh, I care about him, and I’ll show him that’. 

In the previous episode Dan said that Lucifer clearly feels something for Chloe, but that no one knows how she feels. And then Mum said that Chloe doesn’t feel the same way as Lucifer does, which resulted in this sad face:

But then…But then, Chloe shows us that she does care about Lucifer oh so much. Taking someone’s hand like that is clearly an intimate gesture, especially given the setting they were in, and especially given the risk that Lucifer would turn it into some kind of an innuendo/joke. 

They may not have kissed, but I am so incredibly happy that we got genuine proof that Chloe totally reciprocates his feelings, and that Lucifer isn’t just chasing after her like some lost puppy.


My Top OTP’s for Marinette:

•Lilanette (The clingy tol x The smol)
•Chloenette (The Princess x Ms.Oblivious)
•Alyanette (The cutest girlfriends ft. Puppy-Like!Marinette)

Seems hella gay lol, might be cuz I’m hella gay.