Jessica & Chloe

An Idea for PP3

Beca Mitchell is in her living room, getting her bags ready for the airport to meet the Bellas at Cynthia Rose’s wedding/Amy’s wedding/Barden Reunion/Whatever. She gets a call from one of the Bellas, who’s like “Dude, come on, you’re going to miss the flight!” And Beca’s says, “Yeah, we’re coming!” She grabs her jacket and yells upstairs, “BABE! We’re going to miss our plane!” 

The camera pans to the stairs as we see a pair of long legs in chunky wedges. Chloe, flustered but bubbly as ever, “I’m coming, I’m coming! Do you have the tickets?”

Basically, I’m saying as much we fans would love a huge dramatic act about Beca and Chloe getting together, I think we would also take a more subtle approach. Just a thought. 

Notice It - Gail & Holly fic

Prompt: holly’s meeting the gang for the first time. things are going well cos holly’s fantastic. but it’s not until gail’s food order comes and she WILLINGLY, WITHOUT ARGUING shares food with holly that the rookies look around and are like, ‘shit this is serious.’

This one was out of my comfort zone a bit as I had to try and find all the other characters voices too, but I’m quite happy how it turned out. Enjoy!

Takes place early season 5 (au where 5x03 never will happen)

Notice it

They all noticed it differently, but they all noticed, everyone except Gail.

They had been dating a few weeks now and after much deliberation Gail decided Holly was ready to meet her friends. Friends was maybe a bit of an exaggeration, more like people in her life that she didn’t hate as much as other people. 

They decided to meet up at The Penny for some trivial pursuit, drinks and food. Chris, Dov, Chloe and Traci was all going to be there. They all obviously knew Holly from work as they all had run into her one time or another, Traci was the only one to actually know her a little better. Gail was surprisingly not nervous about the meetup, everyone would love Holly, that was a no-brainer. How the gang would behave around Holly though, that was another question.

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Chapter 14, lovelies, enjoy xx


“I’ll give you a call later, yeah?” Finn, now fresh, said as he had pulled up outside of Rae’s. She nodded before giving him a kiss on the cheek and leaving the car. Ever since last night they were a lot more open with one another, although they had yet to kiss their touches and loving glances were there. Rae had decided to completely let go of her hold on her anger; it was no longer important as he was there with her and that was all that mattered. 

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