A/N: An anon request for a smutty Spencer x Reader inspired by these specific lines. “Let’s fuck in an art gallery. I mean you deserve to be pinned up against a wall. You are a masterpiece.” I can’t tell you how happy this makes my slutty heart. @coveofmemories @sexualemobitch @jamiemelyn @sweetg


Spencer wasn’t really an art guy. So why had he brought you here? You and to admit you enjoyed art, but it was so unlike Spencer; he thought it was too broad of a topic, each piece inviting you to think on it and form your own opinion rather than come to a verifiable fact. Facts kept his brain steady, so art…not so much. 

He’d taken you to a small-ish gallery, where a friend of his was exhibiting some of his work. Maybe it was just to support his friend? You weren’t quite sure, but you were having fun nonetheless. The pieces his friend had worked on for years were close-ups of particular body parts - eyes, mouths, hands…somehow they all spoke to you, all eliciting some type of emotion. “They all piece together,” you said breathlessly, turning to Spencer with a smile on your face.

“How so?” he asked.

When you looked again at the close-up of the eye, you noticed a freckle in the corner - it was his friend, Riley, who he’d originally met when she was a barista. She and her girlfriend, Chloe, who you’d met once or twice before, were getting married soon. Riley had just proposed. “It’s Chloe’s eye,” you said. “I was wondering why I was getting this elated feeling looking at them. You said a friend of theirs recorded their proposal?”

Spencer shook his head, still not sure where you were going with this. “These are all close-ups of Chloe right after Riley proposed. That’s why the eye looks so fucking happy. It’s an eye, Spence, and it looks happy. The mouth is probably her beaming smile seconds after being proposed to. The hand is carefree, it’s not balled up into fists. It’s not tense in any way. It’s just relaxed. When I see Riley next time I have to ask her if I’m right because now that I’m on this train of thought I’m convinced that I am.” 

You finished up and took a deep breath, smiling at Spencer. He just smiled down at you and kissed your forehead. There weren’t a ton of people around right now, and all of a sudden you found yourself be dragged down a hallway by your very excited boyfriend. “Spence, what are you doing?” you asked. As he rounded a corner, he backed you into a wall and began kissing your neck. Oh, so that’s where this was going. “Are you serious?” What if someone came looking?

“You got me all riled up back there,” he laughed. “Now all I can think about is how much I love you and want you every second of every day.” Spencer was reading your mind and assaulting your necks with kisses and kitten licks that were making you all squirmy. “That’s part of the fun, right? Getting caught?” He grabbed your waist and lifted you up against the wall, pinning your body to the wall. As he grabbed your hands and entwined your fingers together, he spoke softly against your skin. “Let’s fuck in an art gallery. I mean, you deserve to be pinned up against a wall. You are a masterpiece after all.” You were just horny enough for that to work, but you knew you were going to have to keep it down, so you made a mental note to tell him to leave you screaming later.

Chuckling under your breath, you struggled against his hands, wanting to roam around his body and grab on tight for what was undoubtedly going to be a wild ride, but he had you pinned. He reached between you and underneath your skirt, his hand gliding over the thin lace that was covering your skin and moving it to the side to give him the access he would need. All the while, he never stopped tasting you. “Fuck, Spencer,” you breathed. “Take me.”

With your own clothing out of the way and your hands still pinned to the wall, Spencer undid his belt and released his length from his pants just enough to enter you. What ensued wasn’t so much fucking as it was sensual and loving, his movements more reminiscent of your first time together than the animal intensity that sometimes took over you both.

After slipping inside of you, Spencer caressed one side of your neck, his lithe fingers tickling the skin there, while his mouth left heated kisses on the opposite side. There was still something in the back of your mind that was afraid of getting caught, but as he held you flush against the wall, you whimpered into him, completely whole and completely covered by every inch of him, and any thoughts of getting caught slipped into the background.

Eventually, he let your hands go and they quickly traveled to his head, tangling in the mess of curls atop his head. His however, traveled downward to your ass, squeezing gently as you beard down with your pelvic muscles. “Oh my god, Y/N,” he breathed. “You’re so fucking tight.”

At that point the idea of getting caught returned, but this time, it was almost as if you wanted it. The slow, languid lovemaking of before turned more desperate. “Fuck this tight little pussy,” you whispered, your voice trailing off and up as his cock his just the right spot. “I’m all yours.”

His low, guttural groans brought out an even more animalistic need inside of you, and you turned his face directly toward yours and swallowed his cries. “Please,” you said, closing your eyes tightly as he thrusted inside of you, “Fuck me. Take me. I’m yours.” You repeated it over and over again as you looked into his eyes. “That’s it. Right there. Oh fuck, Spence.”

As he neared the edge, you pushed him back so you could move off of him and get to your knees, licking up the salty liquid so as to not leave a mess. It wasn’t necessarily the sexiest thing in the world to you, but Spencer consistently lost his mind at the vision of you on your knees and that was enough for you to do it. “Oh hell,” he said, watching as you rose from your position to give him a kiss. 

“You messed up my hair,” you giggled, placing his length back into his boxers and zipping his pants.

You flattened it back down, but he mussed it up again as he took your mouth in another heated kiss; you could still taste your combined arousal off his lips. “Still beautiful enough to be pinned to a wall.”

The Last of Us AU Ellie/OC, Wayhaught and Hollence fanfic


I’m working on this fanfic of mine in the Last of Us universe where I’ve just decided to add all of my favorite characters from other shows and games, so, if you like Wynonna Earp, Carmilla series, Life is Strange, The Last of us and YOU KNOW, ALL OF THOSE WITH LESBIANS IN IT, would you please please please check it out and tell me how you feel about it?

I don’t wanna appeal to using bots to spam you I’m offering you a peaceful agreement ok lmao jk here’s the link in case you guys are free to read it:

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3



I know everybody lies, but I still hope she won’t lie to me
I think I’d rather lie to myself
Than be lonely


The VF Sundance 2016 Portrait Studio

Click to see all of Justin Bishop’s stunning portraits of the festival’s most interesting characters–from actors, to filmmakers, to up-and-coming talent.

“Hey! I was wondering if you can write a fic where Beca has a half sister named Riley (a daughter her mom has with someone else) who is charming, equally talented, and well, taller than her. It’s a few months after she and Chloe move in together, she still hasn’t realized her feelings for her but when Riley runs away after coming out and stays with them, and sees how Riley flirts with Chloe, a realization dawns on her about her feelings for the redhead. :)”

Warning: Mild language and one offensive slur! Please read with caution if that bothers you!

Beca and Chloe were having their typical friday movie night when they heard a knock on their door at 10PM. Beca had been sprawled out on the couch, and Chloe had been slouched in one of their massive armchairs. Each were armed with a big bowl of popcorn, a fuzzy blanket, and a bajillion pillows. Beca had just started to doze off a little when she heard the pounding on the door.

She jolted awake, and turned her head to look at Chloe. “Were you expecting someone?” Chloe shook her head.

Together they both stood up, and slowly crept to the door. Beca spotted an old baseball bat lying by the door (why and how it got there, Beca had no clue), and picked it up. Beca felt Chloe lay a hand on her shoulder as she reached for the door knob. Beca craned her head back to look at the redhead and they made eye contact. They both nodded in unison, and Beca whipped open the door, raising the bat in the air.

Only it wasn’t a robber standing in front of her. Instead it was her 18-year-old half sister Riley.  

Riley’s eyes were red and swollen like she had been crying, but her make up was still surprisingly on point. Her usually short and perfect blonde hair was mussed up, and her nose had snot dripping from it.

Somehow she still looked drop dead gorgeous though, an impressive feat in Beca’s opinion.

“Riley? What the hell are you doing here this late?”

Riley just sniffled while new tears sprang into her eyes. She stepped forward and collapsed into Beca’s arms, sobbing her eyes out.

Beca immediately stiffened but awkwardly patted her sister on the back. She twisted her neck again to look at Chloe who looked just as perplexed as Beca felt.

Finally, after another minute or two, Riley picked up her head and wiped her nose on her sleeve, “Sorry I got your shirt wet.”

Beca smiled, “It’s no problem. But… why the tears? What happened?”

Riley sighed and moved over to the living room and sat on the chair. Beca and Chloe followed, sitting on the couch. The T.V. had been paused, so all there was were the occasional sniffle from Riley. Finally, after a short period of silence, Riley sighed.

“Earlier Dad and I were sitting at home. I was on the couch and dad was in his office. I don’t know how he did it, but somehow he found my Tumblr blog. He saw my videos, specifically the one where I admit I’m a lesbian. Suddenly I hear him yelling my name, and he’s all up in my face, accusing me of being a…” Riley pauses, almost bursting into to tears again, “He accused me of being a fag and that I was a mistake.”

Riley started to roll up the sleeve on her jacket, revealing a huge bruise in the shape of a hand on her forearm. “He grabbed me so tightly be they arm, and dragged me outside. He pushed me outside and told me to never come back. Beca… he kicked me out like I was trash.”

Riley grabbed the pillow that Chloe was using earlier and hugged it tightly to her body. She let out a gut wrenching sob and buried her face into the pillow.

Beca looked over at Chloe who just looked heartbroken. Her eyes were a little watery, and Beca’s heart just clenched even more. Then Chloe stood up and walked over to Riley, crouching down in front of the distraught girl. She carefully grabbed her hands, making sure not to jump the girl. “Riley, would you like to stay here for a while? Until you get back on your feet?”

Riley slowly picked her head up, wiping her nose again for the nth time tonight. “Would you guys really do that for me? I don’t want to burden you two.”

Chloe just smiled, “We would love to have you.”

Riley quickly stood up, and Chloe followed in her lead. Riley wrapped her arms around the redhead, surprising Chloe. “Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”

Beca just sat there trying to process everything.

Welp, Beca thought. Things are about to get a little more crazy…


Beca was sitting in the kitchen a few weeks later eating her cereal before work. Beca had somehow managed to become an assistant to a big music producer at a music recording company. Beca was on the verge of success, she could just feel it.

As Beca was mulling over these things, a flash of movement from the living room caught her eye. She moved her head a little to get a better look over the half wall blocking her view.

The sight she saw was something that made Beca’s blood bubble and the butterflies in her stomach flutter with feelings she just couldn’t place.

Chloe was in the middle of doing her yoga routine. Beca had never really seen her do her workouts. Usually Chloe did them in her room.

Beca eyes widened a little when Chloe stretched her back, and her shirt rode up a bit and revealed her toned stomach. She breathed in sharply when Chloe bent down into some weird position, giving Beca a perfect view of her ass. It wasn’t until another flicker of movement appeared in Beca’s vision that she realized that Riley was also in the room with Chloe. She too was staring at Chloe’s ass.

Beca’s blood went from bubbling to boiling with jealousy in about two seconds flat.

But that was crazy, because it wasn’t like Beca and Chloe were a couple. Far from it. They were just two best friends that were living together. Beca didn’t even like women! So why did she feel this burn in her chest at the sight of Riley ogling Chloe?

Oh I don’t know, Beca thought. Maybe it’s because your half sister is taller, has the looks of a model, and can even fucking sing like you.

Beca huffed out a breath at herself, then quickly looked back down at her cereal.

Emotions sucked ass.


It was a few months later, and Riley was still living with them.

Ever since that first pang of jealousy hit Beca with the “Yoga Incident”, as Beca had dubbed it, she had been more fine tuned to Riley’s reactions to Chloe. The lingering touches and stares, the laughter at everything Chloe said, and the comments. The fucking comments.

“Becs, are you okay?”

Beca snapped out of her angry thoughts. Riley was staring at her with concern. It wasn’t until then that Beca realized that she was clutching her spoon so tight that she making a dent.

“I’m fine,” Beca gritted out.”

Riley grinned, oblivious to Beca’s true feelings. “Sweet! So, I have a question for you…”

Beca just hummed and started to take a swig of milk from her glass.

“Is Chloe gay?”

Beca spat out the milk, and started coughing violently. She pounded on her chest, trying to relieve the pain in her chest.

“Is Chloe…? What the fuck? Why would you ask that?”

Riley just smirked, “She’s fucking hot. I just want to know, you know, for future purposes.”

Future purposes? Jesus Christ, the way she said it definitely left nothing to the imagination.

“What… I don’t…” Beca stuttered like an idiot.

“Future purposes. Doing the do…” Beca still stared at her with wide eyes. Riley sighed in exasperation, “I want to bang her.”

“I know what it means!” Beca squeaked. She squeezed her eyes shut, but all she could see was the image of Riley and Chloe in bed together.


“Beca, if you’re not comfortable with that, you can tell me. But seriously, is she gay?”

“I don’t fucking know!” Beca’s heart was racing in disbelief. Was this really happening?

Riley just studied Beca for a minute. Then, all of a sudden, her eyes widened. “Oh shit. You like Chloe!”

Beca’s face heated even further, a feat she didn’t think was possible, “What? No! I mean, yes. I mean-”

Riley clapped her hands together, and Beca jumped out of her seat. “Oh I know exactly what you mean! You’ve got the hots for Chloe! You have got to tell her! Oh this is perfect!”

“What’s perfect?”

Beca’s head snapped up and stared at the topic of their conversation. Chloe’s eyes were furrowed in confusion.

“Nothing!” Beca said hurriedly.

“Oookay?” Chloe just shook her head at the younger Bella and then walked over to the fridge to grab some milk. While her back was turned, Riley gestured at Chloe while looking at Beca. Beca shook her head vigorously, but quickly stopped when Chloe turned back around.

“Okay, what’s going on here?” Chloe said, “You guys are acting weird.”

Just as Beca was about to say nothing, Riley beat her to it, “Oh nothing…” Beca sighed in relief, but that relief was quickly squandered by Riley’s next comment. “Beca just has something to talk to you about.”

Beca whipped her head towards her sister, but her sister was already running out of the room before she could beat her to a pulp. Beca gulped, and looked back at Chloe who was sitting down next to her at the breakfast bar.

“So Becs, what did you want to talk to be about?”

Beca just gulped again, and looked down at her hands, “Well… Uhm… There’s something I want to tell you.”

“Duh,” Chloe said. “That’s what Riley already said.”

Beca gave a nervous chuckle, “Well, I don’t really know how to say this, so I’m just gonna spit it out.” Beca closed her eyes briefly, then sighed. She lifted her head up and made eye contact with Chloe.

“Chlo, I really like you.”

Chloe just smiled, and touched Beca’s knee, “Aw Becs, I like you too. You’re my best friend.”

Beca frowned, “No I mean… I like like you.”

Chloe opened her mouth in surprise, then quickly shut it.

“I mean, at least, I think I do. I’m not really sure-”

Beca was cut off by Chloe leaning forward, and pressing her mouth against her own.

Beca saw fireworks behind her eyes, and quickly reciprocated the kiss. She brought her hands up to Chloe’s face, cradling her face. One hand slid up into her beautiful red hair. After a few minutes, the two finally separated. Both were completely speechless. Chloe was the first to speak up, “So… did that clear anything up?”

Beca laughed, then leaned in to peck Chloe on the lips again, “Yeah. Yeah it really did. Does that make you my girlfriend?”

“Depends,” Chloe shifted forward until she was straddling Beca’s lap, “Does that make you mine?”

Beca rapidly nodded her head, then dove back in for another kiss. “Abso-fucking-lutely.”

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        ❛  MY BEST FRIEND  ,  maya  ,  would love your outfit.    the aforementioned best friends’ style was…  EDGIER  than her own  ,  involving more  LEATHER  ,  leggings  ,  and combat boots.  ❛  BUT…  ❜  a pause as she looked the other up and down  ,  with a smile plastered across her lips.    your hair  ,  I LOVE YOUR HAIR  !  ❜  said with so much enthusiasm.  ❛  did you dye it yourself 

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