• Fat Amy: Look, I think I know how to help Chloe. This calls for tough love. We've gotta draw her out, we gotta bait her, confront her, attack her until she defends herself. Only then will she start to feel better. Just follow my lead.
  • Fat Amy: Chloe, you should be ashamed of yourself!
  • Stacie: How could you do such a thing?
  • Beca: Hope you never get mad at me.
  • [Chloe starts sobbing]
  • Chloe: Why are you all screaming at me? I was minding my damn business and eating some fruit!
  • [She leaves crying and they look at Amy]
  • Fat Amy: Well, I could be wrong.
In less than 2 months we could already have the first PP3 Trailer!

That can already tell a LOT about the canonness of Bechloe in PP3!

Think about it…

Think about what how it could be…About the PP 1&2 trailer…

I’m super hyped for it!

And I Am Happy Now Chapter I, a pitch perfect fanfic | FanFiction
Chloe would just like to find out if Aubrey returns her feelings, but she has more than just that secret to hide. Beca has her own secret, but she just can't help being pulled towards both of them. And when Aubrey and Chloe meet Beca, everything just becomes aca-confusing. (Werewolf!Chloe, Vampire!Beca, Human!Aubrey. Triple Treble.)

By: queenofevilsmirks

This story is one of my favourites, I highly recomended it. 

2. “You’re too good for this world.”

A/N: Wassup weirdos. As promised, here’s day 2. Happy finals week to some of you, I’m supposed to be studying right now but LOL but when am I ever obedient?? that’s right, never.  Again, I’m going off the Fic Meme list here! You can also read #1 “Oh My God. You’re in love with her.” here. Lets have some fun with drunk Beca, shall we?

“She’s so pretttyyyy though, Stace.”

“I know babe. I know.”

Beca wasn’t usually a lightweight. Beca didn’t usually get trashed off her ass just for the hell of it. And Beca wasn’t supposed to have told any of the girls that she’s been with Chloe now for months. Oops?

Chloe was gone for the weekend with Aubrey for some conference thing. She had mentioned to Beca what it was for and where it was but she obviously wasn’t paying attention to that particular conversation. I mean, if Chloe Beale was laying across your bed flipping through a magazine wearing nothing but a towel, would you be paying attention?

No. And neither was Beca.

Moral of the story, Chloe was gone for the weekend and left Stacie in charge of the girls when they went to the Trebles party that Saturday night. Leaving Beca in charge of eight intoxicated girls was “obviously out of the question” per Aubrey’s request.

Keep reading

Doctor, We Need You Chapter 9, a pitch perfect fanfic | FanFiction
Dr. Chloe Beale and Dr. Aubrey Posen are goddesses of Atlanta Medical. They are two of the best surgeons in the world and both are definitely stunning. Atlanta Med was their empire until someone from their past returns. "Beca Mitchell is here. Dr. Beca Mitchell is here, Chloe..."

Author: heuxadamas
Rating: T
Characters: Beca Mitchell/Chloe Beale, Aubrey Posen, Stacie Conrad, etc.
Length: 9/?
About: Doctors AU (lol)


In case you missed it: Rebels PP3 live stream.

Bechloe/Sendrick at those times:

  • 3:25  Brit about Bechloe: “There is no secret”, “We are…we’re whatever.”
  • 8:40 “Kendrick and Brittany will share a room” “But maybe just as friends…”
  • 11:00 Brit on the phone, Rebel: “Are you talking to Kendrick?”
  • 17:50 Rebel to Brit: “Do you have a celebrity crush? Apart from Anna Kendrick?” Brit: “No, that’s it” (confirming it)

If this video ever gets deletes please message me! I have a backup and can re-upload it!