Wait but literally Kim Kardashian (the antiblack racist) literally E X P O S E D Taylor swift (the white feminist)

because of 2 lines & a phone call w her husband Kanye west (who consistently feeds into misogynoir)

& then because of this Selena Gomez (who exposed her self for “not giving 2 f’s” about black people & black lives matter AND has continuously appropriated several cultures) stuck her neck out & got herself draggeddddd

AND THEN Chloe grace Moretz (a fellow white feminist who has stuck her neck out b4 against Kim) stuck HER neck out for Taylor & got WRONGLY dragged by Khloe Kardashian (antiblack like her sister & has said the n word on numerous occasions)

Also Justin bieber (has been exposed as a racist & literally continues on w his racist antiblack behavior) randomly posted a video of him self saying “less hate more love” like okay…. & people are bringing him into this bc his song “All Bad” from Journals was about Taylor & basically he called her fake back then in 2013 lol

AND NOW Kat Von d (a fricking nazi sympathizer like are you kidding) just dragged Jeffree Star (HORRIFICALLY antiblack & racist , body shames & much more) & is boutta EXPOSE the heck out of him

> like idk y'all but this is so funny to me like how does one piece of garbage pick up another piece of garbage & throw it in the trash lol

the only thing I’m mad about in this whole situation is when chloe moretz (naively yes) tried to be the voice of reason in this and khloe k being the ego-fueled idiot that she is posted a (fake) nsfw photo of chloe. like okay everything is heated right now i get it but posting a nsfw photo (even a fake one) to humiliate another woman went WAY beyond the taylor and kimye feud and was just outright bullying and uncalled for. khloe kardashian is gross af

This week has been fucking wild

- Taylor Swift got dragged
- I actually said the words"I agree with Kanye West"
- Khloé Kardashian posted a picture of some random girls asshole
- Chloe Mortez tried to be relevant
- Selena Gomez turned out to be a dumbass
- Jeffree Star got dragged
- Melania Trump copied Michelle Obama’s speech
- MCR rose from the dead

You guys are going to give Khloe Kardashian praise for publicly posting a picture of a girl at the beach who, unknowingly, had her bottoms pulled aside? The girl in the picture isn’t even Chloe Moretz, and I don’t even know if that makes it worse or better. Is this fucking acceptable to you people? I feel like I’m going to vomit…

“If you hire me, you’re not going to get some little girl that’s just going to sit there and be this puppet for whatever you want to push on society and appropriate. There have been moments where I’ve read scripts and said, ‘Look, this has got to change.’ It’s not like you’re being a bigot, but it’s literally that it doesn’t even click with you because you don’t deal with it. But it clicked with me and I’m telling you, as a young woman, this is what has to change.”

I’ve always found the Kardashians entertaining and thought they got too much shit, but they’ve just gone too far in the pursuit of drama now? Khloe’s attack on Chloe Moretz, despite being fake, is just vile. She is 19 years old, and Khloe is in her 30′s. If that picture had even been real, how disgusting to attempt to bring someone down or “drag them” using a photo taken without their permission. Lost all respect for anything that any of them have to say now.

Don’t get me started on the shit against Taylor Swift. Kanye started all this shit against her years ago and will do anything to keep it alive in the name of drama and keeping himself relevant. The mob going after Taylor and Selena is pathetic, childish and plain nasty. That’s all I can bothered going into that one!

under no circumstance was it okay for khloe k to post fake nudes of chloe moretz to humiliate her

“but she intruded on something that wasn’t about her-”

yeah and so did the rest of twitter. doesn’t matter

“she didn’t know what she was talking about”

then debate with her like a normal person. doesn’t matter

“khloe was just defending her family”

there’s a million other ways she could have done that. doesn’t matter

“she was defending taylor who lied abou-”

doesn’t matter

“they were fake anyway so whats the problem-”

the intention was still clear. doesn’t matter

“she shamed kim for posting nude-”

and what khloe did wasn’t justice for that. doesn’t matter

“you’re just defending her because-”

I don’t care what side she’s on. she didn’t deserve that. doesn’t matter.

“she’s a grown ass woman who can-”

even if she was 30 it doesn’t make what khloe did okay. doesn’t matter.

y’know whats so ironic about all of this? we hear in the news all the time about girls who commit suicide after someone posts nudes of them for revenge or entertainment and everyone shakes their head and wonders why people could do this to someone. and then we have a celebrity who has 21.2 million followers post fake nudes of another celebrity with the exact same intention and we are all cheering her on because we’re mad about taylor. whats the consequence of this though? despite popular belief, people do (god help them) look up to this family. and these fans will look at what khloe did on twitter and see how many people thought it was “funny” and “she deserved that” so whats going to stop them from justifying doing that to someone else? being mad at taylor or anyone for that matter doesn’t give you clearance to cross those lines 

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