The media does try to pit singers against each other, and I don’t know what the obsession with that is. Most of us, we’re all pretty friendly, and we like each other, and we respect each other’s work. I don’t think people like the fact that we’re not rivals. I don’t have any rivals. That’s just weird. If someone makes a great record, then you should celebrate it.

Chloe and Adrien have a lot in common.

Although Chloe is mean, and selfish on her better days, while Adrien is friendly, and polite, their family lives seem to be similar in a few different ways.

First of all, their mothers.

Chloe’s mom hasn’t been mentioned, but you could assume that since she would be the mayor’s wife, she would have made an appearance already. Because of this, I’m going to assume that one way or another she’s out of the picture. Adrien’s mom is clearly not around, and her absence is still a mystery to us. So again, mom is out of the picture for him, too.

Each of them are fron a wealthy family, seem to have no siblings, and have their father around. The biggest difference I see, is te way their dads treat them.

Adrien’s dad is a very busy man, we hardly see him in the series, and thus we hardly see him and Adrien interacting at all. From the interactions we have seen, we see that he’s strict, and not very considerate towards Adrien’s wants, and feelings. On the other hand, we frequently see the mayor interacting with Chloe. He dotes and her, and pays a lot of attention to her despite the fact that he is indeed the mayor, and is likely also very busy.

I feel that this is why Chloe and Adrien ended up being such drastically different people, despite coming from similar backrounds. The way their fathers have treated them have a lot to do with how their personalities developed.

Adrien has been emotionally neglected by his father, and has been pretty much all alone when it comes to family or lack thereof. His father doesn’t hardly ever make time for him, and when he does, it’s likely for his own want or benefit. His father also seems to want to keep Adrien busy, taking all of his activities, like modeling, and such into consideration. Adrien doesn’t appear to have many choices when it comes to his own life, and in addition to that, the lonliness of being neglected by a parent has made him depressed.

We also don’t know what Adrien’s relationship with his mother was, so it may be important to take that into consideration. If him and his mother were close, and for whatever reson she isn’t around anymore, what did that do to Adrien and his emotional, and social health?

Overall, Adrien’s experiences have made him into a polite, sympathetic person, who cares about other’s well being. He doesn’t seem to be able to truly be himself, likely due to his poor self esteem, and possibly depression, as a result of his neglect. Being Chat Noir goves him the freedom to not be judged, and lacks the pressure of his father’s expectations of him, and is using it as a coping mechanism.

Chloe, despite always getting what she wants, is also lonely. Like Adrien, her father must be busy, and her mother doesn’t seem to be around. She has Sabrina, but Sabrina is really the only one that truly likes her, and for the wrong reasons.Chloe is spoiled, yes, but I believe she’s as mean as she is because she doesn’t really know how else to be. She doesn’t seem to know how to relate with people, and acts out because of it. Her father gives her everything she wants, and doesn’t seem to really do a lot of actual parenting. Because of this, Chloe isn’t very emotionally mature, nor empathetic.

Her inherent selfishness reflects her need for people to care about her, and like her; Nobody but her dad and Sabrina seem to, so she does it herself. She likely sees being good to people as a vulnerability, as it could potentially blow up in her face. So, she makes herself seem bigger, and better than everyone else so she isn’t hurt by them. She seems to care about Sabrina, in the smallest ways, but doesn’t care to be open about it or her other feelings because she doesn’t like to be potentially seen as wrong, or dumb by anyone. It’s not so much that she’s hiding her feelings, she just doesn’t know how to express them in a healthy way, so she just doesn’t talk about them, and gets angry and acts out instead. It’s an unhealthy coping strategy.

Chloe’s upbringing lacked a lot of emotional growth, as she had gotten everything that she wanted, and probably didn’t have any struggle to grow and learn from. She doesn’t know how to express her feelings properly, and because of that she expresses her feeling either by acting out, or belittling people to make herself feel bigger, better, and more important than people actually think she is as a defense mechanism. Even with all of her flaws, she’s still just a kid, and has feelings of her own that have the potential to be both good and bad, just like everyone else.

These are just my interpretations of the characters, and obviously, you don’t have to agree! It was mostly for personal reasons that I wrote this, so I didn’t really give examples from the show.

To me, it’s intresting to think that two characters that seem so different can have so much in common.

so, about season 3 of mmfd

i’m gonna try to make this without remembering much of the last (mostly forgotten) season

i cannot find it in myself to be upset about rae leaving to study. however, i hate the way it happened. let’s be honest, rae may have had a few reasons to stay, but - from experience - starting over after having been through some tough times can be amazing. 

i would have wanted the narrative to focus on that. i wish she would have been clear about leaving and talked to her friends about her feelings. i wish that the character development from season 2 had followed into season 3. it feels almost like most of season 2 didn’t happen, when watching season 3.

rae could’ve left and been on good terms with people. there are characters that had not needed to be introduced at all. they fucked over the plot, to put it frankly. it felt like bad fanfic with OCs that lacked direction

i also fuckin hate that chloe didn’t get to deal with the abuse and whatnot. she also had so much potential

this doesn’t really have a point, im just upset because i’ve been rewatching season 1 and nothing will ever compare

Introducing my side characters and Al’s work outfit.

Officer Jenny and Nurse of Mana town, Kalos region. (both are sweet hearts) <3

Yes, Al is a male nurse serving under Joy (he wants to be a doctor). He occasionally volunteers to aid Jenny in pokemon-related police assignments.

Also featuring Sacha the sentret and Chloe the Clefairy (also sweethearts)

Thanks to  ask-retro-rotom for the name! As well as everyone else who took part in it! I will use the other names for neighboring cities, sites and streets!