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Can we all just take a moment to appreciate just how big of a fangirl Chiron actually is?

Annabeth Chase is breaking all the rules to sit next to Percy Jackson during breakfast?? What do you mean?? I’m not seeing anything??? My back is turned?? I am galloping away???

Will Solace produces a doctor’s note for Nico Di Angelo because no, he actually canNOT sit by himself because the scary ghosts and skeletons will appear???? That sounds believable??? Okay we’ll have Nico sit with the Apollo crowd but not just with any Apollo kid it has to be next to Will obviously because it is bad for his health and health is wealth????

Chiron gives zero cares about rules when it comes to the OTP. Pass it on.


IT’S 2AM. I… AM… FINALLY… DONE……. my hands can rest in peace now..

This took a lot more effort than what was called for.

blame the stupid newly found obsession.

next up: Heroes of Olympus, probably

short interpretations of asteroids

click {here} to find your asteroid signs and the meanings of the asteroids. *please note that these can be a little inaccurate since they are not big parts of your natal chart. Also, it doesn’t mean you can’t feel like another chiron sign.


Aries //  Tries to overcome feeling worthless.

Taurus // Sometimes they felt like they didn’t receive enough of something. 

Gemini // May feel like no one listens to them.

Cancer // Feels like an outsider. 

Leo // Feels like their talents have been overlooked. 

Virgo // Needs to learn to deal with imperfection.

Libra // May feel like all their relationships have gone wrong. 

Scorpio // May be scared of own power or feel powerless.

Sagittarius // Life may feel like a continuous spiritual crisis.

Capricorn // May be a work-a-holic to prove their own worth.

Aquarius // Feels uncomfortable in a large group.

Pisces // Always at crisis. May be prone to depression or drug abuse.


Aries // Nurtures independence. 

Taurus // Feels nurtured when fed and pampered

Gemini // Feels nurtured when someone talks or writes to them.

Cancer // Enjoys being mothered and mothering others.

Leo // Takes pride in nurturing others.

Virgo // Critical when nurturing others.

Libra // Nurtured by beauty.

Scorpio // Nurtured through touch.

Sagittarius // Hides their nurturing qualities.

Capricorn // Nurtured when organized and in control.

Aquarius // Loves the strange and off-beat

Pisces // Reflects emotions of those around them.


Aries // Finds the fastest solution.

Taurus // Receives information physically.

Gemini // Sees world through words.

Cancer // Sees world through emotions. 

Leo // Sees world as a canvas they can paint on.

Virgo // Perceives analytically.

Libra // Seeks balance.

Scorpio // Sees world through issues beneath the surface.

Sagittarius // Can see the big picture. 

Capricorn // Sees underlying form.

Aquarius // Sees all future possibilities.

Pisces // Interprets mystical reality.


Aries // Attracted to aggressive or dominant partners.

Taurus // Attracted to someone financially stable.

Gemini // Attracted to someone expressive.

Cancer // Attracted to someone emotionally intimate.

Leo // Attracted to someone romantic and exciting.

Virgo // Attracted to someone who sets high standards for themselves.

Libra // Attracted to fair and balanced partners.

Scorpio // Attracted to someone with sexual intimacy.

Sagittarius // Attracted to someone that’s intellectual.

Capricorn // Attracted to someone committed and determined.

Aquarius // Attracted to someone unconventional and will give them freedom.

Pisces // Attracted to someone they can have a spiritual bond with.


Aries // Self-motivated.

Taurus // Fixed routines

Gemini // Strong communicator.

Cancer // Serves others.

Leo // Works creatively.

Virgo // Driven to meet their goals.

Libra // Needs to work with others.

Scorpio // Extremely passionate.

Sagittarius // Devoted to a higher power or universal truth.

Capricorn // Devoted to history and duty.

Aquarius // Serves humanity.

Pisces // Dedicated to serving those in need. 

  • SUN: Basic personality, your ego, how you express your creativity, how acquaintances and friends get to know you, your father.
  • MOON: The more private aspect of your personality, your emotions, how you express your sensitivity, the most intimate part of you, how your family knows you, your mother, your childhood.
  • MERCURY: Communication, how you process information, how you think, speech patterns, sense of humor, your wit, your siblings.
  • VENUS: Love and relationships, how you relate to others socially, how you show affection to others, your charm, your beauty standards, what you find attractive in others, the women you attract in your life.
  • MARS: Drive, ambition, stamina, willpower, what your goals are and how you achieve them, how you show your passion, how you react when you're angry, how you express yourself sexually, the men you attract in your life.
  • JUPITER: Philosophy, religion, higher-level of thinking, luck, how you express your faith, how you just 'trust', what your life purpose is, where you get your lucky breaks, how you experience prosperity.
  • SATURN: Authority, time, karma, limitations, methodical planning, how you ground yourself, your fears, where you feel weakest, your responsibilities, your commitments, how you have to focus, how you must improve.
  • URANUS: Technology, change, enlightenment, novelty, chaos, disruption, intuition, how you express your individualism, how you’re erratic and unpredictable, how you need your independence, how you need to break boundaries.
  • NEPTUNE: Dreams, illusion, spirituality, sensitivity, art, cinema, media, glamor, how you express your idealism and imagination, how you feel disappointment, how you wear rose-colored glasses, the mysterious, the unclear, the undefinable.
  • PLUTO: Personal power, transformation, where you’re both self-destructive and creative, how you face power struggles and upheaval, how you regenerate, how you heal.
  • CHIRON: Your deepest pain, where you feel inadequate, your personal sound, where you overcompensate, how you can heal others.
  • ASCENDANT/RISING SIGN (1ST HOUSE): How you first come across to people, your facial expression, your mannerisms, your appearance, how you initially approach things, your view on life.
  • 2ND HOUSE: Your self esteem, your resources and possessions, your wealth, your income, your talents, your values and morals.
  • 3RD HOUSE: Your observation and analysis skills, your thinking skills, your basic education, your curiosity, short trips, your local community and neighborhood.
  • Imum Coeli/IC (4TH HOUSE): Latin for "bottom of the sky." Your home, your family, your traditions, your history, where you feel the most comfortable, the most private part of your personality.
  • 5TH HOUSE: Self-expression, creativity, recreation, drama, art, writing, romance, romance and dating, your children or your attitude towards them.
  • 6TH HOUSE: How you serve others, your workplace, everyday routine, small pets, your health and how you maintain it, your organization and schedule.
  • DESCENDANT (7th HOUSE): One-on-one partnerships, traits and characteristics you seek in others, business partnerships, marriage, open enemies, competitors, roommates.
  • 8TH HOUSE: Intimacy, transformation, how you let certain parts of yourself "die" or "fade away", how you reform, how you restore, the give and take of control.
  • 9TH HOUSE: The higher truth, higher-education, travelling to foreign lands, learning about new culture or ways of life, enlightenment, looking at the bigger picture.
  • MEDIUM COELI/MIDHEAVEN (10TH HOUSE): Latin for "middle of the sky." Your aspirations in life, your goals, your career, who you want to be, your reputation, what the public views you as.
  • 11TH HOUSE: Your hopes and dreams, your friends, your acquaintances, how you network, humanitarian concerns, philanthropy, ideals you seek to live by.
  • 12TH HOUSE: Your secret motives, your hidden agendas, self-sacrifice, co-dependence, serving others, healing, hidden knowledge, hidden personality, spirituality.

if you really think about it imagine chiron coming to yancy called by grover because of this really powerful half-blood, and he’s expecting this really impressive kid but instead there’s just percy, small and runty and overall unimpressive, but then one day grover’s being bullied by a bunch of bigger kids and chiron watches as percy rushes over and his fists are clenched and his green eyes are fiery, and there he is.

Did you know...
  1. Chiron (comet) relates to your deepest wounds, how you heal and discover the strength to overcome pain.

  2. Juno (minor planet) gives a good indication of the type of person you end up with. It describes what kind of significant other you actually need, maybe not what you want (those are ruled by venus).

  3. the North Node shows the general area you have to develop, the life direction in which you may go. the South Node is the place where you feel comfortable. Picture the SN as the roots, and the NN as the branches and leaves.

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of these particular placements 

Solving problems using astrology

Sometimes if you are having trouble in particular aspects of your life, your birth chart can help you figure out either what is going on or what you can do to fix it. Below is a list of some common issues and what houses to look in to try to solve them. You may also want to check where the planetary ruler of the sign on the cusp of the house is.

Self-image issues? Look to the 1st house

Self-worth issues? Look to the 2nd house

Communication issues? Look to the 3rd house

Family difficulties? Look to the 4th house

Creative blocks? Look to the 5th house

Work or health issues? Look to the 6th house

Relationship troubles? Look to the 7th house

Concerns regarding sex or death? Look to the 8th house

Personal belief system confusion? Look to the 9th house

Career or reputation issues? Look to the 10th house

Friendship troubles? Look to the 11th house

Nightmares or spirituality issues? Look to the 12th house

You may want to check the placements of Saturn and Chiron, as they represent issues that we will suffer from but also learn from.

Planets & minor bodies

Find all your placements here

  1. ☉ Sun. your basic identity. your ego & self. what reasons things out and gives you the final decision. confidence, light, survival.
    ☉ Links: Sun Signs / Sun in the Houses / Sun x Moon Combos

  2. ☽ Moon. your emotional instincts and habits. your deepest personal needs. emotion, nurturing, soul.
    ☽ Links: Moon Signs / Moon in the Houses  / Moon Series / Sun x Moon Combos

  3. ☿ Mercury. communication and logical thinking. how you gather information. awareness, wit, reasoning.
    ☿ Links: Mercury Signs / Mercury in the Houses  / Ramblings / Mercury Series

  4. ♀ Venus. love and art. how you define romance and beauty. how you act in romantic relationships. how you enjoy life. comfort, senses, pleasure, luxury.
    ♀ Links: Venus Signs / Venus in the Houses / Venus Series

  5. ♂ Mars. your drive. how you initiate things, how you express anger, how you go after your goals. energy, assertion, physical.
    ♂ Links: Mars Signs / Mars in the Houses  

  6. ♃ Jupiter. how you can grow and prosper. expansion, optimism, joy.
    ♃ Links: Jupiter Signs / Jupiter in the Houses  

  7. ♄ Saturn. how you face reality and how you structure our life. discipline, restrictions, time, achievement, lessons, guide.
    ♄ Links: Saturn Signs / Saturn in the Houses  

  8. ♅ Uranus. your ability to innovate and go against established thoughts. where there might be refusal to blend in with others and erratic life patters. innovation, rebellion, science, progress.
    ♅ Links: Uranus Signs / Uranus in the Houses

  9. ♆ Neptune. your humanitarian, vulnerable, dreamy nature. what you daydream about. illusions, escape, mysticism and dissolution.
    ♆ Links: Neptune Signs / Neptune in the Houses

  10. ♇ Pluto. how you search for the truth and deeper meanings. where you seek control and how you deal with power. our dark side. destruction, rebirth, subconscious, healing.
    ♇ Links: Pluto Signs / Pluto in the Houses

  11. Pallas. creative intelligence, strategy. where you tend to find patterns. how you perceive interactions.
    Links: Pallas Signs / Pallas in the Houses

  12. Juno. what kind of marriage you need/end up getting.
    Links: Juno Signs / Juno in the Houses

  13. Vesta. what you’re dedicated about and how you recharge your energies.
    Links: Vesta Signs / Vesta in the Houses

  14. Ceres. what makes you feels nurtured and how you nurture others.
    Links: Ceres Signs / Ceres in the Houses

  15. Chiron. how you discover strength in the darkest places, how you deal with your pain and overcome it.
    Links: Chiron Signs / Chiron in the Houses

  • Nico: Chiron i swear he is just my doctor.
  • Will: Yeah i'm just his doctor.
  • Chiron: I believe that as much as i believe Percy and Jason are "just really good friends".

“It’s a new soundtrack I could dance to this beat, beat, forevermore." Taylor Swift Art Challenge: 1989 - Track 01 Welcome to New York