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Day 25: A Song That Makes You Laugh

Paletero Man by Chingo Bling

Haha. This song! I can’t can’t help but enjoy it. It’s a parody of Laffy Taffy. If you actually know what it’s like to buy ice cream from the paletero (you know the one pushing the little cart on wheels with the little bell) and you know how perverted some of them can be, then you understand why it’s so funny. And I’m Mexican, I really get the humor.

Jenni Rivera was known to millions of fans as “la diva de la banda.” Now, she’ll likely be immortalized as a legend.

The Mexican-American singer died early Sunday morning when a small plane carrying her and six others crashed in northern Mexico. There were no survivors. The plane left Monterrrey at 3:15 a.m. and went missing minutes after takeoff. Also onboard were Rivera’s publicist, lawyer and makeup artist.

Rivera’s father, Pedro, and two brothers confirmed her death via a statement outside the family home in California. The family will detail arrangements at a later date but plans to bring Rivera back to California for the funeral.

“We’re all very down, very sad,” said Rivera’s brother Juan, whose last text to her was ‘Sister, I love you’ late Friday night.

“She was a fighter. She met all her goals because she never backed down. That was Jenni.”

Full story HERE.

And guess what? If we bounce the economy shuts down, puto. No more hot chicks on Univision, puto. No more game shows that last all weekend, Saturday and pinche Sunday, puto. Without us, no more interesting snacks, no more hybrid snacks, Doritos with the Tapatio and all these cucumber Gatorade with lime, puto. Tamarindos, we did that, we brought that. Ya’ll be on the lookout for the McTamale. McDonald’s getting hip with it.
—  Chingo Bling

Banda Makes her Dance - Chingo Bling….If you’re mexican you’ll understand why this is so great.


“Started From the Border,” Lil MoCo ft. Chingo Bling (Internet, 2013)

I got this from Julianne, originally, but it remains very funny. I’m only posting it again now because the t-shirt you see MoCo wearing in the thumbnail is for sale, and was worn by Florida Marlins pitcher Alex Sanabia in an episode of the Marlins’ kids show, Billy’s Bunch, that I saw over the weekend, and because I needed to document that fact somewhere.