“Cling-Clang! Bam-boom!” 2016 is the year of the Monkey according to the the Chinese zodiac! Chinese new year technically doesn’t start until Feb 8th, but the monkeys are already busy preparing themselves for the celebration!

Happy New Year everyone!!! Looking forward to 2016!! :D
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Chinese Year 2013

Year of the Snake. Character traits; intelligence & gracefulness. The sign of the snake is in the Chinese culture is a sexy creature, wise and materialistic personality. People born in the year of the snake are charming, romantic, have excellent manners and like to be in control. They have the patience to wait for the right momentto achieve their goals.  Calm and attentive to their conquests, the are known as the experts in seduction.Their intuition guides them strongly, they have the ability to choose a companionship that give them strong supportand love.

 The 2013 Snake Year is one of creativity and the arts, secrets and scandals, exploration and knowledge, affluence and style. Yin energy and the Snake’s fixed element Fire, or yang, create an ever-shifting dance of introspection and activity.

2013 is a well-rounded year, as trends turn to sophistication, intellect, grace and enlightenment. It’s a good year for money, commerce, entrepreneurship and business. The arts flourish, especially music, theater, writing, fashion, design and water-based media. Travel is on the rise.

2013 brings powerful energy The Year of the Snake shimmers with blessings of prosperity and happiness.