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Can you do what the allies would be afraid of? The Nordic one was amazing. ^^

(I’m glad you thought it was amazing! I spent a lot of time on that and trying to do my best to provide valid reasons as to why that would be their fear.)

APH America/Alfred-Atychiphobia

Fear of Failure 

He’s already aware about everybody thinking that he’s an idiot or they think that there’s no way he would ever be able to succeed at whatever he does so he does all he can to make sure that they don’t have any proof that he’s a failure. 

APH China/Yao-Xenophobia

Fear of the Unknown

He’s someone who doesn’t really like having to deal with what he doesn’t know. He likes to be in completely predictable situations and doesn’t want to be in a situation where he doesn’t know what’s going to happen for sure. 

APH England/England-Autophobia

Fear of Abandonment

He’s had it happen to him so many times. He doesn’t want people to leave him and he hates that feeling he gets told that they don’t want to be with him anymore. It makes him feel unneeded and unwanted and completely worthless.

APH France/Francis-Aphenphosmphobia

Fear of Intimacy

He doesn’t want to be in a romantic relationship because he knows that as a Nation, he can’t have a normal relationship with a human if he were to fall in love with them. He doesn’t want to fall in love with a fellow Nation either because if war were to suddenly break out, then he might have to fight them. He doesn’t want to have to deal with that emotional turmoil.

APH Russia/Ivan-Social Phobia

Fear of being judged negatively in social situations

He’s already aware that a lot of people are afraid of him and he honestly doesn’t like that. He just wants people to say hi to him and not get judged negatively all the time.

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How would the Allies react to their s/o coming to a world meeting to give them their lunch that they left at home and a quick kiss?

Alfred (America)- He’d be really happy that they brought it to him and would thank them over and over. It’s hard to get through a boring meeting without at least something to look forward to- and in Alfred’s case that would be lunch, so he’d be pretty grateful. He’d wouldn’t react that much when they gave him a  kiss, he’d just smile. 

Yao (China)- Between somehow forgetting his lunch and his s/o showing up to bring it to him Yao would be a little embarrassed, but not embarrassed enough to not thank his s/o for bringing it to him. He’d get even more so after the kiss, and he’d probably be a bit uncomfortable the rest of the meeting. He’s not a big fan of PDA. 

Arthur (England)- He’d be a bit upset with himself at leaving without his lunch, so he would sincerely thank his s/o for bringing to him. He wouldn’t really show any super strong emotions when his s/o kissed him, but if anyone brought it up late he’d be blushing a lot. 

Francis (France)- He’d be happy about his s/o bringing them his lunch and especially about the kiss. He’d be glad his s/o did both of those things, but wouldn’t make a big deal out of either one of them, even if someone brought it up later. 

Ivan (Russia)- He’d be touched his s/o bothered to bring it to him, especially if it was out of their way. He’d probably try and give them a kiss before they even tried to, just to show how grateful he was for them being so kind. He’d be happy pretty much the entire day afterwards, regardless of how the meeting went.