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ocean eyes

harry hook x reader

warnings: n/a it’s just a lil bit of angst

notes: requested - lyric: “i’ve been watching you for some time. can’t stop staring at those ocean eyes.”

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I Hate You

Pairing: Uma x Reader

Request: @alittlemorechina said: May I request a Uma imagine??Prompt: Rhaenys Aidoneus is the daughter of Hades…. Her and Uma are long time rivals and always try and find ways to push the other to the edge, but they’re also low key flirting as well; for Rhaenys is all Uma talks about and vice versa…. one day they have a fight in the middle of the isle that ends with Rhaenys straddling Uma (like the whole isle has gone quiet) and they’re both breathing super heavy and Rhaenys kisses her and Uma kisses back Rhaenys runs off utterly shocked and embarrased and vents to mal and evie about how she hated Uma– but the girls give her a cute sisterly peptalk (mal makes some snide remarks about Uma being shrimpy etc etc) – Uma is having a similar conversation with Harry – the two girls bump into each other in the woods late at night after the Isle has gone to sleep – one thing leads to another, and they have a super heated makeout session on the forest floor– and it ends super awkward

Warning: Some cursing.

A/N: yes! i finally get to write my baby uma! i absolutely loved how creative this prompt was, i really hope i did it justice.

Rhaenys and Uma had been rivals since forever. They’d been enemies even before Mal and Uma. For as long as anyone could remember, the two were at each other’s throats. They hated each other so much, people started to question whether it was actually hate. The two teens talked about the other constantly, to the point of annoyance. Like now, when Uma was talking her crew’s ears off about Rhaenys.

“She is-just-she’s so…ugh! I hate her so much! She drives me insane!” Uma slammed her fist on the counter.

“It doesn’t really seem like you hate her,” Gil said while scarfing down fries.

“What did you say?” Uma whipped around to face Gil.

“I mean, you talk about her all the time. You never stop…” Gil gulped at Harry, who was now looming over him.

“I’ll just, uh, go now,” Gil sauntered out of Ursula’s Fish & Chips.

“He’s right ya know,” Harry mused, “Ya do talk abou’ ‘er quite a lot.”

Uma rolled her eyes, “Shut up Harry.”

Rhaenys, Evie, Mal, Jay and Carlos all sat in their loft, laughing at something Gil said.

“Why does Uma even hang out with Gil? Or why does Gil even hang out with her? She’s so infuriating. Like, everything she does just makes me…heated,” Rhaenys grumbled.

She felt her blue hair heat up. She knew it would burst into flames if she got any angrier. Her magnificent blue hair burst into flames whenever she got angry, embarrassed or overcome with too much emotion.

“Woah, woah, woah, calm down there hot stuff,” Jay teased.

“You know for hating Uma so much, you certainly talk about her a lot,” Carlos added with a snicker.

“Shut up Carlos,” Rhaenys threw a pillow at him with a huff.

That day started as normal as any other day on the Isle. The sky was a perfect dull gray and Rhaenys, Evie, Mal, Jay and Carlos were walking along the carts and shops looking for something to steal. Little did they know Uma, Harry, Gil and their crew were doing the same. The day was going fine until…

“What are you doing here?!”

“Uma! Should’ve known you were here, something smelled fishy.”

“Go back to the Underworld, where you belong. Nobody wants you up here,” Uma quipped.

“Ugh! Shut up!”

Rhaenys started for Uma, quickly being pulled back by Evie. Uma’s crew growled and lifted their swords. Rhaenys’ friends got into their defensive poses.

“Seriously, what is your deal?! Go back to the fishes, Uma. You don’t belong here anyways.”

I don’t belong here? Really? Says the girl who should be burning in the underworld with her freak of a dad.”

“Oh! That’s low coming from you considering your mom is nothing but a waitress!”

“Shut up! Shut up! I hate you Rhaenys, I hate you!” Uma screamed.

“I hate you more!” Rhaenys yelled back.

At this point, a crowd had gathered to watch the girls’ screaming match. Uma’s crew and Rhaenys’ friends stood behind them, ready for a fight. The bystanders had started yelling at the girls, urging them to fight.

“No, I hate you more!”

“News flash, Uma, you aren’t better than everyone else! Stop trying to prove so!”

“Shut up! You’re a nobody up here and you’re a nobody in the Underworld, too!”


That was it. That was the last straw before Rhaenys stormed at Uma, attempting to punch her square in her annoyingly perfect face. Uma dodged, swinging for Rhaenys and knocking her in the stomach. Rhaenys charged at her again and swept her foot out behind Uma’s, knocking the sea witch on the ground. Rhaenys straddled her nemesis, both girls breathing heavily. The crowd had fallen silent, which didn’t matter because the world had melted away from the teens.

All Rhaenys could focus on was how close Uma’s lips were to her own. Uma couldn’t tear her brown eyes away from Rhaenys’ pink lips. Uma gulped and her breathing slowed. Rhaenys’ breathing mimicked Uma’s. She looked into the blue haired girl’s eyes once before suddenly and impulsively crashing her lips on Uma’s.

The kiss was everything both girls expected and more. Soft and passionate. Perfect. Uma kissed back on impulse it seemed. It wasn’t until Uma pulled away that Rhaenys realized half the Isle was watching. 

She bolted upright and gasped. She never felt more embarrassed in her life. Rhaenys’ hair immediately caught flames, the heat matching the heat rising on her face. The daughter of Hades stood off of her enemy and dashing off without another look back.

“What the hell was that?!” Mal shouted as soon as she entered the hangout.

“M! Calm down, go easy on her,” Evie chastised.

Rhaenys appeared from her room, tear stains present on her cheeks.

“I-I don’t know,” Rhaenys breathed heavily, “I really don’t know.”

Evie pulled Rhaenys in for a hug and let her sob on her blue-leathered shoulders. Evie gave Mal a look before speaking.

“Rhae? Are you gonna be alright?”

Rhaenys shrugged, “I don’t know.”

“All my life I thought I hated…her. I-I don’t know what came over me. All I could think about when I was on top of her was how-how right it felt. A-and then I kissed her. And honestly it was so perfect. It was amazing…”

Rhaenys sat down on the couch and put her head in her hands. Evie followed suit, rubbing her friend’s back soothingly. Mal leaned on the wall and crossed her arms.

“I think…holy shit I think I’m in love with her,” Rhaenys gasped.

Mal scoffed, “I don’t know how you kissed her. Wasn’t it shrimpy?”

“Mal!” Evie shot her a look.

Mal just rolled her eyes.

“Rhae, don’t listen to anyone else. Follow your heart. True love is a powerful thing,” Evie calmly spoke.

“E, what if she doesn’t love me back?”

“Trust me, I think she feels the same. Didn’t she kiss you back?”

“Well, yeah, I-I don’t know…I need to take a walk. I’ll be back later,” Rhaenys grumbled.

And with that, the daughter of Hades left into the night.

“Why did she do that, Harry? In front of everyone? I don’t think I can go outside ever again,” Uma groaned, slumping down in an empty booth in her mom’s restaurant.

“Uma, don’t kill me, but ye kissed back. Look, love, I know you fancy ‘er,” Harry hesitantly sat down next to his captain.

Surprisingly, instead of hooking him or forcing him to do poop deck duty all week, Uma leaned her head on his shoulder.

“I think I love her,” Uma’s voice was barely above a whisper, “What am I gonna do?”

Harry sighed, “Go for it, lass. Tell ‘er how ya feel. I ‘ave a feelin’ she’ll feel the same.”

“I’ll think about it. I just need some fresh air,” Uma got up from her spot perched on Harry’s shoulder.

“Thank you.”

Harry chuckled, “Remember tha’ next time ya-”

“Don’t blow it Harry!”

The son of Hook’s laughter followed the sea witch out the door.

The moon was the only thing illuminating Rhaenys’ path as she walked through the woods. Dirt and rocks crunched beneath her feet as she sighed. What the hell was she gonna do. Her eyes followed her feet as they moved beneath her, one foot in front of the other. The simple movement made her mind clear.

Then without warning, Rhaenys bumped into something hard, knocking her off her feet and to the ground. Her butt made contact with the woodland floor first. The thing that had sent her to the ground had also fell with a ‘oof’.

“Hey, watch where you’re-oh. Uma,” Rhaenys sucked in a breath as soon as she saw her love.

“S-sorry. I, uh, I wasn’t watching where I was going,” Uma stood and offered a hand to Rhaenys.

Rhaenys took it and tried to ignore the electricity in her touch. She cleared her throat awkwardly, avoiding Uma’s gaze.

Rhaenys sighed, “Look, I’m really sorry about earlier. I-I don’t know wha-”

The princess of the Underworld was cute off mid-sentence by Uma’s familiar soft lips. Of course, Rhaenys kissed back. Their lips molded together, locking in quick passionate kisses before stemming into long sweet ones.

Uma pushed Rhaenys up against a nearby tree, her cool hand tracing patterns on Rhae’s skin. Uma held her jaw firmly, starting a new pattern of rough kisses. Rhaenys sloppily kissed back, letting the world disappear around her. She slid down until she was sitting on the ground, Uma straddling her waist.

“Well, look at that. Guess I’m the one on top of you know,” Uma laughed.

“Shut up,” Rhaenys laughed back, pulling Uma’s face to hers.

Uma connected her plump lips to her lover’s neck, sucking lightly. Uma kisses evicted soft, pleasure-filled moans from Rhae. Rhae tugged on Uma’s bright blue braids, nibbling on her ear. It was Uma’s turn to moan.

The girl’s kisses lasted for what seemed like a heavenly eternity, until both were panting and shirtless on the ground.

Uma and Rhaenys collected themselves, hastily putting their tops on.

“Well, I never expected to end my day like that,” Rhaenys breathed.

Uma laughed, “I still hate you.”

Rhaenys turned to look at the sea witch, a smirk plastered on Uma’s face. The daughter of Hades gravitated her hand towards Uma’s until they were linked.

Rhaenys rolled her eyes, “I hate you too.”


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