Union Trading Company, Shanghai

I’m a big fan of Union Trading Company here in Shanghai, the brainchild of chef Austin Hu and bartender Yao Lu. Here they’ve created one of Shanghai’s finest cocktail bars with an inventive dining menu that turns comfort food on its ear. We popped in late last night for a few of Yao’s luxurious libations and couldn’t help but order two of their most decadent dishes as well. Here’s a look…

Forgive the crappy pic and trust me when I tell you that the “Fuxing Spritz” is a cocktail you must try off their current winter menu. Yao mixes Old Tom Gin with Blanco Vermouth and bitter gourd tea, adding in fresh watermelon and cucumber with a splash of soda…

The “Gimlet 1953″, a simple drink of gin and house made lime cordial. It’s named “1953″ as that’s the year that Raymond Chandler’s The Long Goodbye was published, the novel where this preparation was first mentioned. It reads, “A real gimlet is half gin and half Rose’s Lime Juice and nothing else. It beats martinis hollow” …

Knowing that dirty gin martinis are my drink of choice, Yao made me try one using a new type of gin he recently acquired…

Lobstar lobster-infused gin from Belgium, which added a nice brininess to the mix…

And lastly, the cocktail that won the 2016 Chivas Masters China Cocktail Competition, “South China Ice Tea” with blended Scotch, lapsong tea, pressed lime, kumquat marmalade and honey, served with a candied kumquat and rosemary…

We soaked up some of this alcohol with two of Austin’s comforting creations, starting with the “tachos”, which are like nachos, but with tater tots instead of tortilla chips…

Then there’s this, the Inverted Philly Dip, the lovechild of a French Dip and a cheese steak, where sliced Australian wagyu beef is cooked in a rich jus with melted onions and served with a side of whiz for dipping…

Now you can see why I choose to add Union Trading Company to Eater’s list of “The 13 Hottest New Restaurants in Shanghai”!


64 Fenyang Lu

Right off Fuxing Lu

Xuhui, Shanghai



¡Hola amigos de México!

Como muchos ya sabes estuve viviendo en Munich, Alemania por dos meses y estuve aprendiendo el idioma, hasta ahorita, ha sido la mejor experiencia de mi vida. 

Conocí a personas de todo el mundo, conocí sus culturas, sus idiomas, sus formas de ver las cosas, entre muchas cosas más.

Yo me fui con EF Education First, que es una compañía con escuelas alrededor del mundo en donde ahí practicas el idioma local, y en tu tiempo libre, puedes conocer la ciudad y sus alrededores. EF tiene más de 50 años, y en mi experiencia, no hay otra igual a ella. 

Estos son los lugares a donde podrías ir a practicar otro idioma:

  • Inglaterra
  • Estados Unidos
  • Canada
  • Irlanda
  • Malta
  • Sudáfrica
  • Australia
  • Nueva Zelanda
  • Singapur
  • Francia
  • Alemania
  • Italia
  • Japón
  • China

En total formando más de 35 destinos en estos países.

Si te gustaría conocer más acerca de estos campamentos, ¡no dudes en mandarme un mensaje!


Singapore group revives traditional Chinese dress

Wow, the Singapore Hanfu society has just been interviewed by CGTN (overseas arm of China Central Television i.e. Chinese state media)    

I am really happy for the group because I think more people watch CCTV rather than local media.

THIS! THIS! THIS! FUCK YES! 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

I hope the Hindi film that he’s in is good, I wanna see it!

He looks so good in this I don’t know whether to fan girl or cry 😭😂😭😭😭😭😭

Ellie ✌🏽

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