BTS reacting to you scared of Thunders and Lightnings.


JIN: he would feel you shaking in the other side of the bed, he’s going to drag you near him to protect you and hug you… “I’m here”

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SUGA: You are gonna need to go with him he won’t feel you while sleeping.

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J-HOPE: he is going to try distraction for you.

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RAPMON: His hand on your back, consolig you telling you that everything is going to be ok and talk to you to distract you.

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JIMIN: He is gonna cover your eves and sing you to feel ok.

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V: like suga, i think you have to go with him bc he doesn’t know what to do…

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And now it is time for an actual angel with a smile that could light a room up bc have you ever seen him smile that shit is beautiful and honestly so fucking precious, one half of the Busan line, Park Jimin aka chim

  • Visuals first bc ye s
  • Okay but real talk, fire!Jimin was su c h a good look
  • Like Jimin is already ni CE but when you add in black hair you take that ni CE and make it great
  • It’s like adding icing onto cake, it still tastes good when you don’t have it but if you add that shit on, it’s amazing
  • He stills looks beautiful and ni CE as fuck with the orange hair (another one of my favorites) the red the lighter colors all of it is amazing
  • But black is just !! like honestly sign me the fuck up for that shit
  • Especially when it’s all ruffled up or when he doeS THE THING
  • You know how he does that thing where he moves his hair back and it’s like it shouldn’t be as nice as it is but it’s still so fucking nice like how does he make literally just pushing his hair out of his face look so !!
  • Like I need someone to make a video about Jimin’s hair thing has someone made one (update I looked it up and SOMEONE HAS MADE ONE BLESS)
  • His fashion would be a lot of black, especially black jeans bc have you ever seen Jimin in ripped jeans bc it is so beautiful I need more of it
  • But he would add in hints of red (bc fire) like maybe a red beanie or some red glasses, maybe the shoes are red, it’s up to how he feels that day  
  • Shirts range from kinda baggy but still tight enough to somewhat see his body shape, just not every curve and detail of his body to gigantic hoodies that literally swallow him up, it all depends on how hot/cold it is that day
  • If it’s super cold, that gumball is totally wearing his favorite hoodie he wears literally every day during the winter but it’s just s o comfy and warm it’s like walking around in a giant blanket
  • You get to wear it when he isn’t bc he would totally love for you to wear his clothes, let’s just be real he’s gonna be :D the entire time and is just so proud bc “it’s like a reminder that you’re mine and I’m yours and you also make everything I wear look 10x cuter bc you’re cute ily”
  • The hoodie is just as warm as he says it is, it’s an actual blanket tbh but one of the best parts is that despite washing it a ton (bc he wears it a ton) it still smells like him and his cologne, especially if you can get it before he washes it
  • So it’s like being cuddled by cute lil chim but it’s a hoodie and to add the lil cherry on top he cuddles with you while you’re wearing it bc he just loves cuddles tbh
  • He would have the power to control fire
  • You know how the human torch can is a walking ball of fire, that’s Jimin
  • Also lil fireballs, the size depends on how big he wants them, if he truly wanted to send out a fireball, he can get to be the size of like a baseball but he can do just a lil spark, like someone just lit a match but on his palm
  • It’s super helpful when you’re in a dark place bc it’s like having a lil candle with you
  • Speaking of candles, if you ever need someone to light a lil candle, he’s your guy
  • Sometimes you’ll just be reading but you don’t wanna turn the light on bc he’s in that half awake half asleep zone so he just lays his hand somewhat near your book and has a tiny lil flame going, just enough to be able to see the words
  • He does use it for good though, this is Jimin we’re talking about he’s such a sweetheart he’s just so sweet and soft and he must be protected he’s a bub a smol bub
  • Okay okay but just picture this for a second
  • Superhero!Jimin being a chef/baker
  • Bc he can handle all of the hot things and not have any burns, he can pull something out of the oven with his bare hands, he can touch hot pans, he doesn’t get that sting of the hot oil splattering around
  • Plus chim with a bit of flour on his shirt, some frosting on his cheek, when did it get there no one knows but it’s really fucking cute
  • He can also insta-cook just about anything but either repeatedly throwing fire balls at it or just keeping the flame on it
  • You know how in the Incredibles, the bby Jack Jack has the power of fire (amongst other things) that’s the future bby Park
  • “Chim, bby’s doing it again”
  • “I got it come here lil angel, it’s time to cuddle with daddy and not turn your crib to ashes again, cribs are v v expensive”
  • You find out that he’s fireproof and can turn into a walking fireball at his whim pretty early on
  • Jimin doesn’t like to keep things from you, especially big things like this
  • Once he knows he loves you and that you love him, he tells you
  • He does it super lowkey but he also wants to impress you a bit (I mean the man can literally throw fire balls around whenever he wants, I think that’s impressive)
  • He sets up this cute lil dinner for the two of you bc he’s a romantic at heart and there are some unlit candles on the table oh what to do with those don’t worry Jimin’s got it !!
  • At first you think it’s some sort of magic trick but then he explains all about his powers, how he got them, how he uses them for only good things and how it’s actually not that bad
  • “I guess you could say I’m pretty hot”
  • “Oh my g o d”

guys, seriously, i feel like we should all give jimin more credit for being the angel of bangtan. like he comforted taehyung when he was being bashed by some knetizens, he mentioned that rapmon was suffering alone and probably comforted him too. and remember that time these random trolls started a hashtag saying that bts should get rid of jhope, and jimin tweeted a really supporting message that was obviously aimed towards jhope. he also comforted jungkook when he started feeling like shit after he made a mistake after going against that guy in AHL. he’s suga favorite among all the members. all the members chose him as a stress reliever during ASC. rapmon even said they couldn’t have won without jimin. seriously he is an angel that we all need to protect and appreciate

Fansign [TRANS/Jimin]

Jimin: Hello!

Fan: Hello.

Jimin: What’s your name?

Fan: Please write “xxx.” I came for my friend.

Jimin: Then, you don’t like me?

Fan: (kidding) yes, kekeke

Jimin: *holds red loudspeaker* Please like me!!!



The Fuck is that (again)?!