Boyfriend!Jimin when you are about to visit him ( because Jungkook ate all the emergency stash of ramen… )🍜🍜

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So I’ve been Tagged numerous times, and I’ve never got the time to do this tag. So I guess I’ll do it now (Not confident enough for more than one selfie)

I was tagged by loads of people but the only ones I remember are @plutoxsanha and @kimyugym

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guys, seriously, i feel like we should all give jimin more credit for being the angel of bangtan. like he comforted taehyung when he was being bashed by some knetizens, he mentioned that rapmon was suffering alone and probably comforted him too. and remember that time these random trolls started a hashtag saying that bts should get rid of jhope, and jimin tweeted a really supporting message that was obviously aimed towards jhope. he also comforted jungkook when he started feeling like shit after he made a mistake after going against that guy in AHL. he’s suga favorite among all the members. all the members chose him as a stress reliever during ASC. rapmon even said they couldn’t have won without jimin. seriously he is an angel that we all need to protect and appreciate

Fansign [TRANS/Jimin]

Jimin: Hello!

Fan: Hello.

Jimin: What’s your name?

Fan: Please write “xxx.” I came for my friend.

Jimin: Then, you don’t like me?

Fan: (kidding) yes, kekeke

Jimin: *holds red loudspeaker* Please like me!!!



The Fuck is that (again)?!