homecoming is in two weeks and one of the girls i met was like “if i dont find a date you’re gonna be my date ok?” And im like “uh… I dont do dances…” And then she said “im not skipping homecoming!!!! You’re going with me!”

i think i astral traveled some how when i was like… 7.
i remember one night i had a dream…
it was so lovely and felt so real and i didnt want it to end and so i remembered how my dream self got to that place
so like later im just chillin, not asleep at all and i decide i wanna go back to that dream. but i didnt go to sleep. i just perfectly imagined myself slowly crawling though a hole; just a small little path from somewhere tunneling to like
this door. light was filtering in and it was a handmade lookin stained oak door. i opened it and crawled through and i was in the middle of this hazy, pretty ass meadow at sunset, surrounded by sweet smells and tons of what im pretty sure were pink flowers. maybe butterflies.
i did that three more times that day and it legit felt like an OBE almost. but ive never done anything like it again :|

Random Tag?

Random Tag?

Tagged by that crazy aussie: @savage-cabbbbage like forever ago(I am so sorry for taking so long)

1. Last movie you saw: The Secret Life of Pets. It was p funny.
2. Last song you listened to: Oh, Ms. Believer by Twenty-øne pilots
3. Last show you watched: The x-files. so much x-files

4. Last book you read: Salt: A World History

5. Last thing you ate: Piroulines dark chocolate B) 

6. If you could be anywhere right now, where would you be: Back in Ruston. Or maybe on the roof of a seaside house in the Mediterranean, just chillin’ enjoying the sunset.

7. Where would you time travel to: Definitely the back to the time of the Mongol Empire. Maybe 30 years to the future to see how things turn out. 

8. The first thing you would do with lottery money: build my dream house, get a used car. Open up a computer shop/buy some excellent computer parts.

9.Fictional character you would hang out with for a day: Uncle Iroh, maybe Eragon.
10. Time right now: 8:5510:03pm CST, august 30, 2016

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Chillin’ and workin’ and sippin’ on my cherry green tea all in the comfort of my bed 🍵🍒

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Haha! Brett pulled in tonight and our fourth kitty was just chillin’ out front. The nightly visits are progressing into something more serious. (P.S. I may or may not have given him soft food). ☺️🐱 (at Highlands Ranch, Colorado)

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In northern C.A. chillin hope the east coast is ready for us this year!! (as soon as the truck/house gets fixed)😻😻😻😻😾😾😾😾😽😽😽😸😸💕💕💕💕💕💕@theofficialbutterskitkat @officialbuttersthekitkat #travalcat #grumpycatsnightmare #Follow4follow #followbutters #Follow4followback #instagram #catsofinstagram #cat #cats #koolkat #koolkats #travel (at Laytonville, California)

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Eli chillin in the car to the Biebs from Phil Ohme on Vimeo.

We thought he may spontaneously break into dance again but no – just taking it all in, listening to Justin Bieber.
5 June 2016



Brooke-Lyrical-California Dreamin




Chloe-Contemporary-Rise Up


Maddie-Tap-Drumline Cadences

{Outfit} (no hat)

Kendall-Jazz-Mad Hatter


Mackenzie-Hip Hop-Overnight Celebrity



Kendall & Maddie-Jazz-Chillin’ In The Summer Time


Kalani & Chloe-Contemporary-Earned It

{Costume} (Kalani-White, Chloe-Black)

Mackenzie & Brooke-Acro-Did That Hurt?



{Costume} (Brooke-Purple, Kalani-Silver, Chloe-Blue, Maddie-Burgundy, Kendall-Green, Mackenzie-Gold)