Chill Will

Dear non theatre folk,

Just because you aren’t interested in musicals and plays doesn’t mean we have to stop. If your friend wants to tell you about the musical they saw, please just listen. You have no idea how much that means to them. We listen to people talk about stuff we don’t get/like all the time. And because what we like is considered “nerdy” or “weird” we feel like we don’t have the right to talk about our interests. So if you have a friend who likes musicals, please just let them tell you about it.

Sincerely, me

A musical nerd

  • Clint: Hey Tony this wine isn't really cold can you get a new bottle?
  • Tony: ...What.
  • Steve: Don't be wasteful, Clint. Just put some ice in it.
  • Tony: What.
  • Bucky: You're not supposed to put ice in it!
  • Tony: *hopeful*
  • Bucky: You're supposed to put in frozen grapes.
  • Tony: *grabs bottle of wine* You don't deserve this. *leaves*
  • Thor: *arriving with steaks he'd grilled* Where's Tony?
  • Sam: He told us we didn't deserve the wine and left with it.
  • Thor: ...Why.
  • Clint: I just asked him to grab a cold bottle of wine!
  • Natasha: *nearly chucks bowl of salad* YOU DON'T DRINK RED WINE CHILLED YOU IDIOTS.

wow this was kind of exactly what I needed rn ^^

Boyf Riends Proposals HCs (Part 2: Jeremy)

Jeremy’s Proposal:

- Jeremy gets really popular with his amazing music. Most of it growing from YouTube.

- And Michael (of course) usually helps Jeremy write the songs.

- And such a demand and success becomes enough for Jeremy to go on a nation-wide tour.

- Of course, Jeremy is excited! However, it lasts several months. And Michael has his own job (as a video game developer) so he can’t go with him.

- But they decide that they will make it work. They call or Skype every day. And sometimes Michael flies out to see shows and tours with him for a couple of days.

- Especially for anniversaries, birthdays, etc..

- And it’s the final concert. And it’s a tradition with bands for their final concert to be in their hometown.

- So Michael goes to the concert of course. But doesn’t use his backstage pass because he wants to see Jeremy shine and all that. And he mostly wants to do that in the crowd.

- For more background (cuz I can’t help myself).

- So none of Jeremy’s fans knows that he’s bi. But they do know about Michael from a couple pics on Instagram.

- But only a few have actually theorized that they were a couple (like very few).

- Most people did think that he and the ever-popular broadway actress Christine were dating though.

- And it was even brought up in an interview.

- “So, you know the famous Christine Canagulia right.”

“Well, yeah, that’s right.”

“Well, your fans and our viewers out there have been wondering… are you two in a romantic relationship?”

Jeremy laughs, “Funny you should ask that. I’ve know Christine since middle school. She even got me into acting in high school. We did date for a little while our junior year, but it didn’t work out as we were both were trying to figure out ourselves.”

- People also theorized he was bi or pan. But Jeremy never gave any hints of sorts.

- Closest thing was that in June he would post something supportive of the lgtb+ community for PRIDE Month.

- And the couple of die hard fans who followed Michael on Instagram knew that Michael was very much gay and proud of it.

- But that was it.

- It’s the last song. And after it ends, Jeremy is suppose to say good night and etc.. but he doesn’t.

- “I know that I’m suppose to say good night and everything. But I have a new song and… I kinda want to play it. Since it’s the end of the tour and all.”

- People are cheering of course. Cuz a new song??? Omg!!!

- Jeremy then has to set it up since he isn’t using his piano and it seems very last minute. And people up close could tell he was shaking and that he was nervous. But it doesn’t take to long for there to be a stool and him sitting holding a ukulele.

- “God, I’m nervous.” He’s about to play, when he suddenly stops.

- “Oh, I forgot the most important part, jeez, haha. Sorry.”

- The crowd laughs but are confused on what he is forgetting.

- “I… wrote this song for someone. And, I know you’re out there. You goof.”

- Of course Michael fuckin knows it’s him immediately and is like… what’s going on???

- “And yeah, I’ve written you songs before. But, I didn’t tell you about this song. I… actually wrote it after you came for our anniversary.”

- People then are screaming at the revelation that Jeremy had been in a relationship.

- “And we’ve been best friends for years! And you have always been there for me. I wouldn’t be here. Yes Heere ha ha. If it wasn’t for you.”

- He then, of course, starts to cry. “I can’t imagine the rest of my life without you. You not being on tour with me showed that to me. I missed you. My best friend, my partner, my co-writer, the love of my life. My player one… You… better be up here when I’m done playing this or I’m probably gonna lose it.”

- He then starts playing the most beautiful song (and it then becomes really famous and popular later).

- Michael is crying and he manages to get on stage at the last chorus. Which Jeremy sings straight at him.

- Which of course people are freaking out about who it is.

- During said chorus, Jeremy is then standing with ukulele. But then kneels down in front of Michael near the end. With Michael covering his mouth with tears coming down his face.

- Once it ends, Jeremy puts down his ukulele and Michael thinks he is gonna come up and hug/kiss him. But Michael gasps (and everyone else) when Jeremy instead reaches for his back pocket.

- The crowd themselves can’t hear him very well since they are freaking out. But Michael can hear him loud and clear.

- “Be my Player 1 forever, Michael Mell?”

- Michael cries but nodded, and Jeremy puts the ring on Michael’s finger and kisses him on stage.

- Afterwards, Jeremy is known as a bi-icon and becomes even more popular. Michael ends up helping him write more and ends up doing duets with him.


Part 1: