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| Name: Hannah| Eye Color: Green| Hair Color: Dark Brown naturally. Currently more blonde. | Height: 5′8 | Clothing Style: It varys. Some days I like dresses, some days I like baggy t-shirts. Most days I like skinny jeans|


| Your fears: spiders, loosing people I love, abandonment  | Your guilty pleasure: children’s TV Shows  | Your ambitions: Leave the country, publish a book, get into a good college. |


| Waking up: Eh. |


| Single or group dates?: I’m aro so platonic group dates.| Beauty or brains: brains | Dogs or cats?: cats|


| Lie: rarely | Believe in yourself: yes | Believe in love: yup |


| Been on stage: yes I love acting | Done drugs: no I am a good kid  | Changed who you were to fit in: once when I was younger.” |


| Colors: blue/greens and black | Animals: red panda, penguin. | Movies: All Studio Ghibli honestly. Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Jurassic Park series| Game: undertale |


| Age: 14| Day your next birthday will be: October 12 | How old you will be: 15 |

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It’s all fun and games until someone gets stuck in a giant Barney dinosaur head. That’s what happened to 15-year-old Darby Risner after the teen says she found a giant Barney head at a friend’s house. The Alabama teen just wanted to scare her friends, but the prank turned into a joke on her when she couldn’t get out of the oversized dinosaur head. It took some help from some local firefighters to ‘rescue’ Darby.


favorite ships picspams: barry/iris - the flash
“Do you remember when I told you that I didn’t want you going to Earth 2 if you felt like you didn’t have anything left here? …It wasn’t just because of Patty… Barry, you’ve always had someone to come home to. Me.”

Childrens television romance logic
  • Bland, white, heterosexual couple on Disney Channel:Seasons of build ups with tons of almost kisses, episodes with plots of the other characthers trying to set them up
  • Interracial, lesbian couple consisting of two bisexuals:Tiptoeing around the subject so carefully they might as well have been hovering through 1 season, 10 seconds of confirmation with a careful kiss on the lips

Guys if you never read the Roman Mysteries series you missed out they are some of the greatest kids books ever i swear to god i mean it’s four kids gallivanting about the roman empire solving mysteries, it’s so historically accurate it hurts and the story manages to get the characters involved in most of the big events in roman history it a way that totally works, and did you say representation bcus holy shit are these books full of it - from the beautiful, kind, gentle, slave girl Nubia to a family of Jews (whose stories are greatly affected by the persecution of jews in the roman era, including the sacking of Jerusalem) to a mute homeless boy who is an incredible artist, I mean these are kids books, which are hardly known for having great representation in them. They have platonic friendships between boys and girls, they have exiting storylines, they have DOGS, they have pirates and prophets and emperors and gladiators, seriously there isn’t one problem with these books they are genius.

OH and it was a pretty incredible TV show. Yeah. Its fucking amazing.


sometimes I just remember this scene and I curl up and cry

As wlw, I think it’s kind of our responsibility to question and bring attention to the fact that mlm still have virtually NO significant representation on children’s TV. We’re still very much in the process of getting our own representation, and we have a long way to go, but we need to not forget about our mlm brothers in the process, as they still have nothing and there is no good reason for that. Their love is not dirty or “adult”, just as ours isn’t.