The Marley Woods in Missouri are known to be a hot spot for paranormal activity. There has been multiple UFO sightings in the area. Some of the strange events include, Ball lighting, a group of children who saw a glowing white light in the sky, and two large dog like cryptids on a mans property.

Today for #followfriday we are featuring photographs from the @therealcityofcapetown, an account showing the less visible daily life of Cape Town in South Africa. The pictures were selected and captioned by contributor and this year’s Caine Prize winner, and Lidudumalingani Mqombothi @lidudumalingani.

The dichotomy in this image is alluring. It captures life in all its nuance, the child in all her free innocence, the child who is figuring life out and then, if you take a quick look at the window, it appears there is a figure, looking down, judging or admiring or worse stalking. The low angle framing exerts a certain power and yet the presence of lively children makes light of that very power. Not only that but it captures what stays with us into our childhood, regardless of strife, and perhaps into our late adult years, if we are open to it. There is on the face of the graciously looking young lady, a grin, not so much an attempt at a smile, but at something greater, the feeling of triumph, winning at life.

Photograph by Lindsey Appolis @appster #appster

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