Pedophiles can be gay.

Pedophiles can be lesbians.

They can be bisexual or trans or any other LGBT+ orientation.

But that does not automatically make them part of the lgbt+ community.

The lgbt+ community is supposed to be a safe space and if you’re coming into it and talking about your attraction for children, about your fantasies or desires involving children or if you engage in the creation/use of lolicon, shotacon or any other form of child porn, then you are making it unsafe and don’t deserve to be part of the community.

Let’s be real here -

Bitty graduates Samwell, moves in with Jack, and adopts like a dozen kids.

He doesn’t mean to. It’s not his plan. He’s going to get a job or something but he’s a carer. He can’t help it. While he’s looking for a job and working on building his CV he starts volunteering at a children’s home and it breaks his heart to leave all those kids there alone and he and Jack have so much love and so much space and there’s so much need and…

So, long story short, they start fostering. Just short term at first but then some longer term fostering arrangements. They come out, get married. Jack buys then a big house with his big NHL salary. They adopt one kid. Then another. They still foster. Bitty isn’t even pretending to look for jobs any more. He volunteers and he feeds and loves whatever kid comes through his door and Jack is just 100% along for the ride. At any given time there are between 4 and 6 kids in the Bittle-Zimmermann household. They adopt another. Always older children. Always children who are ‘less desireable’.

Jack gets the C. They start hosting rookies. They’re both old enough now that they look at these rookies and wonder if they were ever that young. The rookies all start off vaguely uncomfortable to see their Captain so besotted with Bitty and paternal to all these kids but they get over it. Half of the team jokingly calls Jack dad when he’s not listening.

Just, give me Jack and Bitty with a home full of love and kids and laughter and joy.

BTS Reaction - Your first baby

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Why do we love?

Ah, romantic love; beautiful and intoxicating, heart-breaking and soul-crushing… often all at the same time! Why do we choose to put ourselves though its emotional wringer? Does love make our lives meaningful, or is it an escape from our loneliness and suffering?  Is love a disguise for our sexual desire, or a trick of biology to make us procreate? Is it all we need? Do we need it at all?

If romantic love has a purpose, neither science nor psychology has discovered it yet – but over the course of history, some of our most respected philosophers have put forward some intriguing theories.

1. Love makes us whole, again / Plato (427—347 BCE)

The ancient Greek philosopher Plato explored the idea that we love in order to become complete. In his Symposium, he wrote about a dinner party at which Aristophanes, a comic playwright, regales the guests with the following story. Humans were once creatures with four arms, four legs, and two faces.  One day they angered the gods, and Zeus sliced them all in two. Since then, every person has been missing half of him or herself.  Love is the longing to find a soul mate who will make us feel whole again… or at least that’s what Plato believed a drunken comedian would say at a party.

2. Love tricks us into having babies / Schopenhauer (1788-1860)

Much, much later, German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer maintained that love, based in sexual desire, was a “voluptuous illusion”.  He suggested that we love because our desires lead us to believe that another person will make us happy, but we are sorely mistaken.  Nature is tricking us into procreating and the loving fusion we seek is consummated in our children.  When our sexual desires are satisfied, we are thrown back into our tormented existences, and we succeed only in maintaining the species and perpetuating the cycle of human drudgery.  Sounds like somebody needs a hug.

3. Love is escape from our loneliness / Russell (1872-1970)

According to the Nobel Prize-winning British philosopher Bertrand Russell we love in order to quench our physical and psychological desires.  Humans are designed to procreate; but, without the ecstasy of passionate love, sex is unsatisfying.  Our fear of the cold, cruel world tempts us to build hard shells to protect and isolate ourselves.  Love’s delight, intimacy, and warmth helps us overcome our fear of the world, escape our lonely shells, and engage more abundantly in life.  Love enriches our whole being, making it the best thing in life.  

4. Love is a misleading affliction / Buddha (~6th- 4thC BCE)

Siddhartha Gautama. who became known as ‘the Buddha’, or ‘the enlightened one’, probably would have had some interesting arguments with Russell. Buddha proposed that we love because we are trying to satisfy our base desires.  Yet, our passionate cravings are defects, and attachments – even romantic love – are a great source of suffering.  Luckily, Buddha discovered the eight-fold path, a sort of program for extinguishing the fires of desire so that we can reach ‘nirvana’ – an enlightened state of peace, clarity, wisdom, and compassion.  

5. Love lets us reach beyond ourselves / Beauvoir (1908-86)

Let’s end on a slightly more positive note.  The French philosopher Simone de Beauvoir proposed that love is the desire to integrate with another and that it infuses our lives with meaning.  However, she was less concerned with why we love and more interested in how we can love better.  She saw that the problem with traditional romantic love is it can be so captivating that we are tempted to make it our only reason for being.  Yet, dependence on another to justify our existence easily leads to boredom and power games.  

To avoid this trap, Beauvoir advised loving authentically, which is more like a great friendship: lovers support each other in discovering themselves, reaching beyond themselves, and enriching their lives and the world, together.

Though we might never know why we fall in love, we can be certain that it’ll be an emotional rollercoaster ride.  It’s scary and exhilarating.  It makes us suffer and makes us soar.  Maybe we lose ourselves.  Maybe we find ourselves.  It might be heartbreaking or it might just be the best thing in life.  Will you dare to find out? 

From the TED-Ed Lesson Why do we love? A philosophical inquiry - Skye C. Cleary

Animation by Avi Ofer

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why is karina horrible?

cracks knuckles

I am of the opinion that Karina Braun might be the most horrible parent in Attack on Titan. And when you consider the number of horrible parents in this manga, that’s saying a lot.

My main issue with Karina Braun is this. She’s a lonely single mom who’s been rebuffed by her lover, but rather than owning up to the rejection and moving on, she burdens her very young son to fix it.

She basically guilts her baby boy into becoming a Marleyan Warrior Hero for her own selfish desires. I find it to be  one of the most disgusting things in the manga. 

I’ll compare it to Grisha Jaeger. He too was a terrible parent. He also burdened his children with his own twisted desires, but at least Grisha felt some remorse. He cried while injecting Eren and he never blamed Zeke for his betrayal. Grisha knew he screwed up and he accepted his role in that. 

Karina has shown no remorse. She turns a blind eye to Reiner’s obvious pain. I believe she knows in her heart the Marleyan Kool-aid they’ve been drinking is poison, yet she continues encouraging Gabi’s blind patriotic fervor. She’s more than happy to give her niece the same 13 year death sentence that plagues her son.

In chapter 99 it’s clear to me that it’s all centered on pride. She feels pride in her position and has allowed it to overwhelm any sense of compassion for her son, her niece or others. Her words to Mr. Leonhardt in chapter 99 were tactless bordering on cruel. Her words about Bert’s parents were equally lacking in any real emotion or sympathy. 

Since I’m on a roll, let me bring up another person in the Terrible Parenting Hall of Fame. Rod Reiss abandoned his daughter at a young age and only came for her when he needed something. It’s hard to find anything redeeming about Rod Reiss, but here goes. In the end, when Historia refused the serum, Rod took it himself. He lived and died by his principles.  I have a modicum of respect for the man because of that.

We haven’t seen Karina in a position where she’s needed to live by what she preaches, but I feel pretty confident if they put a call out for mindless titans for the next attack, Karina wouldn’t volunteer. 

In summary,

Thank you for the ask!

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Opinions on Elia Martell and Rhaegar Targaryen's relationship? Most people dismiss it as an unhappy union, but that's not in the text. Just because it's implied that they weren't in love, that doesn't mean there was no depth to their marriage. Didn't GRRM say their relationship was a complex one? Also, is it just me or is "he was fond of her" not as terrible as everyone says?

I’ve said before and I’ll say again, I don’t think Rhaegar was capable of really loving anyone - not Elia, not Lyanna, basically no one. Barristan says that it was not in Rhaegar to be happy, that there was a “melancholy” to him, a “sense of doom”. Every character is apt to have biases, of course, but Barristan was a firsthand witness and, perhaps more importantly, held Rhaegar in high regard and thought he would have made a “finer” king than Jaehaerys II, Aerys II, or Robert; if Barristan who thought so highly of him still says he was melancholic and withdrawn, I’d believe it.

Too, and relatedly, I think Rhaegar was deeply secretive and withdrawn about his prophetic interests. This, I think, was tied up in his feelings about himself: he was burdened by prophecy, burdened by the memory of his prophecy-mandated birth causing the horrific deaths of family members, burdened by the knowledge that he and he alone was responsible for saving humanity when its greatest crisis came. Who could possibly understand his situation? Arthur Dayne, perhaps - he too came from an ancient and mystical bloodline, and he too was charged with great responsibility, as Sword of the Morning. But what could a mere lordling, or a wife, understand of the coming of the Others, the new Long Night, the need for a hero who could save the world from darkness?

Now consider Elia Martell. She came from a land in general and a family in particular where women are not relegated to subservient roles. She was the daughter of the reigning Princess of Dorne, a woman (presumably) respected and obeyed by her courtiers and vassals. Her closest relationship in her youth was with her brother Oberyn, who was devoted to her, her virtual twin. The Unnamed Princess had raised her to make an advantageous betrothal, certainly, and probably educated her in what to expect in marriage, but her mother’s instruction and her own upbringing might have given Elia some confidence. She was not nothing: she was a born princess, and the daughter of a ruling princess. Rhaegar, as was probably reported to her, was handsome, intelligent, and chivalrous. Together, they would make a model crown princely, and eventually kingly, couple.

But then Elia married Rhaegar, and the disillusionment and frustration probably set in pretty quickly. Her new home of Dragonstone was cold, gloomy, and isolated; her royal father-in-law was a physical and mental wreck, violently paranoid and deeply suspicious of her immediately; her primary role - to provide a Targaryen heir for the next generation - was dangerous to the point of near-fatal for her. There was no comfort to be had anywhere, and least of all from her husband. It was not that Rhaegar was cruel or mean; I’m sure he treated Elia with all the courtesy her position demanded. But he was melancholic and withdrawn, a sharp contrast to hot-blooded and energetic - and loving - Oberyn. 

It was doubtless a frustrating situation for Elia. She would do everything she was “supposed” to do - be the kind, gracious, clever crown princess of Barristan’s report - but that exterior image only hid what was happening on a personal level. Rhaegar might have grown “fond” of her, but fondness was for describing one’s liking for songs or flowers or adorable little children, not for a prince’s relationship to his princess. For the clever daughter of a reigning princess to be excluded from Rhaegar’s interest in the texts he read, as though he could not trust her with the information, might likewise have hurt her. After a year of marriage, she was no more than the crown prince’s “fond” spouse, a dynastic failure for having only produced a daughter, a figure hated by the deranged king and his cronies. Her husband’s public insult to her at Harrenhal, and her knowledge that she could never have more children (despite her probable desire for more and Rhaegar’s expressed need for “another”), probably only added to her sense of isolation.

GRRM called their marriage “complex”, and promised (three years ago) that we’d learn more about it in future books. I certainly hope so. At this point, I view it as complex because of its public success - the handsome, dashing prince and the fair, gracious princess, with a son and daughter to carry on the Targaryen line - and its probable private turmoil - Rhaegar’s melancholy, Elia’s loneliness, his conduct toward her in pursuit of his prophetic goals. As Rhaegar surged ahead, confident that history would prove him right and what he did was necessary for the salvation of humanity, he might have thought little of those he hurt in the short-term - Elia included.

Would people still want to have children if they knew thats what they’re signing up for? Not leaving their “legacy”, not having a house slave or a copy of themselves, not for prevention of being alone and uncared for, not for unconditional love, not getting that warm feeling of “i’m a good parent”, not for personal fulfillment, not for social approval and praise, not for it to be their life goal or life sense, not to live their life thru someone, not to get a chance to control and order someone around, not to have someone sensitive and dependent on them for easy abuse, but just enabling a new human to live and providing them with resources and the rest is out of their hands? I feel like most people would feel utterly cheated if I were to tell them thats what having kids is about, and not obliging someone to care about them for the rest of their life. But they’re adults, aren’t they supposed to figure out that children are their own people and will build their life as they want to, and bonding with the idea of what they want their child’s life to be is just going to turn them into miserable abusive people?  And that interfering with their children’s desired path in life they’re infringing on the human rights of freedom of another person, and they have no right to do that regardless of how much they’ve done for this person?

A House Stellium occurs in an individuals charts when four or more heavenly bodies are located in the same House, focusing all of their energy there. How your House Stellium is truly expressed depends on if you also have a Sign Stellium and your Sun Sign. Read more here.

First House - The House of Self - Aries
Your identity is your focus. You may find yourself focusing too much on yourself, your appearance, your needs. You feel so self conscious that it is emotionally disabling and you may find yourself swept up in others, bending to their will because you care more about how you look in the eyes of others than anything else. You express your insecurities by being loud, bold and brash - by overcompensating. You have little patience and self control. You need a partner to balance you out in life or work. On the other hand you are intuitive and know how to charm others. You are very good with physical communication and you will often say more through your body than your words.

Second House - The House of Possessions - Taurus
You can spend money very easily and may find yourself in financial trouble. You struggle to let go of anything, seeing the value in everything, and fear to go without. You will exhaust yourself by clinging to your possessions to the point where the stress causes illness. Learning to let go will be your greatest struggle in life. You can be possessive but also remarkably gregarious. You need security in life, whatever that may mean to you, but it usually is tied to the material world. You are grounded and support others. Those with this Stellium often are in touch with their body and will practice arts that involve movement.

Third House - The House of Mind - Gemini
Your mind is always going and you can get wrapped up in your thoughts. You struggle to relax and often shake and jitter because your mind is racing. You can think so much that you never even act. Easily becoming obsessed, you loose perspective and struggle to see things as they are whether it be about a book you are writing or the child you’re raising. You crave new experiences to learn from. You need others to communicate with at all times but you can often talk at people, not with, because you carry a message that needs to be let out. Often, those with this Stellium tell stories in some way: writing, painting, directing, etc because they have such a strong perspective or story that they simply need to share.

Fourth House - The House of Home - Cancer
Your home life may feel tumultuous because with a Fourth House Stellium it is easily upset by transits. You feel trapped in the past, reliving moments in your mind, unable to let go of old hurts and grudges but also those beautiful moments of triumph will feel as if they are your only ones and you’ll never feel anything more beautiful. You need to learn to focus on the present and look forward to the future because you have many great moments ahead of you. You need a home, a place to call your own. Your emotions may overwhelm you at times but reign them in and they will be your greatest gift. You often focus on family, even those who do not desire children or to marry will surround themselves with friends so close they are like siblings. You are a humanitarian in many ways and seek to help others or the environment.

Fifth House - The House of Creativity - Leo
Drama rules your life. You can create problems in your own head without realizing. Over the top is your thing whether you are a stay at home mom or on Broadway. Impersonal relationships often become personal in one way or another. You may be a little more immature than most, even innocent in ways. You often connect well with children and animals, having a bit of an instinct for parenting and caring. You always are creating and thinking, and you must express yourself and these ideas in one way or another. They are often fantastic artists.

Sixth House - The House of Health - Virgo
You can be a bit of a workaholic who never relaxes, a perfectionist who slaves over the smallest of tasks in hopes of perfecting it. You need to be in charge, you have to do things the right way and the only way is to do it yourself right? You can work so hard that you literally make yourself ill. You need to learn to delegate your workload. You often commit yourself to helping others and will do everything you can to help. You can also be terribly judgmental, even cruel. These individuals will often be doctors, nurses, or other public service types. You live to serve.

Seventh House - The House of Partnership - Libra
Those with this Stellium will either seek out a relationship no matter what the cost or flee from them. Dealing with others can be a struggle for you. It is hard for you to stay in a relationship or even dare to begin one or it is all too easy, a complete necessity. You are a bit of a loner or such a social butterfly that you know everyone there is to know. Indecisive in relationships, you feel lost and can’t decide what to do or what not to do despite your instincts, so you will often avoid them. Once you are in a relationship you may loose yourself completely to the other person, you put all of your energy into it and obsess over it. You may flee from relationships no matter what the cost. You are charming, fashionable, and social. Perception is your greatest gift.

Eighth House - The House of Sex - Scorpio
The Eighth House is the House of all things beyond our control, of life, death, and the occult. You may study the occult, psychology, medicine, and science in order to gain control over what is uncontrollable. You may have experienced many difficult situations early on in life and feel mature and or cynical due to them. You must be in control of your money and finances. You won’t let others touch your money and are the type to hide it in drawers and under loose floorboards, unsure about even putting it in the bank. You struggle to know when to let go, when things are not your fault even when they are beyond anyone’s control. You may feel detached from your sexuality or obsessed with sex.

Ninth House - The House of Discovery - Sagittarius
The mind is your home. You may be too stuck in your own head and struggle to accept reality. Learning is important to you, you are often philosophical, spiritual or religious though you may jump from one belief to another to another at the drop of a hat. You may be absolutely obsessed with your beliefs and try to force them on others. You are so caught up with studying life that you hardly ever live it. You are the type to always be curious and asking questions, never afraid or even aware of crossing the line of what’s too personal. You may be a little wacky but you’re a lot of fun and always kind. You are a teacher at heart and often will get a job teaching anywhere from preschool to college, even teaching through writing or counseling.

Tenth House - The House of Status - Capricorn
You often clash with authority figures in your life. Often there is a lot of tension between you and your parents, perhaps your father in particular. And you hate to work for anyone but yourself which leads to rebellion in the home and in schooling. You need to be your own boss and will seek a job that allows you to be. With that said, you are still a strong and solid person. You are ambitious, perhaps even cut-throat, and you cut to the chase in everything you do. You’re the type who gets the most work done with the least effort. You are probably a workaholic and never give yourself a break.

Eleventh House - The House of Community - Aquarius
You try to please everyone. You will be swallowed whole by the community, never your own person but always someone’s shadow. Herd mentality is your defining point. You throw yourself into group causes and societal issues. Even in one-on-one situations you may take on the qualities of the other. You may even feel empathic. On the plus side, you are the type who can be friends with honestly anyone and often are. You are often very aware of societal issues - even ones on the other side of the world. You may feel born too early or too late, like you are out of time, and you’re always very aware of this. You have very progressive ideas and stand behind them no matter what. You often work with people but need to do so on a smaller scale and focus on yourself.

Twelfth House - The House of Self-Undoing - Pisces
You have a need to work with others. You’re natural drive is to support others at all times and you will often loose yourself to this. You still need to take time to be alone but often don’t. You don’t ever seek the spotlight and for this reason will shrink away from even positive attention, even from the support that they need in return. You may be a little out of touch with reality naturally, a dreamy new-age type of person, so you can easily be caught up in religion and spirituality to the point of becoming a fanatic or becoming involved in dangerous situations. You may have almost preternatural insight verging on psychic. They often take on roles where they support others and are behind the scenes of things.

To learn more about your Stellium and Chart go here.
- Lavinia Amoun

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Coming from a mom irl, your post about Karina Braun means a lot. How thoughtful.

This is personal for me. It’s my experience that children have an inborn desire to please their parents. They want to make their parents happy. When their parents are sad, they want to kiss the boo boos–even those they can’t understand.

For a parent to take advantage of that for their own selfish needs, whether deliberately done or not, is just horrible. Karina Braun is Exhibit A of someone doing exactly that. Reiner never stood a chance. It wasn’t a fair fight.

I speak for most parents when I say that it would be unthinkable to trade the life of a child for a grandiose dream of security and prestige. I’d rather live on the streets than ask my child to sacrifice their life to improve mine.  

As it is, Karina has achieved her goal of being an Honorary Marleyan Citizen. For it, she gets a little respect, and a nice seat at a play, and a traumatized son that has a year or so left to live.

xbxbxb123  asked:

Does anybody not age? Like isn't there a way to not make that happen, like if a boss monster never had a kid or a ghost possessed something that lasts for millions of years like an entire planet?

Ghosts can’t possess anything that big. That’s silly.

Boss Monsters however can stay young indefinitely so long as they never have kids who reach maturity. This, however, is difficult for many Boss Monsters, as most of them have an innate love of children and desire to nurture. Some say this is because monsters have an innate drive to love, and humans have an innate drive to be loved. As mixed breeds, caring for children accomplishes both drives.

anonymous asked:

YOU DID SUCH A GOOD JOB ON MY PROMPT!Another: Trini thumps a helmet onto a little girl's head and ushers her to the 'arena.' "Alright warrior, beat the fu-" "TRINI!" Jason rolls his eyes from the outside of the playpen, the word 'SECURITY' showing through his crossed arms. Trini grumbles as the carnival owner's daughter lets out a loud laugh from her station at the water slides. Stupid Kimberly Hart and her stupid hot pink bikini bottom showing underneath her 'life guard' tank top.

The Hart Family Fun Center, the only all year ‘round, indoor carnival in Angel Grove was thoroughly crowded with screaming children in the middle of summer. Trini had to admit that she could have a worse job, it paid well and the place was air conditioned, but the children left something to be desired. 

“Alright, alright, everyone out, we gotta get the next batch in,” Trini calls before blowing her whistle watching all of the kid run up to her partner, Zack to hand back the helmets and the foam swords to be sprayed with sanitizer. 

Her and her friend ran an attraction known as the Arena; a sort of water slide where kids were a part of two teams, one that guarded the tower and one that was supposed to try and get up it and slide down to the bottom to get points. 

“Eww, no girls!” A boy on the tower yells as a little girl steps up to Trini, a frown on her lips. 

Trini turns to glare at the boy, grabbing a yellow helmet from the stack. “Don’t listen to him,” She murmurs, fitting the head gear onto the child with a smile. “Now, pick out your sword,” 

The little girl moves to grab a pink sword from the pile, grinning up at Trini who thumps the top of her helmet gently. “Alright warrior, go and beat the fu-” She’s cut off when one of the security kids yells at her. “I uh-go win, kid,” She corrects, looking away from the blonde boy, Jason. 

She pretends to focus on starting up the fight music, but is stopped by Jason himself, his arms crossed over his red shirt, hiding the bold text of his title. “You know better,” he says, as though they’re friends and not just co-workers. 

“Yeah, yeah,” Trini mumbles, rolling her eyes as a loud laugh echoes across the room from the large wave pool across the way. 

She doesn’t have to look up to know its Kimberly fucking Hart, the owner’s daughter and the head life guard at the park. “I won’t do it again, now get back to whatever you’re supposed to be doing, I’ve got kids to watch.” 

She turns around to make sure the right track is playing, trying to ignore the giggles still coming from the Hart girl, with her stupid pink bikini poking out from under her stupid red life guard tank top. 

Trini forces her attention back to the Arena, watching proudly as the little girl makes her way to the slide, a grin on her face as the boy from earlier lays in the shallow pool of water below the tower. As soon as  the round is over and the little girl has returned her helmet, Trini walks over to her and places a few golden tokens into her hand. “You can get something nice at the prize counter with those,” 

“Thank you, ma’am!” The child exclaims, wrapping her arms around Trini’s waist for a moment before running off to a smiling father outside of the playpen. 

She watches them walk away before turning to Zack. “I think it’s time for a break, I’ll be back in ten,” Trini smiles, not really giving him a chance to say no before she’s walking toward the locker room. 

Trini settles down on one of the benches after grabbing her bag, cracking open an energy drink. “Those are bad for you, you know,” An annoyingly familiar voice sounds, even as Trini starts to chug the can, trying to ignore Kimberly. 

She finishes about half the can, only to find Kim sitting next to her, brows raised. “What do you want, Kim?” Trini asks, annoyance clear in her voice. 

“I just wanted to say it was cute, what you did for that little girl,” Kim replies, shrugging her shoulder a bit as she reaches over to grab the can from Trini, taking a drag. 

Trini scoffs, taking the drink back from the other girl, finishing it with narrowed eyes. “Thought you didn’t like energy drinks,” She says, crushing the can against the bench. 

“I never said that, I just said they were bad for you,” Kim says, getting up to stretch. “Never pegged you for one to share drinks,” She muses, leaning against the lockers.

“I doubt you have anything that can be transferred through sharing a drink,” Trini snorts, trying to ignore how good Kimberly looks lounging in front of her. 

“I think you just wanted an indirect kiss from me,” The taller girl suggests, a smirk on her stupidly perfect lips. 

Trini can feel her face heating up at the thought, but manages to find a come back. “This isn’t some bullshit anime, Hart, no one actually thinks about stuff like that,” She huffs, standing up to shove her bag back into her locker. 

She can feel the other girl’s eyes on her as she pretends to dig for something, when in reality she’s hoping the blood will drain from her face enough that she won’t get shit from Zack upon her return. 

“Trini,” Kim says from the other side of the locker door, the sound of her own name making the shorter girl shiver slightly. “Why are you hiding?” 

Trini takes a breath before slamming the door closed, coming face to face with the cause of her frustrating crush. “I’m not hiding, I was hoping I had a protein bar in there,” She lies, eyes narrowing at the brunette. 

“You’re a shit liar,” Kim murmurs, taking a step closer to Trini, a slight smirk on her lips. “Just admit that you want to kiss me.” 

The smaller girl swallows hard, the close proximity of the life guard forcing Trini to look up at her. “Why are you such an asshole?” She forces herself to say, grinding her teeth. 

“I’m the asshole? I’ve been trying to flirt with you since you started here!” Kim shouts, causing Trini to jump at the sudden volume change. “And all you can do is be a grumpy little shit!”  

“You call teasing me every day flirting?! What the fuck?” Trini retorts, jabbing a finger at Kim’s chest. 

“I just…you’re all stoic and shit…what else was I supposed to do?” Kim mumbles, looking away from the smaller girl. 

“You could just ask me out,” Trini replies, grabbing the taller girl’s chin gently, making Kim look at her. 

Kim bites her lip for a moment, her brow furrowing. “I guess…” She sighs softly, smiling a bit. “Wanna get dinner later?” 

“I suppose so,” Trini grins, standing on her toes to press their lips together. 

“It’s about time,”  

Send me prompts?

Pluto in houses 4 - 12

Pluto in the fourth house

At the deepest roots of their life Pluto will be cleansing and transforming in the sphere of family relations and sense of belonging. The fourth house is closely connected with our deepest self, psychological roots and feeling of protection. 

Those born with Pluto in the 4th house may have experienced something dramatic in the family home, and whatever it was it can sometimes make them feel isolated and rootless. Perhaps there was much that was hidden or secret in their childhood, and this has changed them indefinitely.

According to modern astrology the fourth house rules the father, and everything we inherit from our immediate family. Pluto in the 4th house can show early intimidation, and the father may appear threatening to the child, even if his behavior has unwarranted this powerful reaction. On the other hand, the father may have had a profound affect on the individual growing up, and his absence leaves psychological wounds. Another possibility is that he had difficulty in expressing his emotions, suffered from deep depression, and so when he erupted the violence of his reactions frighten a young child. The father may have been over-demanding, over-controlling, over-protective or jealous.

The 4th house can also signify the death of one of the parents, or actual abandonment. Sometimes the death of a family member has effected the child deeply. The parents may have been struggling to come to terms with a significant loss. The family may have broken up, lost its home, suffered bankruptcy, etc. Pluto in the 4th house is deeply private and secretive about their home life. One of the best outlets for this placement is to “dig up” the family history, and explore old secrets. The complexes and traumas formed in early childhood, if unresolved, often seethe below the level of conscious awareness, and the individual carries a hefty weight of grief and resentment over old hurts 

The individual might want to cut off their feelings altogether, it may feel as if something dangerous underneath threatens to overwhelm them. Pluto in the 4th house represents heavy emotional baggage, which must be explored and healed. There may have even been something considered taboo about their roots and parentage, and the family might have been persecuted in the past. A parents paranoia, obsessive behavior or depressive moods, may have permeated the environment.This can all affect how you feel about family and living at home.

When Pluto is placed in the house of the home, they may want to relocate, emigrate, utterly reinvent where they are living, or build a new place to live. This will usually happen when they feel they have outgrown phase of their life.Sometimes forces beyond their control part them with their past, but they will discover a renewed sense of belonging and transform in the process. Pluto in the 4th house may be involved with tearing down old homes and rebuilding them. The home might have been badly damaged and in need of repair. The situation often forces them to tap into their inner resources.

Pluto in the fifth house

With Pluto in the 5th house there is a powerful urge to express creativity, and art may be pursued with obsessive passion. Artwork and hobbies are expressed with drama, intensity and even heaviness. Creative gifts may be out of the ordinary and have a profound effect on others. Those with Pluto here have strong creative forces in whatever they do, and they want to do it to the fullest, they get totally, passionately and even obsessively involved.

However, these people may have to confront psychological blocks and  re-examine early childhood and see what type of encouragement was received and how others responded to their taste for drama. The labour of creating something can be a long and painful process until they face whatever complexes are rooted in the 5th house. Still, their desire for personal recognition is compelling, and if they do not achieve personal success they may try to force their children  to fulfill their desires for them.

Pluto in the 5th house is over-protective of loved ones and children, and they share a deep and loving bond. Sometimes there is over-possessiveness and smothering. The birth of a child can completely transform their life. The eldest child may undergo a crisis of some kind, or their personality is strongly Plutonian. Astrologer Sue Tompkins says:

A deep desire to have children can be indicated with this placement, which can also sometimes be indicative of miscarriages and abortions if other factors in the horoscope concur. Occasionally it equates with putting a child up for adoption.

 Love affairs are often consuming and emotionally exhausting and they may become obsessed, fixated and jealous of a lover. Pluto in the 5th house is popularly known amongst astrologers as the “fatal attraction” position, and it sometimes indicates a secret or hidden affair. The individual may fall in love with someone who is passionate, jealous, domineering or emotionally turbulent. Pluto here is not likely to take the affairs of the heart lightly and each romance is seen as some kind of fate. Pluto in the 5th house may also indicate a hidden need for love, flattery and attention.

They can act as natural leaders and pioneers, and objectively understand how to guide individual development and actualization of those they touch. The other day I was watching several children play. They were all four and five year olds. At one point an eighteen month old baby wandered by these children. This little girl had a tremendously powerful aura. All the four and five year old children stopped what they were doing and began to follow her. Mesmerized they simply fell in line with this child. After watching this scene I asked the mother for her birth data. As it turned out, the little one had Pluto conjunct Saturn in the 5th house. This intrinsic leadership capacity created an almost Pied-Piper - like effect upon the four and five year olds even though she was only eighteen months old. Jeff Green

There is often a burning desire within to create and sexuality can be intense. A powerful sense of self-importance may be present, alternatively they hide their creativity and sense of specialness. Sometimes art is created in reaction to a trauma, conflict and upheaval. The creative self-expression is used as a healing tool.

Pluto in the sixth house

Those with Pluto in the 6th house can have an obsession with routine and ritual. The 6th house rules over our day-to-day routine of life. The 6th house also describes how we get along with our co-workers and the people we are serving and who serve us. People with this placement of Pluto may possibly have power-struggles in the place of work, and sometimes the individual gives the impression of being threatening, intimidating and hostile to other people. 

Instead those at work bully or threaten this person, and betrayal, treachery, jealousy, bitchiness and intrigue is not uncommon. This position of Pluto does not react well to criticism at work and they can also be ruthless with others on the job. Alternatively, they may be over-zealous in their work practices, powerful and efficient in routine and executing the job the right-way. Pluto can transform work conditions, lifestyle and routine, and the individual has tremendous organizational capability, excelling at  precision work.

These people can be a dynamo at work and have laser-like focus on what needs to be done within a schedule. Pluto in the 6th house desires and ensures that the job gets done right and they are passionate in the workplace, no one is more loyal, committed and dedicated to service. Furthermore, there is also a need to make sweeping changes in the office, factory or workshop.

In some cases the work is Plutonian by nature: Psychology, healing, detective, investigation, research, mortician and so forth. In addition, there is also the tendency towards obsession with work and some individuals function like workaholics. Pluto here may be over-consumed with the minor details and tend to over-analyse problems to death. 

The work-life may go through cycles of change and they may stay in a job for years, until fate pushes them in a completely new direction. Sometimes there can be losses at work, or conditions beyond their control. Losing a job can have a serious psychological impact. Pluto here is invested, driven and compulsive in their work. Wherever Pluto is placed is where the individual may have to face a life and death struggle, and so crisis at work, health troubles or pet matters may be areas of concern.

Persons with Pluto in the 6th house can explore the functions of the mind and body in all-encompassing depth, complexity and penetration. This placement can indicate the eruption of health problems, and therefore the whole diet, regime and lifestyle will need an over-haul. The body needs to get rid of bodily toxins and poisons. For example, Demi Moore has Pluto in the 6th house and this woman is into dangerous detox diets and exercise. Pluto in 6th house diets are severe, and the body survives on minute quantities of food. Sometimes there are major control issues with the body. The person tries various rebuilding techniques, and there often a tremendous amount of effort put into self-improvement.

Pluto in the seventh house

Those with Pluto in the 7th housewill find that partnerships are the catalyst or agents for personal transformation and change. It is the area of relationships that plunge them into deep emotional complexes, testing the depth of their unions, and building and rebuilding contacts with others.

Wherever Pluto is placed in the chart is where we are emotionally wounded, and so when Pluto is placed in the 7th house it is our dealing with others where we find eruptions, blow ups and upheaval. Any problems with a partner will tend to simmer and seethe under the surface, and since Pluto is the planet of extremes, these people are learning to relate in a balanced and cooperative way.

The issue of who holds the power in the relationship is brought into sharp focus, and this may require a complete breakdown and rebuilding of the relationship. Pluto here can indicate power struggles with business partners or those involved in joint projects. The person can also form alliances with powerful people, and these individuals often have a tremendous impact on their future.

Relationships will never stay the same and they encounter people with enormous emotion, passion and vulnerability. Often these people believe that they have met their soul mate and that he or she has known this person in former lives. According to past life astrologers the individual has chosen to empower themselves in relationships this lifetime by overcoming the same emotionally abusive relationships that controlled them in a previous life.

The person may feel haunted by all past relationships and so resentment, guilt and feelings of persecution at the hands of others needs to be healed. Empowering themselves in relationships is the key to understanding their evolutionary development. Many people with Pluto in the 7th house are here to empower others and make very good counsellors, healers and agents for change.

The proclivity for destruction exists in the area of relating and Pluto stirs deep feelings in this house. The potential for treachery, betrayal, secrecy, jealousy, abuse and severe trust issues in relationships may threaten the strength of any bond. The people they get involved with will often mirror back the shadowy parts of themselves that have not been allowed full consciousness.

Pluto here can have difficulty trusting a partner and feeling safe in a union, and these people are working on exposing all issues within the relationship and healing them. There can be divorce or the loss of a partner through death, and it can become the single obsession of their lives. Similarly, they may fear the loss of a partner and attempt to control and dominate the relationship. There can be difficulty in letting go of a partner, and their own destiny is so tightly wound with him or her that to lose them would feel like a death.

Some Pluto in 7th house people have helped a partner through a terminal condition, depression or mental illness and there is usually a fated feeling about relationships. The partner is sometimes emotionally troubled and involved in criminal and underground activities. Conversely, the partner has a Plutonian vocation, and perhaps they work in the police force, psychology, or healing practices.

Pluto in the eighth house

Those with Pluto in the 8th house possess the power to drastically change the lives of others. Pluto is placed in a very powerful and dominant position, but when its natural energies are obstructed it can lead to a build-up of repressed desires, which burst through consciousness, and all hell breaks loose.

Many astrologers believe that when Pluto is placed in the 8th house of the horoscope the individual will experience at least one major life change. Pluto can plunge the native into the intensity of the underworld through a connection with profound issues such as sex, death, power and survival.

With all planets in the 8th house the individual needs to seek empowerment, which refers to the acquisition of power rather than wielding it over others. Additionally, ignoring such powerful intense desires will leave the soul feeling powerless, frightened and overwhelmed. 

Partnerships may involve power-struggles, physical or emotional violence or the breaking of taboos. Some have a propensity for troubled relationships, and it involves long-drawn out conflict over inheritance, sex, business deals and divorce settlements. Relationships can be damaged as a result, and we can recognize this pattern in many couples with silent stand-offs, withdrawal, ambivalence, distrust, anger, blame and an emotional tug of war.

When a relationship has a power-struggle brewing underneath, and the two people begin to test the waters (8th), each partner sheds their inhibitions and lets their real self-emerge. Pluto in the 8th house describes this exchange of intensity and pronounces the desire to transform relationships, and so intense engagement doesn’t have to threaten a relationship, it can help it grow, develop and heal.

The problems arising in the present are often fuelled by the unconscious, and the 8th house represents our psychic inheritance. The family demons may include: death, abuse, emotional manipulation, nasty parental divorce, violence, suicide or mental illness. According to Jungian astrology many 8th house people are born to be the “curse breaker” of the family. Indeed, if the individual can wield such power, they can also bring profound healing. They have a talent for transforming, and their strong will power often equates with an all or nothing attitude.

Pluto in the 8th house can have a compulsive fascination with death and some have an unconscious death wish. Eighth house people are intensely probing and are often interested in dark subjects like the occult, psychology and unsolved mysteries. Inner growth may be a lifelong interest. Pluto here may also have strong psychic powers, and this placement gives the individual added insights.

Pluto here also indicates research ability and the person is willing to dig deep and they may also possess a secretive nature. Issues of life and death may consume them, and the individual  may be able to assist those who are emotionally or mentally disturbed.

Pluto in the ninth house

Those with Pluto in the 9th house may go through a philosophical overhaul and dramatic crisis in life come as a result of belief systems. They may be fascinated with alchemy, archaeology, pre-history, magic, or the occult. This is also an excellent placement for anyone involved in psychology, research and things of an investigative nature. The image of God is characterised by deep, personal experience of transformation. The individual holds the belief that knowledge is power, and they are keen on studying, and there is a feeling that one must root out this knowledge for themselves. 

Pluto will tear everything apart until it finds the hidden meaning. Higher education may have a profound impact on the individual for one reason or another, and they could dramatically switch courses. They are often insatiable to find answers to some of life’s bigger questions, and need to understand the laws and patterns which govern life. Pluto in the 9th house desperately needs to find some meaning in their lives, it’s as if their very survival depends on understanding the world at large. 

Much will depend upon the nature of the ideology they adopt, and at the extreme level they may be a religious fanatic, or a revolutionary attempting to force their worldview on others. Similarly they may also feel persecuted for what they believe, and philosophies are torn down and restructured. Some feel betrayed by the belief system they have followed, and the collapse and deep loss of faith can be overwhelming. The way the individual views and perceives life will undergo major adjustments, and they might even have to face some form of prejudice – either from groups or mainstream society. 

There is an intensive struggle for the deeper truths in life, and travelling to places may involve some kind of trauma, crisis or death. Moreover the individual may feel dramatically transformed while travelling and experiencing different cultures. Pluto’s position in the 9th house brings feelings of rootlessness so that the view of life or religion has to be looked for elsewhere. The search for a new vision may become obsessive, and for some there is a deep dislike of hypocrisy. The higher mind goes through periodic purges and at certain points in their lives they follow a course of study, religion or philosophy with conviction. 

Pluto in the 9th house wants to discover the meaning of the universe, and they can be adept at understanding the deeper aspects of education, teaching and travelling. The 9th house is also related to the higher courts and legal battles are long drawn out and painful. Sometimes there are even some disputes with the in-laws. There will be times in their lives that they passionately crusade something they deem noble and important. The individual can be instrumental in bringing about change in areas of higher learning, religion, or other studies, and radically alter their own perspective in the process.

Pluto in the tenth house

Those with Pluto in the 10th house have their compulsive nature focused on worldly ambitions, and expression of authority. They are likely to find themselves in positions of power and there is an insatiable drive towards success. The individual has a strong striving for impact and influence in society, and may be completely obsessed with their calling in life. They can become consumed by their career and their need for professional success is always intensified.

Pluto here has tremendous determination and great organisation skills. Some work in Plutonian areas like psychology, mining, healing, investigating, or business, but usually one deals with the issue of power, and sometimes the individual seeks to expose the establishment, and this placement can indicate a troubling relationship with authority figures. Those with Pluto in the 10th house may face humiliating experiences at the hands of those in power. Sometimes there is a distrust of those in authority, and Pluto in the 10th house needs to periodically tear down structures and rebuild them. In some cases this may mean leaving an established career, and embarking on a radically different one. They may be subject to career upheavals, public disgrace, have their reputation destroyed, or see the destruction of their career. 

The individual may face forced redundancy, complete takeover, or witness a business collapsing. Sometimes they can no longer tolerate their career and don’t feel as if they are passionately engaged anymore. However, even in all of these cases the person has the ability to regenerate their career and vocation, pick up the pieces and start all over again.

Negatively the shadowy side of Pluto may enter their career and the individual may be ruthless, manipulative, secretive and underhanded in business. However, for most people they are challenged to learn how to use the right amount of assertiveness to avoid power-struggles when they reach the top. Pluto’s position in any of the houses shows the use and abuse of power, and when Pluto is in the 10th house they are very sensitive to the issue of control.

Pluto in this position may have grown up with a dominant parent, and viewed them as oppressive or controlling. Whatever the case, the parent wields an enormous amount of power in the family. Similarly they may view them as dark, possessive and threatening. In reality the parent may not be this way at all, and she may have struggled successfully with some crisis or trauma, but the individual may feel sensitive and vulnerable in their presence. Sometimes it can mean the death of parent or early emotional problems.

Pluto in the 10th house may be responsible for transforming society and tearing down old systems that have become outworn and out-dated. The individual also lets nothing stand in the way of their ambition, and they want to remake and change the world in some significant way.

Pluto in the eleventh house 
Those with Pluto in the 11th house may find intense emotional experiences through groups, friendships, and society at large. The death or loss of friends can affect these people deeply. A crisis of some kind could lead these individuals to take up a cause, and fight for social change in some area.

The individual may wish to transform society to knock it down and rebuild it from scratch. These people can display extraordinary passion towards groups of people, social ideals and movements. The forming of any of these alliances creates profound and life-altering change in the individual. People they acquaint with are the catalysts for growth.

The individuals they meet have an affect on the life for a very long time. It may not be easy to shake off the experiences he or she has with groups, friends and alliances. They may form life-changing relationships, but they are also likely to be fuelled with drama at times. Some of these people feel very uncomfortable in group situations, and they can become paranoid in crowds of people. The individual is quite aware of the darker thoughts and feelings of any group.

Those with Pluto here might find themselves resentful, jealous and mistrustful of friends. The need to control and dominate a group may also be a problem, and they find themselves feeling disturbed, isolated and deeply impacted within social networks of people. The Pluto in 11th house soul also feels that these activities can become demanding and overwhelming on his or her life.

Wherever Pluto is placed there is always that feeling that fate, destiny or karma is at work. With Pluto in the 11th house a compulsive relationship with a friend and the extremes of emotion experienced with this person could be one theme repeating in their life. Those with Pluto here will fight tooth and nail for friends.  Some friendships may prove difficult and they may cause problems through sexual tensions, violence abuse, blackmail and dangerous power struggles.

A mistrust of others often develops, but with Pluto we first view the dark side of a situation and so come across some unethical predicaments. The feeling of powerlessness and helplessness with deep-reaching transformations is another possibility and this usually happens through groups, charities and memberships involving large organizations.

This placement is often associated with replacing one group of associates with another, so that they form a whole new group. It can also bring bring deep, rewarding and powerfully loyal relationships, and the individual may be interested in scientific or humanitarian pursuits, and the repression of freedom could be a powerful issue raised.

Pluto in the twelfth house

Those with Pluto in the 12th house have a deep interest in secrets, the unconscious, and anything mysterious. Psychoanalysis, investigating dreams and other methods of uncovering mysteries are interesting to them. They may be exceptionally perceptive intuitively or psychically.

Stephen Arroyo: Astrology Karma and Transformation points out that the twelfth house reveals influences beyond our conscious control. Planets here symbolize forces which often overwhelm us.

Therefore the individual born with Pluto in the twelfth house sphere has the challenge of not feeling overwhelmed by the collective shadow of suffering, sadness and grief. Pluto in the 12th house has unfathomable and complex emotional guilt and feelings of persecution, and it is not unlikely for this individual to take on the role of family scapegoat. Frequently there is a dark history of abuse, brutality, or violence, and the individual senses that there is something shadowy lurking in the background.

Pluto is working on transforming the collective shadow, and the task is to bring those repressed parts that are weak and undeveloped into full awareness so that they are faced and integrated into the personality. Blocked energy in the unconscious can be released through therapy, self-analysis and dream-work. The depths of the subconscious are explored, and there may be a powerful urge to study psychology or another avenue that explores the unconscious realms of the human psyche.

Pluto in the 12th house possesses a psychic sensitivity to the hidden lives of others. Sue Tompkins says this placement is like a psychic refuse bin, and they absorb the negativity around them; all the unexpressed grief and fears that others conceal behind a happy face. Problematic areas relating to the 12th house are unseen health problems, addictions, excessive escapism, and an overwhelming feeling of powerlessness.

Pluto is sensitive to what is dark and destructive in society. Self-destructive, suicidal, paranoid and destructive fantasies leave the individual feeling helpless and unable to prevent something bad from happening. Yet, this is also a frequent placement in the charts of those who work in mental health, crisis situations, counselling, and crime prevention. 

There is a deep need to do something for humanity that will benefit others and themselves. Pluto in the 12th house possesses a deep reservoir of healing power, regenerative ability, capability and strength in the face of unimaginable terror. The person can go through sustained periods of inner growth and periodic transformations and personal crisis are experienced liberally throughout their lifetime.

Common characteristics of Pluto in the twelfth house include: being deeply private, not what they seem as interpreted in other’s eyes, deeply sensitive; taking things to heart; being amazingly shy at a core level; being ultra-emotional; although you may not know it, they can be extremely giving in a silent way; having many deep and unresolved fears, and aura of dreaminess, and powerful dreams or never any dreams because of exhaustion; being naturally psychic. By Jeff Green


The fact that a girl who wants to have her tubes tied has to go to counseling regarding her mental health is beyond fucked up. Seriously it’s the 21st century, not every woman desires to have children. Having no desire to have kids DOES NOT represent her mental health.

mostlyjovial  asked:

And I didn't have room to add this, but if the other side of that child going to be around, I feel they should have some say in the matter, its their's as well.

2 / 2

i appreciate your curiosity and question.

there are several reasons a woman would get an abortion. (keep in mind “get” and “want” are two different things and that I chose not to use “want” there)

1. she can’t afford the expenses of a child
2. she could have been raped
3. she is a child herself (a.k.a too young or immature to care for another human being)
4. her body, her choice
5. she has a poor relationship with her own parents which could lead to fear of being a parent
6. she has too many kids already
7. she could be in bad health
8. she worries about having or doesn’t have support (emotional, physical, financial) from the father
9. depending on circumstances, she could be endangering her own life if she goes through with a pregnancy
10. she doesn’t want the physical aftermath on her body
11. she didn’t want a child (and honestly, do you want to make a woman who doesn’t want her baby, have a baby? if not for the sake of the mother, imagine the emotional toll this could have on a kid feeling unwanted and unloved)

it’s important to keep in mind that just because a woman has sex, doesn’t mean she wants children, the same way men can want sex and not desire children. yes, sex has its consequences and the possibility of children is one of them (as well as STDs and UTIs) and these should always be kept in mind. but there’s nothing wrong with casual sex (but please let it also be protected sex). accidents happen.

I understand the opinion that if someone has sex, knowing what could happen, they should have to carry out a child because “they did that to themselves” and should “deal with the consequences”. however, they didn’t do it PURPOSELY to themselves, and in any situation, a kid shouldn’t be a punishment. that’s a lifelong ordeal that isn’t fair to the parents or child if it’s considered a burden.

yes, adoption centers exist and are an alternative, but there are more than 101,000 children waiting to be adopted in the U.S, and this number is only increasing.

(this is unrelated but related) it’s also important to mention that taking away our birth control and making it optional for insurances isn’t going to help abortion rates go down for all of you that care about that! it’s just going to make them increase! and making abortion illegal is only going to make abortions unsafe for children and parents because if they can’t be done legally, they’ll opt for being done illegally!! please acknowledge this!!

what I’ve learned about a lot of pro-lifers is that they aren’t actually pro-life. they’re pro-birth. not all, but a lot of the same people saying “abortion is wrong” and “don’t do that” are the same people who complain about having to pay taxes that go into other people’s children. if you’re going to guilt or force a woman into carrying through with her pregnancy when she can’t afford it, you’re going to assist in the payments, since you are pro-life, after all.

and for anyone who doesn’t know, just because someone is pro-choice doesn’t mean they love abortions. that’s why it isn’t called pro-abortion: it just means they believe a woman can make her own choice concerning her and is entitled to that as a human being.

your point about the father having a say is a good one that I agree with: the father should have say since he’s part of the equation. ideally, the mother and father probably should talk seriously about what they want and can do and reach a consensus together. but ultimately, I feel the decision lies in the woman’s hands since she would be the carrier for 9 months and dealing with the effects of pregnancy. a good solution to this kind of dilemma would be figuring out how to transfer the pregnancy and let the man carry it. it’s impossible, but how does that sound for a solution? :D

anyway, I don’t think women ever just want an abortion. they don’t have sex and get pregnant so they can get an abortion. there’s not malicious intent behind them, it’s just a solution.

apologies for the messy, untransitional layout of this. i was just trying to get some messages across.

hope you have a good day, and please don’t take this as me trying to sway your mindset. im just explaining and answering your question (but again, apologies if it seemed like I’m trying to shove this down your throat).

An Armenian girl holds two pomegranates. Photographed by Atelier Marashlyan.

Through out the Caucasus the pomegranate is a symbol of happiness, abundance, and prosperity. In Armenia the fruit was traditionally used as a talisman against the evil eye and by women as a charm against infertility. In the past Armenian brides would throw the pomegranates against a wall in order to break them into pieces, the scattered seeds represented the copious amount of children the couple desired to have in the future. 

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You mentioned somewhere that Arya has an association with swans, can you tell more about that?

So glad you asked!  The obvious first association is the “ugly duckling” theme in her story.  Now Arya is not truly ugly, she’s just nonconforming to patriarchal standards of femininity; nonetheless, it’s a source of pain and insecurity in her life.  There’s plenty of signs that Arya is growing up into a beauty all her own.  According to Ned she definitely resembles her aunt Lyanna who was regarded as a “wild beauty” in her mid-teens, but Arya is only 9 at the start which is usually the awkward pre-teen stage for many people.  

Lady Smallwood gave her the dress with the acorns on the bodice (over her heart) and will call her pretty while she is wearing her son’s clothes.  Gendry will say she looks like a “nice oak tree” while wearing the acorn dress.  While Arya may struggle with believing people when they call her pretty, she does remember the people that do.  Not that growing up to be beautiful is the most important thing for Arya, but it is nice when people recognize her as such.  So the “ugly duckling” will grow into a beautiful swan.

There’s also the style of Braavosi swordplay she learns from Syrio Forel called “water dancing.”  It’s the perfect style suited to Arya’s build, her speed and agility, and her little sword, Needle.  Syrio has her practicing balancing on her toes.  Is that not like a ballet dancer?   

The swordsmanship of the bravos of the Secret City is as famed as the beauty of her courtesans. Largely unarmored, and wielding slender pointed blades far lighter than the longswords of the Seven Kingdoms, these warriors of the streets practice a swift, deadly style of fighting. The greatest bravos call themselves water dancers, given the custom of dueling upon the Moon Pool near the Sealord’s Palace; it is claimed that true water dancers can fight and kill upon the pool’s surface without disturbing the water itself.        

Water dancers are as graceful upon the water (like swans) as they are deadly.  Arya is training to become a bravo and what is Braavos known for?  Deadly swordsmanship and beautiful courtesans.  Hold on to that connection with the courtesans, because we’ll get to that in a moment.  Swans may be beautiful and graceful, but they can mess you up pretty bad too!  

Originally posted by hobolunchbox

And it gets even richer with the swan references later on.  Readers may find some of these themes problematic and there are TWOW “Mercy” sample spoilders, so you have been warned.

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Pluto in the 5th House

Pluto is one of the most complex planets in astrology. It represents the emotional darkness within us, trauma, things we kept repressed, regeneration, empowerment, fear, transformation, rebirth. It has been labeled as a dark malefic planet, one capable of great damage and destruction since it’s discovery and use in modern astrology. Isabel Hickey describes Pluto as possessing a dual nature; “If he so chooses man can use the line of least resistance and bring himself destruction and misery. When dealing with this most powerful radiation with wisdom and reason, the Minerva aspect of Pluto is in evidence, and the end result is a big step forward for mankind.” Pluto operates on a soul level, the core of our being, and only functions on raw and true emotions. It is representative of the emotions and things we do not want to deal with, for they are too painful for us right now, is what we would say. Pluto hurts us first, bringing forth transformation within the self, and causes metaphorical death of the individual, a rebirth of the self, shedding anew into a being more powerful, wise, and experienced for the world again. In great contrast, the fifth house is the house ruled by Leo - the sign of self will, creativity, romance. The fifth house rules these as well; casual relationships, children, self expression, sex (not to be confused with the 8th house of [intimate] sex, for the fifth house is not intimate on such a soul level), romance, hobbies, interests, attraction, what brings us pleasure/happiness/joy. The fifth house is where we go when we’re enjoying ourselves and letting the self create, indulge in flings and be free.

Any planet in the fifth house is directly tied into the self expression of the chart holder. Some astrologers have compared it to that planet being conjunct the natal sun, because it is so tightly incorporated into the chart holder’s life. We bring our Self into everything we do, and the fifth house doesn’t work without the planet inside of it, it’s always being put to use. Pluto here adds a very magnetic twist to such a sunny house. Those with Pluto in the fifth house, darkness covering the light of the sun, an eclipse is formed. The seriousness of Pluto can overpower the desires of the fifth house; the chart holder may struggle by taking themselves and their loves too seriously, backfiring on themselves creating a struggle to even want to be creative at all. There can be compulsive and ritualistic tendencies when it comes to Pluto due to it’s obsessive nature. Pluto rules our repressed fears and hidden desires; there can be a fear of other’s taking credit for their own work/interests, or of those that are able to easily go after what they desire. There can be much up-tightness with this placement for the chart holder.

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