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Merchandise  "In Nightmare Room" (Children of Desire LP, Katorga Works 2012)

This reminds me of at least three best-selling acts of the eighties, playing all at once. Whatever’s happening, it’s giving me the shivers. (‘Become Who You Are’ is too long.) Murky post punk from Florida; this album came out last week and you can trade money or bandwidth for it here.

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Time - Merchandise.

Time has bested me again
I keep trying but I can’t win
Tell me father, where you’ve been?
I’m alone, but used to it

But when I was a boy
I would have nightmares in the day
While the adults were busy sleeping
and pretend to be awake

So I took a lover, oh yeah
just to kill some time
she always loves to leave me hanging out to dry
if you’re feeling lonesome baby I’ll be your best friend
but don’t expect to call me
if you need a hand

Oh I fell in love again
the kind that’s like quicksand
I guess I didn’t understand
I just like to lose my head

Oh I guess I made the same mistake
by opening my heart
I’m really just an animal
made with human parts

We’re still young baby, but we’re getting old
I can’t sleep in this bed with you anymore
I know your body and I miss it like your voice

But I’m leaving girl
so you’ve got
no choice




I was in love and I had to leave it. It was someone who I loved but didn’t trust any more. I thought to myself, if only we were older… like the Beach Boys, wouldn’t it be nice? This person that I thought was the love of my life ended up being the love of my youth. And I don’t think there’s anything wrong with letting that go. If only I could have known you at a different time, maybe this wouldn’t have happened.  - Carson Cox


Neu video for Merchandise - In Nightmare Room.


“The music started
I realized it was all a lie
The guitars were ringing out
Last year’s punk

No I couldn’t bear the burden
So I threw it all away
I left my home and all my friends behind

Oh make me young again
I found a way to mend this broken heart
But it don’t want me there singing about love anymore
It just wants to sleep out in the park

But it don’t really matter what I say
You’re just going to twist it anyway
Do you even listen to my words?
You just want to memorize the chords

I’m alone again because
All I really want’s the truth
It’s so rare to find that anywhere these days

An honest arrow caught my shoulder
in a sea of New York curves
I’ll try to play the part of celebrity

Oh it’s a headache
To walk that way
I was dressed up in all the wrong clothes
Oh do you remember, what you were last year?
Do you remember your former roles?

But it don’t seem to matter who I am 
No one seems to want to understand that
I’m my mother’s son 
I’m a rolling stone
I don’t want anything 
I have to own”

Finally decoded all the lyrics.