Genius Furniture Hacks That Will Make Your Child’s Bedroom 10 Times Better

Jazzing up your little one’s bedroom, playroom or nursery doesn’t have to be expensive. By making some simple tweaks to items you probably already own, you can make his or her space look a whole lot more exciting (and appealing) - without spending much at all. 

Turn A Shelving Unit Into A Dollhouse

Clever, right? [Photo: Zowieso]

Use Coat Hooks To Jazz Up A Wall

As well as looking fun, these hooks can be used to hang up all of your tot’s clothes. [Photo: Pinterest]

Pop A Cot Into The Space Under Your Child’s Bunkbed

Maybe it’s an old cot you don’t want to throw away or you’re lacking in room for a new arrival, either way it’s a great use of spare space. [Photo: Apartment Therapy]

Revamp A Lampshade With Stickers

Paper lampshades like this one cost next to nothing, but aren’t the most exciting additions to a room. Cover it with colourful stickers to take it to the next level. [Photo: Pinterest]

Turn An IKEA Trolley Into A Changing Unit

It’s the perfect size to store all of your tot’s creams, ointments and nappies - and can be wheeled from room to room. [Photo: Pinterest]

Use A Shelving Unit To Build A Wardrobe

You don’t need a full-on wardrobe for your tiny tot. Instead position one shelving unit between a couple of clothes rails for a simple storage solution. [Photo: Pinterest]

Turn A Dresser Into A Changing Table

There’s no point in buying an actual changing table for your baby when you can simply turn a dresser into one. Decorate it with tape to give it a simple facelift. [Photo: Pinterest]

Use A Pan Rack As A Small Clothes Rail

A kitchen rack will look super cute as a hanging wardrobe for your tot. [Photo: Pinterest]

Build A Dressing Table Using Just A Shelf

All you need is a shelf, mirror and a stool. [Photo:]

Turn Step Stools Into Fun Chairs

Use wallpaper or paint to make wooden step stools look way more exciting. [Photo: This Little Street]

Upcycle Spice Racks Into Mini Bookshelves

Spice racks are the perfect way to display all your little one’s library. [Photo: Supergail]

Or Use A Plate Rack

This idea’s just as effective. [Photo: Mum’s Grapevine]

Turn An End Table Into A Dollhouse

This would make a fun DIY project one weekend - so long as you’re a dab hand with a paint brush. [Photo: Pinterest]

Cover A Table Top In Chalkboard Paint

It makes the ultimate doodle space. [Photo:]

Make These Awesome Shop From A Shelving Unit

Now this would be one brilliant present. [Photo: Pinterest]