the class finding out
  • Class:*talking about Ladybug*
  • Kim:she's kinda hot tho
  • Adrien:woah hold on man, she's mine don't yo-
  • Adrien:I-I mean, yeah...
  • Nathaniël:she kinda looks like Marinette...
  • Alya:pft! as if...
  • Alya:oh you're right.
  • Everyone:*looking at Marinette*
  • Adrien:*whispering* only one way to find out
  • Adrien:you look purrfect-
  • Adrien:so you're-
  • Adrien:oh, wait... shit.
  • Marinette:...did you just-
  • Class:oh.

Ai Weiwei is a Beijing based artist who works with multiple mediums. 

Monstrous yet delicate paper sculptures of imaginary beasts have taken up residence at Paris’ Le Bon Marché rive gauche department store, in the latest installation project by the artist. The long enduring bamboo figures suspended throughout the shopping mall, symbolize the mythological creatures of epic Chinese tales for children that pre-date 2000 years back.

Using the same technique applied to making kites by constructing them with lightweight silk and thin bamboo skeletons, Weiwei’s storytelling of art movement, classic and contemporary occurrences, and a narration of Chinese myths and fairytales take flight in the long corridors. The simple and functional design of the artist’s chosen avenue of expression make his figures simple, functional and more engaging for his spectators.

Ai Weiwei explains his expansive installation, “ showing at Le Bon Marché is using a new medium, the department store, to encounter a new audience as broad as a museum’s. Introducing the fantastic idea within a retail space strikes the imagination of customers, visitors and passersby. We all lead parallel lives in this other world of dreams, fantasies and fears. We must learn to coexist with them, as they are an integral part of our humanity; to embrace our mythology. Children know how to do this naturally. This exhibition speaks to our inner child.’

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Fairytale Creation Without Photoshop by Katerina Plotnikova

Russian photographer Katerina Plotnikova (see the previous post), specializes in creating images that seem plucked straight from a children’s fairy tale. In her digital fantasy world, hauntingly beautiful women live side by side with wild beasts in the middle of the woods. The young photographer just continues to impress with her depictions of a surreal wonderland where a woman and animal commune in harmony. Check out her 500px profile.

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The Green Fairy Book, edited by Andrew Lang.
Illustrated by Henri Justice Ford.
Longmans, Green & Co,
39, Paternoster Row, London.

Jorinde and Joringel

‘My little bird with throat so red
Sings sorrow, sorrow, sorrow ;
He sings to the little dove that’s dead,
Sings sorrow, sor - jug, jug, jug.´

Joringel looked up at Jorinde. She had been changed into a nightingale, who was singing ´jug, jug.´ A night-owl with glowing eyes flew three times round her, and screeched three times ´tu-whit, tu-whit, tu-whoo.’ Joringel could not stir ; he stood there like a stone ; he could not weep, or speak, or move hand or foot.

Algy had had quite enough of the outside world for the time being, and although the wind had died down for a wee while, there was nasty, cold sleet falling non-stop out of the dismally grey sky. So - as electriticy supplies had been restored to the local area - Algy asked his assistant if he could please spend the day in her cosy, warm house, and check the proof of the new colour paperback version of his latest book The Tree with a Golden Heart.

Some of Algy’s friends have received a complimentary greyscale copy of this paperback from the first test print run - that is, a paperback with small, black and white images at the head of each chapter. If you are one of those friends, and would like a copy with large colour pictures at the head of each chapter, please be sure to let Algy know! He will be very happy to send you one :)

All copies of the paperback edition of The Tree with a Golden Heart on sale at Amazon and other bookshops should be in colour.

You can preview the first chapter of the book on Algy’s own web site at, where you can also buy a signed copy direct from Algy :)

Telltale Games

Are like officialy my favorite kind of games. Yes there is lack of shooting and things like that, but WHOAAAH the story. Guys I am crying like 105% of the time while playing one of those. Gonna start to play the Game of Thrones one :) 

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La Reine des Neiges et quelques autres contes, par Hans Christian Andersen.
Illustrés par Edmond Dulac.
L'Édition d'Art
H. Piazza, Paris.

La petite sirène.

Bien loin, bien loin en plein Océan, l'eau de la mer est bleue comme la corolle des plus frais bluets et claire comme le plus pur cristal. Mais aussi elle est bien profonde ; aucune ancre n'en atteint le fond ; il faudrait, pour arriver à la surface, entasser les clochers de bien des cathédrales. Tout en bas habite le peuple marin.
Ne croyez pas qu'il n'y ait là que du sable gris ; là poussent les plantes, les végétaux les plus singuliers, aux branches et aux feuillages si souples, qu'à la moindre agitation de l'eau ils remuent et se meuvent comme s'ils étaient vivants. Les poissons, grands et petits, glissent où se reposent entre ces rameaux, comme sur terre les oiseaux parmi les arbres.
A l'endroit le plus profond se trouve le palais du roi de la mer ; les murailles sont en corail et les grandes fenêtres en ogive sont de l'ambre le plus transparent. La toiture se compose de beaux coquillages qui s'ouvrent et se ferment selon le courant ; dans chacun, une énorme perle du plus magnifique éclat, valant à elle seule tout l'écrin d'une reine.
Depuis plusieurs années le roi de la mer était veuf…

lackingstealth asked:

You did the weeb au/weeb reveal, which I ADORE, and so i thought you'd be a good person to ask. My experience with anime is limited mostly to shoujo and FMA, so what sorts of animes do you think Adrien would be into/what animes would he make a point to teach himself the themes on the piano/what would he want to share with Marinette? (This is for fanfic purposes, btw. Maybe fluff purposes. Maybe adrienette weekly saturday anime marathons in the agreste's personal theater purposes ;P)

Disclaimer: i have no idea what’s super new in the anime world for I am old lol, but here you go haha…also, this is going to be kinda long haha BUT I’M HAPPY TO HELP!  :)

Adrien, I think, would be really into so many different types of anime. However, I can see him being a weeb snob as well lol.

Here are some of his personal favorites: 

He’d like Attack on Titan fer sure. It’s gritty, it’s fun, and everyone loves the action. 

Good old Eureka Seven because I feel that he’d really like Renton because he’s this plucky kid who can do great things. Also, besides being a mech/fighting anime, he really likes the romance between Renton and Eureka!

Ouran High School Host Club–because really everyone, everyone watches this. 

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Colour Reissue of “The Tree with a Golden Heart” paperback

The first short print run of Algy’s new book “The Tree with a Golden Heart” was published with small greyscale illustrations. After much thought, Algy has decided that this really won’t do, and the paperback is therefore being reissued in colour, to match the first book “A Surprisingly Fluffy Bird”.

The colour version is not yet available to buy - Algy will let you know when it is ready :)  If you buy from a company like Amazon at present, you will still receive the greyscale version. The price will rise by £1 (GBP) when the book goes into colour.

If you have bought or received a greyscale copy and would prefer colour, please send Algy a message and he will see what he can do :)

If you have received a review copy in greyscale, please note that the illustrations will be in colour in all editions as soon as the reissue is printed and the greyscale version will no longer be available to buy.

Algy does still have some copies of the greyscale version for anyone who would like one - just send him a message. In the future this version will be a collector’s item, as fewer than 70 copies have been printed and distributed!

Any questions or comments?