Children of Húrin


Here I gathered very single quote relevant to the Petty-Dwarves from Tolkien’s works! The only comments I added where to give context on the quote, so this oughta be an opinion-free resource for those wanting to know more about what little we have on the Petty-Dwarves in the available canon and semi-canon sources.

The order that follows it: 

  1. The Silmarillion
  2. The Unfinished Tales
  3. The Children of Húrin
  4. The History of Middle Earth

If I have missed something or if there is anything wrong with the post, please inform me, it will be edited and added to the post body with due thanks for the collaboration :)

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Children of Húrin - Beleg Cuthalion -

The Tengwar says his name as well. And it is my best tengwar yet, so I’m very happy. I should try to write it more often!^^

Beleg is one of my favorite elves, though I might not show it as I have not drawn him properly before now. I must say that I am very happy with what I did here, though I really do need to scan it properly when I get home. This photo really doesnt do the shades any justice.

As Túrin’s companion, Tolkien once again show us the value of true friendship, and even after 100 years that message is as strong as it can be, especially in a society where we hardly give heed or respect to true friends, and everyone are connected and alone at the same time. I think we would all be lucky to have friendship, like between Turin and Beleg, the kind of friends that comes through and dont give up on each other no matter what.

My fancast for Beleg turned out, quite suddenly, to be Dave Franco, and here he is inspired by him. I used no direct reference on any of it, maybe most of all the forest, if anything. And I am quite pleased to say I might have cracked the code to make foliage, which I previously have not understood with pencils. So its fun to see development.

Let me know what you think, and I am always open for tolkien-based discussions of theories. So dont be shy!

Cheers, Iggy

Beleg © Tolkien Art © IngvildSchageArt (tumblr/IG/DA/Facebook)


For Turgon of the great House of Fingolfin was now by right King of all the Noldor; and Morgoth feared and hated the House of Fingolfin, because they had scorned him in Valinor and had the friendship of Ulmo his foe; and because of the wounds that Fingolfin gave him in battle. And most of all Morgoth feared Turgon, for of old in Valinor his eye had lighted on him, and whenever he drew near a dark shadow had fallen on his spirit, foreboding that in some time that yet lie hidden in doom, from Turgon ruin should come to him.  

The Children of Húrin, The Battle of Unnumbered Tears

Latest snap of my wip of Nienor, because I’m in love with this drawing but I can’t seem to finish it.. So for now I just work on her on and off as a background tension release for my other works ;) I really really Love her… What do you think?