8 Times Hillary Clinton Pushed Fake News
Hillary Clinton wants Congress to stop "fake news" -- after spending her political career promoting and defending herself with the exact same thing.

Hillary Clinton, the most corrupt and criminal politician to ever run for POTUS.

Je demande pardon aux enfants d'avoir dédié ce livre à une grande personne. J'ai une excuse sérieuse : cette grande personne est le meilleur ami que j'ai au monde. J'ai une autre excuse : cette grande personne peut tout comprendre, même les livres pour enfants. J'ai une troisième excuse : cette grande personne habite la France où elle a faim et froid. Elle a besoin d'être consolée. Si toutes ces excuses ne suffisent pas, je veux bien dédier ce livre à l'enfant qu'a été autrefois cette grande personne.
—  Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, Le Petit Prince.

“When people see me, they think I’m just another glue-sniffing addict, ignoring the fact that I’m also a human being. You’re the first person to ask me about my previous life.  I was a mechanic, and when things got rough, I turned to sniffing glue.  I guess I am weak and should have persevered. It’s not like I’ve love for it, but it makes me dream so beautifully. Even now, when I’m talking to you, I’m high as hell. I will get my act together, eventually but the surroundings make it damn so hard. If the government had a conscience to ban khat and drugs, then the young people wouldn’t look for it easily. Now, it doesn’t matter whether you chew or sniff glue, it’s up to you. I wish it weren’t ’t like that and the young people wouldn’t resort to something that’s so readily available. If you come across any kid that sniffs glue, don’t judge them too quickly and treat them like a subhuman. At least be kind.”


“Dadka markay i la kulmaan, waxay u maleeyaan inaan ahay mid nolosha ka dhacay oo balwad leh, ayagoo ixtraamin inaan ahay bini aadam. Ma ogtahay inaad tahay qofka ugu horeya wax wax iga weydiya nolosheydii hore. Waxaan ahaan jiray makaanik, laakiin xaaladda markey iga xumaatay baan balwad u wareegay oo xabagta ama koolada la dhuuqis baan bilaabay. Runti, iska daciif baan ahay oo inaan balwadda diido ahayd oo adkeysi badan muujiyo. Maysan dhicin. Anigana runti jecel badan uma haayo laakiin markaan bahalkaas dhuuqo, si wanaagsan baan u riyooda. Hadda xitaa anigoo kula hadlaya waan marqaansanahay. Insha’Allaah mar un waan ka bixi doona hadii aan xoogga saaro. Hadii dawladda ay xoogga saari lahayd iney mamnuucdo qaadka/jaadka iyo daroogada, wax badan is bedeli lahaa, dhalinyaro badana si fudud gacanta kuma dhigi lahaayeen. Hadda yaaba ka naxaya hadaad balwad leedahay ama noloshaada khatar gelineysid, waa adiga un. Waxaan jeclaan lahaa in xaaladdas wax badan laga bedelo oo dhalinyaradaan waxaas laga mamnuuco. Hadii aad aragtid cunug koolo afkiisa ku hayo, ha ku deg degin inaad si xun ula dhaqantid. Ugu yaraan naxariis muuji.”


HOWTO: Get tenure
A professor gives feedback on making a difference in academia

“I looked at my young son, cuddled in her arms. I saw his very existence hung in the balance between knowledge and ignorance.

Then it hit me: Life is too precious and too fleeting to waste my time on bullshit like tenure. I didn’t become a professor to get tenure. I became a professor to make the world better through science. From this day forward, I will spend my time on problems and solutions that will matter. I will make a difference.”

The Nonsense Poem

Imagine for a moment
If the world was topsy turvy
If down was up
And up was down
And straight lines were all curvy
What if birds forgot their wings
And 5 was really 2?
If woolly winter hats were shorts
And gloves were worn as shoes?
Imagine if we woke one day
To find things higgledy-piggled
Where all the clouds were candy striped
With gooey, fudgey middles?
If cows were teeny tiny
And dressed like acrobats
Instead of moos
They meowed and mewed
And purred like happy cats
Imagine if green was really pink
And yellow was truly blue
If dogs sounded like trumpets
And everything else we knew
Was downside out
And inside up
Roundabout and askew
What if grown ups grew into kids
And children wrote the rules?
There’d be no school (no maths!)
No showers or baths
But fizzy pop swimming pools
And perhaps we’d learn to walk on our hands
And make up funny words
Like squiffledop and nunklefish
And everything else absurd
It’s always best for us to keep
A place in our hearts and heads
For silly things that make no sense
As the wisest of wise have said
That nonsense is a pleasure
Which must always be treasured,
Whether spoken, in song, or read.

S. Hughes 2016

This is another revamped oc that I’ve had for years. 

Her name is Hazel. She showed up one day out of no where and no one knows why. She’s an autistic Korean girl, with selective mutism. She’s can control air, but no one quite knows how because no one quite knows what she is. Only that she’s incredibly powerful.

In addition to her hazy origins, the fact that such strong power has manifested in someone so young has raised some concerns.

Powers aside, she’s just like any other little girl. She’s very smart and sweet, her special interest is birds, and she lives with Moira and Winona.

a good surprise


Felt good today during the 10 mile run, better than expected, especially after a tired run yesterday, just don’t know how you’re going to feel from day to day sometimes.  Maybe the weather helped, it was cold but not as windy as yesterday, or maybe the inspiring playlist before the run.  Whatever it was, the run was easy and carefree along the parkway, alongside the Friday evening traffic anticipating the weekend.  Got a call from my son yesterday, he’s coming home for winter break earlier than expected, next weekend, his program is mostly final projects instead of final exams so he avoids finals week this semester.  Great news.