Obi-Wan and Anakin on crèche duty

1. At some point Obi-Wan tries to get the kids to do something (sleep? meditate?) and Anakin stages a ‘rebellion’

2. Obi-Wan gets his revenge by telling the kids that Anakin 'offered’ to go out and buy lunch for them all and then proceeds to help the kids 'negotiate’ their 'demands’

  • also consider bb!wan 'negotiating’ his clans 'demands’ to a younger Qui-Gon who’s being punished via crèche duty
  • maybe someone (a crèchemaster) sees situation #2 and talks about #2a
  • maybe that someone of #2b then goes on to talk about how fond Qui-Gon was of bb!wan and how Qui-Gon checked on bb!wan between missions and how they thought Qui-Gon was going to snatch bb!wan up as a Padawan as soon as Xanatos was knighted before, well…

3. Obi-Wan and Anakin during nap time under a pile of kids snuggling with them

4. Both of them trying to foist cleaning and bathroom duties onto the other

  • laughing when the other is forced into bathroom duty because a kid asks for their help specifically

5. Obi-Wan entertaining the kids (+Anakin)

  • Force games: Anakin tries playing and ends up breaking something
  • stories: Anakin keeps butting in to give his version of what happen 
  • crafts: Anakin’s prosthetic arm gets painted and Obi-Wan has paper flowers in his hair
  • singing: everyone loves it

6. Food Fight

  • just a food fight that Obi-Wan and Anakin get really into since they’re on opposite sides and want their 'side’ to win
  • them calling in the 212th and 501st as reinforcements
  • everyone ends up dragged before the council
Yang as a Baby
  • Tai: Oh, look at her little hands! Their just bigger than my thumb!
  • Raven: I would hope her hands are small. A small child with big hands would be odd.
  • Yang: *grabs hold of thumb*
  • Tai: Look, she's holding my thumb like a joystick!
  • Tai, waving his thumb around: Pew pew pew, pew, pew pew.
  • Raven: Well I can't wait for her first words to be 'pew'.

Hi everyone! 

Some peopel asking me why i dont draw More Hetalia Fan art the last time. Dont worry guys I draw :) I now working on one Hungary x Prussia Doujinshi just i now first Want to finish the Doujinshi complet and after i start to put up. I now just one cute Prussia and Hungary art I show you. I this art draw 3 years ago :D I hope you guys like this art.

If you like my works folowing me or reblonging my arts :)

anonymous asked:

Hello!!! First of all, I want to say that I love everything you do on this blog! I've been looking for two stories and I thought it would be okay to just put them in one (?) So the first, all I remember is they're together and H gets attacked then they go to an Italian restaurant and see one of the Patil twins who's a reporter. The second, Lucius and Narcissa use a spell to become kids to play with Dramione's child after disowning D. It was one of the first I read. Thank you so much!!!

Anyone know these two?

Also can you send in two asks for both fics instead of one next time?

Edit: Thanks  meiren-menglu!

The first fic is:

Title: Everything Changes
Author: inadaze22
Rating: M
Genre(s): Romance, Fluff, Humor
Chapters: 17
Word Count: 76,191
Summary: “Thank you for cheating on me, Ron. It’s the best thing you could’ve done. Thank you for stopping me from making the worst mistake of my life.”