It’s powerful. It’s heartbreaking. It’s true. 

Kids like her make Black people go out and speak up. Kids like her deserve better environment. Kids like her can’t even understand reasons of RACIAL HATE, POLICE VIOLENCE, TERROR. Kids like her are our present and future… 

People just have to see this. 



Fit mum’s must look after themselves first, so they can care for those that love them.
Just because you are a parent doesn’t mean you come last, it means it’s so much more important to care for your mind and body so you can be an example to those around you. An example of happiness, energy, love and health.
In what ever capacity you are there or available to your children.

Amelia: I shouldn’tbe surprised by his question: I am a woman, I work all! I love children … But if I did children without brain?! I couldn’t live it again … And if I were fortunate enough to have a healthy child, now I know many things: for example, no matter how much you love a person, is not enough; the world can be so cruel and full of terrifying events that have no power to interfere. I closed. I do not want to have more children.

- Private Practice 6x12


This 7-year-old was handcuffed for crying — now his family is suing.

Two years ago, Kaylb Wiley Primm was crying in his second grade classroom when a police officer stationed at the Kansas City public school walked by, heard the commotion and handcuffed the 7-year-old when his crying continued in the hallway.

Now, Missouri’s American Civil Liberties Union is helping Kaylb’s family sue the school district on the grounds of a state policy that says the “use of restraints for elementary and secondary students should be used only in extreme circumstances or emergencies,” the ACLU’s press release stated. 

Kaylb’s story isn’t unusual. These incidents can have frightening, lasting effects on students like him.

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