Environmental Win! This Couple Is Infertile

As overpopulation threatens to deplete the world’s most precious resources and cause irreversible damage to the environment, it’s easy to feel a little bit hopeless about the future. But here’s some news that should have the whole planet rejoicing: This couple just found out they’re infertile!

Finally, a major victory in the fight against climate change!

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I love when parents suggest to their kids that they should read instead of forcing it on them. Mainly, when they ask a bookstore employee for recommendations without limiting the format or genre (like magic, evil vs good, etc.,) of their child’s next read.

They want to read Graphic Novels? Let them. 

They want to read the same genre? Let them, until they move on.

They want to re-read books by the same author? It’s okay.

Don’t force your kid to read the way YOU want them to read because it might turn them off of reading. While every kid is different and being tough on them might get some reading, for the most part, I’ve seen a lot of disinterested kids in the bookstore because of their parents’ limitations. 

I’m not a parent, but I’ve seen these parents in action while I try to find a book for their child. Words are words, as long as they’re reading something (even a shampoo bottle), so be proud of your amazing child.