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Me recomiendas algunas canciones? ^^


runnin’ low - blackbear.
havana - camila cabello (amo el ritmo de esa canción lo juro).
sweet child o’ mine - guns ‘n roses
clint eastwood - gorillaz
don’t say you love me - 5h (:c)
figures - jessie reyez
fallingforyou - the 1975
crimen - gustavo cerati
en el muelle de san blas - maná
it’s all in vain - wet
genesis - dua lipa
tenerife sea - ed sheeran
too much too ask - niall bebé hermoso
waste the night - 5sos
a lonely night - the weeknd
LOYALTY - kendrick lamar y rihanna💕
no promises - cheat codes
quit - cashmere cat
savin’ me - nickelback
no.1 party anthem - arctic monkeys
easy - faith no more
apocalypse - cigarettes after sex
chill bill - rob $tone
sex - eden
i still wait for you - xylø
please don’t - mxmtoon
rumours - gnash.
jocelyn flores - xxxtentacion
highway to hell - ac/dc. on melancholy hill - gorillaz. mil amores - 330am

mencantan jiji ÑSKFÑF me pasé po :( 💕

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[1] (I can't seem to find what your current question tax is so I'll just ask a random question like another anon did): What was your favorite book series as a child? Mine was Warrior cats! Okay so onto my actual question. Why is it that larger dog breeds are so prone to structural problems like hip and elbow dysplasia? I can understand why small breeds have problems, but it seems like medium-sized dog breeds are the best off as far as bone structure goes.

[2] I know that dogs are far different from wolves, but wolves are huge and so I wonder whether or not wolves also get these structural problems too?

I’ve talked a bit about wolves and why we don’t see the same frequency or severity of genetic conditions in wolves compared to dogs here.

Large dog breeds and small dog breeds tend to have different orthopedic problems, but of the medium sized breeds, it is the working dogs which have less structural issues. Wolves are under constant selection pressure to be able to run long distances and hunt. Any condition that impedes that holds them back reproductively. Our working herding breeds, the kelpie for example, are also under similar pressures more or less constantly.

Most purebred dogs have not had this sort of selective pressure, their appearance has been prioritized instead. Dogs are also in a unique reproductive position (compared to wolves) where one particular male can be crossed to the majority of a population, and then back to his daughters and granddaughters. This concentrates and selects for genes that otherwise would have been diluted and selected against.

Now, I live on the other side of the world to where most of the wolves are, so I can’t comment more about their common medical conditions, but these are some of the mechanisms that have contributed to their divergence.

My favorite books as a kid were the Animorphs series.


Q: It looks like you’re usually mischievous, but you look chic on the stage
A: Both sides are part of me, but I think the bright and playful side is more like the real me. The aura when I smile and when I don’t are different so sometimes it causes misunderstandings, even when I’m in a good mood, people would ask me “Ten, are you angry?”


Look at the moment Steven sees Lars’ scar(on his eye) Steven’s a smart boy, he know what happened. Unlike us, he saw it all. He knows that the robot exploded, he knows what happens when robots explode. He sees Lars’ scar, he knows that the shrapnel went through his eye, past his brain. He knows his friend who about a week ago was baking some Filipino cake thing for a potluck, died. Hes a child, who knows that it’s his fault. Steven didn’t mean to but it’s true that he gave a list to peridot, it’s true that he didn’t force Lars to go home when he had the chance. Steven just brought that kid back to life. This is fucked up.

  • Scorpius: Dad, Grandpa, I need some help.
  • Draco: Yes, of course.
  • Lucius: Sure, what do you need?
  • Scorpius: Well... I was thinking that I could read you some pick up lines to try and get Albus' attention.
  • Draco, muttering: Of course, Potter...
  • Lucius: Shut up, Draco. Read them out, Scorpius.
  • Scorpius, sweating: Uh... Did you survive the Killing Curse? Because you're drop dead gorgeous!
  • Draco:
  • Lucius: ...Might make him think you're after his father? Try another one.
  • Scorpius: How about... Wanna open my Chamber of Secrets?
  • Lucius: Uh–
  • Scorpius: Ooh! or — Hagrid's not the only giant on campus!
  • Draco: SCORPIUS
  • Lucius: Do you have anything less forward??
  • Scorpius: ...Let's have a wand fight at Midnight?
  • Draco: Doesn't work.