Child Prostitution

It’s An Older Sibling Thing

Characters: Dean Winchester x Friend!Reader, Sam Winchester x Friend!Reader

Length: 1469+ words

TW: Mentions of drug dealing, prostitution, and child abuse

A/N: I’m so sorry I’m posting this so late! I literally wrote this the night I signed up for the Challenge, but completely forgot about it ;; This is for @not-moose-one-shots 6K Writing Challenge! Congrats on 6000 followers, boo! And thank you for hosting the Challenge. This is my first time joining a Challenge, and I’m so glad I did it! 

11.  “He must pay well.”

A low growl erupted from your throat as the demon took your laptop from your backpack. Two days. It’s been two days since you were kidnapped, and tortured.

“You hunters think you’re so smart,” the demon taunted with a smirk. You looked over his shoulder, realizing that he was tracking Dean’s location. It was the same technique that every hunters used when you needed someone’s location- all you needed was their phone numbers. “We’ve picked up a few skills while being hunted.” He laughed with a wicked grin. “Now, c’mon. We’re gonna pay the Winchesters a little visit.” He raised his gun, and knocked your skull with the butt of it.

When you came to, you realized you were laying on a motel bed, the yellow lighting being too bright for your eyes. You groaned in pain, trying to assess your surroundings. The binds that were around your wrists and ankles were gone, and you felt the uncomfortable feeling of gauze and tape around your injuries.

“Easy, Y/N,” a voice rumbled from the other bed.

“Dean?” you called, turning your head to face him. His jaw tensed as you looked at him with confusion on your face. The motel room was a mess as if a hurricane went through it.

“That’s what happens when you lead a demon to our room,” he sniped, seeing you look around the room.

“What do you-”

“The demon you brought here.”

“Brought here?”

“Don’t play dumb, Y/N.” Dean rolled his eyes. “We know you told him our location in exchange for your life.”

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By day, Peter Parker is a young journalist describing the growing problem of child prostitution. At night, as Spider-Man trying to catch bad guys responsible for this crime. Unfortunately his actions are ineffective. So when the cops come to the Daily Bugle and ask for help he agrees immediately. This is why he i standing on a street corner right now and pretending to be underage prostitute.

Deadpool is a regular customer of Mexican restaurants in the vicinity where Peter works and constantly “rescues” him, Trying to get Peter out of prostitution, trying to hook him up with other jobs, or just scaring off johns.Spiderman is extremely annoyed and a little impressed too, because this big, loud weirdo with scars brings back his faith in humanity.

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Child Labour

I haven't blogged in a while, but my journal is full so u should expect a lot from me. Anyhow, I was reading about child labour for a school project and then came across something else, something worse and I couldn’t hold myself, I just had to write.

Bacha Bazi, or in other words playing with boys. Bacha bazi is a part of the Afghani culture, and it’s gay pedophile. Men buy the boys, train them for a year, dress them up, and then let them dance in secret parties which are attended by rich and high ranking men. These people claim to be muslim, but what they do is in all ways against islam and forbidden in it. This a corrupted act that goes back to the days of the greeks, so to all those who think it’s islamic it’s not. It’s very very sad, how poverty can lead families to do such things. Because of poverty, human trafficking, child labour, child prostitution, and bacha bazi exist. Although bacha bazi it’s against the law, men still do it. And the other sad thing is that the UN acknowledges that it exists, but didn’t do anything about it. Children are suffering, wake up people. It’s not enough to stop buying Nike products, we have to do more. IF YOU READ THIS, PLESE TELL THE PEOPLE YOU KNOW ABOUT LET’S RAISE AWARENESS FOR THE SAKE OF THOSE INNOCENT BOYS WHO MIGHT BE KILLED IF THEY TRY TO RUN AWAY!!!   

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I want y’alls opinion

if I wrote a fanfiction about what I think would happen to Richie if he came out as gay to his parents, would y’all read it?

Fair warning: It would involve very heavy themes of prostitution, child abuse, and period typical homophobia

There won’t be too much detail most of the time, but it’ll still be there

What I love about the Roadhouse in Twin Peaks is it’s presented as simultaneously the best and the worst place to be. As a concert venue it’s cooler than any place you’ve been to. They book everything from local talent like James Hurley, cool indie acts like Sharon Van Etten and Chromatics, and are even able to get Nine Inch Nails to play there somehow. Their range of artists is eclectic but also feels expertly curated, aesthetically unified. (Of course, this is because it’s actually the soundtrack to a TV show.) Even the fact that the performances are pre-recorded adds to the illusion that every live show at the Roadhouse sounds perfect. With its in-house emcee and pine cone mic stand, it retains the quirky, small-town vibe of Twin Peaks while being an apparently thriving and successful venue, capable of drawing big acts and large crowds. It seems like the coolest place ever.

Look closely, however, and there’s all sorts of dark, ugly shit going on there. Nearly every time we go there, we’re shown a new band playing, the crowd dancing and having a great time, but just off in the wings there’s some little story playing out - some women being sexually harassed, some drug-addled teens, a girl minding her own business only to be dragged out of her booth and placed on the floor by some scuzzy bikers. When the lights go down and the bar is empty, we see that the bartender, keeping with Roadhouse tradition, is in the business of child prostitution. The Bang Bang Bar is the gathering place of the entire town, a place where people come to unwind and meet up with friends and have some good old-fashioned fun. But like the town itself, it hides corruption and human cruelty in plain sight.

With these little vignettes that have closed nearly every episode, it’s as if Lynch is painting a larger picture, and like most of his paintings, it’s black and distorted and grotesque, a painting of a world infected by something ugly, and now that infection has spread to Twin Peaks. I don’t think Lynch traffics in “social commentary,” but as the season’s gone on, the Roadhouse in particular has begun to look more and more like a funhouse mirror Lynch is holding up to the modern zeitgeist. The girl in tonight’s episode crawls on her hands and knees through the crowd but nobody pays her any mind. She screams but nobody can hear her over the blare of the music. Perhaps they just don’t want to. As the series nears its end, this episode’s Roadhouse scene struck me as a breaking point; a scream punctuating what I’ve increasingly come to see as Lynch’s impression of the state of the world in 2017.

Anyway, however you choose to interpret these scenes, I just really like them. I know a lot of people see the Roadhouse scenes as non-sequiturs that take time away from the main plot, but I think they add up to something oddly poignant and it’s one of my favorite parts of The Return.

Human Trafficking is closer than you think.

It’s everywhere and it happens to all ages of all backgrounds.
It’s just as bad in the Midwest as it is on the coasts.
There are more slaves today then there has been ever before in human history and it is rapidly expanding every moment.

First of all, human trafficking is modern slavery: the transport or trade of people for the purpose of work (women and girls often trafficked into the commercial sex industry, men and boys into hard labor like construction, and children into textile and agriculture).
It is an annual $34 BILLION industry and growing. More than 30 million people in trafficking situations and 40% of them are CHILDREN. This is happening in your state, in your cities, in your small towns.

It is not just immigrants who are trafficked in America.
Homeless girls are brainwashed by pimps and prostitute themselves sometimes 40 times a night or more and earn nothing but shame and fear. Some are forced to put themselves on pornographic websites at only 10 years old.

Children are kidnapped and forced into hard labor in and out of the country. American children on American ground are taken and being forced to do sexual things and slave themselves for years.

Foreign teenagers and children are brought into America believing they were given an opportunity to make a living and send money home, but they are forced to work and hide.. not knowing English, they believe that if they say anything, American police will kill them and their holders will kill their families.

Only 1% of victims are ever rescued.

This happens everywhere. This happens to anyone. No one is safe.

This is how you can help. GET INVOLVED. Do your research, raise awareness and volunteer to help out organizations that aim to rescue and prevent these horrible things from happening to your sister, your girlfriend, your wife…

Please. As part of the human fucking race this is your responsibility to be the voice of the people who do not have one.

Kylux Rec List #6


The Ties That Bind  by HJMoriarty and OfDarknessAndLight, @disappointed-son
E - 92,300
Hux’s shuttle is captured by the Resistance and Ben Solo is sent in to get whatever information he can from the prisoner.  Of course, things don’t go as planned and against their better judgement, they more or less fall in love, Ben defects to the First Order, and later, in a reversal of the more common direction of causality, there’s Classic Kylux (really hateful) Hate Sex™, puppet master Snoke, and the Hosnian System still meets its doom.

A Wonderful Caricature of Intimacy by @lovelyorbent
M - 3050
They loathe each other and are always looking for weaknesses to use against the other, in-between moments of insulting each other in flagrante delicto.  Just chilly, hateful, canonical-style Kylux hatesex, very well written in little snapshot style moments.  That’s it.  

Murderers, Traitors, and Thieves by @atlinmerrick
E - 10,600 - updated 2/28/17
A canon divergence where the Empire didn’t fall, Hux’s military career is cut short by an injury, and they cross paths in a resort town where Ben Solo has gone a bit underground, as a belly dancer.  Hux returns night after night, getting drunk, and pining.  This author really excels at evoking a world with vividly drawn, fully realized characters.

The Apotheosis of Fox Hux by @theeascetic
E - 12,100 - updated 3/26/17
Hux disregards Ren’s advice to steer clear of a certain planet; there he encounters an ancient deity interested in teaching him a lesson - and finds himself partially transformed into a fox.  The author takes great care to detail how it feels to be physically altered in this way.  The Force is involved, too.  Hux doesn’t deal with it well.

Under the Skin  by davechicken, @sithofren
E - 7900 - updated 4/8/17
A different take on Fox!Hux.  This one nods to Celtic tales of selkies and their magical skins.  Hux is the product of a mysterious mother who abandons him at birth; Brendol farms him out to a caretaker, so poor Hux has no idea that there’s anything unusual about his biology until he finds his fox skin.  Ren is surprisingly accepting of this state of affairs, but Snoke knows a good means of control when he sees one.

Special Selection -  Recent ‘First Time’ Fics

Lay With Me by @rosierivendell
E - 5,800
A two-for-one; they’re both virgins and decide, pragmatically, warily, to help each other out.  Of course they go about it totally in-character (“Hux tries not to think of germs as Ren’s big lips move over his own”) and what follows is some spectacularly awkward sex; the author just lays a foundation and builds upon it detail by embarrassing detail - I could hardly get through more than a sentence or two without cringing, wincing, or laughing.

Pounded in the Butt by the Necessity My Poverty Affords Me  by @gefionne
E - 10,000
His original fiction isn’t selling too well (ie., not at all), so author Hux in a moment of drunken inspiration decides to follow in the footsteps of beloved (?) cultural icon Chuck Tingle; when he sobers up, 5k words of I’m Gay for My Unicorn Neighbor Dan is waiting for him in his laptop.  Many hilariously titled bizarre porn novels follow, despite the fact that Hux himself has never had sex.  He gains a following, including one very devoted fan who asks - can we meet?  A perfect mix of crack (treated a little bit seriously) and porn.

Call Me Rebel Scum by hollycomb, @hollyhark
E - 25,000
Kylo considers Hux a “poor excuse for a rival” but his constant casual mind-reading has picked up on Hux’s most common touchstone of thought - satisfaction at having remained essentially untouched sexually, which covers a deeper desire to be used and even defiled.  It’s distracting and keeps Kylo from doing his work.  Hux will have to submit for the good of the First Order.  Top-tier dialogue and insight into the ways they manipulate each other and why.  

Cede by @robokittens
E - 11,000
First time submissive virgin Ren is the subject of this fic, which lays out in knowing detail what it is that a person seeking this kind of experience wants and needs, and exactly how it feels - the blissful relief of being ‘away’.  What starts as a sort of service develops into something more, recounted in a series of tender (and very hot) scenes.


Sounds Helpful by GenerallyHuxurious (GallifreyanOmnishambles), @creepycreepyspacewizard
E - 3900
Part of a series (they are animal welfare officers, and Hux is demisexual), but stands as a one-shot.  Hux needs to turn his brain off for a bit so that he can calm down and perform well in a stressful situation.  Kylo comes in with something new to try (it was new to me, too) and proceeds to give Hux the kinky orgasm(s) of his life.  So there’s that, but it’s also intensely adoring and loving.

Against the World by Avilthenaze
E - 22,900
At the bottom of the high school pecking order, two bullied kids find strength in each other.  While we get to see into the thoughts and feelings of both, in particular, Hux’s personality and approach to dealing with his tormentors (he’s been at the very bottom, and for a long time) are  A+ canon-compliant.  Various forms of revenge are taken, but more importantly, they learn how to transcend their circumstances and the malevolent behavior of others…it’s empowering.  Beautifully described awkward and sweet first time: “Hux considered this only for a moment before yielding that it was a good point. “God I’m so glad I’m doing this with you,” he said, “and not anyone else. Because I can tell we’re going to be terrible at this.”

Because I Knew That You Would Be Alright by elfriniol, @mini-mantis
E - 19,100 - updated 3/9/17
Boxer!Ben and Hux keep having casual hookups; neither one knows any but the barest facts about the other - but facts creep in, as they will, and slowly a tentative relationship develops.  There are family and mental health issues that Hux gets drawn into not quite against his will as he discovers more about Ben’s past.  And they have LOTS of great sex.  This is much better than my summary here probably makes it seem.

It Don’t Mean a Thing by kitseybarbours, @abernathae
M - 36,100 - updated 4/21/17
Unusual AU set in the National Socialist (Nazi) period in Germany; Hux and Kylo are devotees of swing music and dancing, which is considered degenerate.  They’re also gay teens in a hidden relationship, which puts them actively at risk.  The police state presses down inexorably upon them; Hux gets nastier, and Ben really doesn’t know what to do about that.  Both the source material (the movie Swing Kids, I’m assuming) and the historical events of this era don’t augur well for a happy ending, but the writing is so evocative, I’ll go there if that’s where the author is taking us.

Your Breath Like Moonlight by @archistratego
T - 3,500 - updated 4/1/17
Poetic language and a shifting, uncertain (nonlinear?) timeline - and possibly more than one in a sort of multiverse arrangement - are the backdrop for Fae!Hux, the dread emperor of the Fae, and the Knights which Hux has gathered across the centuries for the emperor with the help of his mentor Rae.  Elsewhere/when, Ben is certain he’s seen fairies more than once, and has an old photo that shows one, he thinks.  He needs to prove it for his own peace of mind.  This is just one chapter in and already very involved and fascinating.

Neon Elegy by Anonymous
E - 7,000 - updated 4/5/17
There’s a very cinematic quality to this modern AU mobster?/assasin!Kylo fic; Kiss Kiss Bang Bang comes to mind.  Kylo is the kind of assassin who’s got the skills but also slops around in flip flops and making plans on the fly.  He has to go undercover from his own organization, run by Snoke, and hapless Hux the architect is his carjacking victim.  They drive from LA to “only Lord fucking knows where” in the desert with Phasma, among others, on their trail.

Blue by Arya_Greenleaf, @avaahren
E - 8,600
This is the first of what’s currently a series of three.  Hux finds himself at a warehouse party in Brooklyn with his coworkers, ready to watch the band whose singer is gothily attractive but annoying when they meet in-between sets.  However, the booze is flowing and aggressive edgy flirting leads to kisses and fondling on the dance floor, and more.  There’s a light touch of humor throughout.  By Part 3, there is a hint of feelings to go along with the snark and hook-ups.  

Falling From the Fifth Floor by @biffbang
E - 21,400
If you’re in the mood for more rocker Ben and snappy Hux, this fic that was completed in September delivers.  They meet cute when Hux’s cat falls from the window to the street far below, caught by Ren on his way to band practice.  Hux rushes down the stairs wearing a shirt he stole from his ex that happens to be of Ben’s band.  They have nothing in common but a strong physical attraction - which eventually grows into “they are so stupidly in love with each other”.

In Memoria by @ellabesmirched
M - 10,000 - updated 4/16/17
Harry Potter AU; Hux is the Assistant Headmaster but it’s really a Skywalker family thing at Hogwarts.  A new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher is needed; Ben is the best applicant by far.  Hux reluctantly hires him - unbeknownst to Ben, whose memories have been Obliviated, they have A Past.  Sparks fly pretty much right away and enough of the backstory has been revealed thus far to whet the appetite for more.

It’s Always Winter in St. Petersburg by @harlanhardway
E - 25,900 - updated 4/16/17
Another unusual AU setting - the last years of Tsarist Russia (Tsarina Leia is on the throne).  Scrappy peasant (and child of a prostitute) Hux does what he can, at age 12, to shift for himself in St. Petersburg.  He encounters a richly dressed boy, and ponders stealing his coat.  Instead, they develop an odd friendship - Kylo comes and goes over the course of a decade.  In all that time, Hux has no idea of his real identity.  While there is plenty of historical detail and some interesting tweaks (homosexuality is nbd, for example) to make the story work, it’s the fairytale-like feeling (I thought of the stories of Isaac Bashevis Singer especially) that gives it life.  

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The city of Fortaleza has gained a reputation inside Brazil and abroad for child prostitution. With the World Cup less than six months away, city officials and activists are launching campaigns to raise awareness and warn tourists and soccer fans of the penalties for engaging in child prostitution.“Teenagers may dress up to look older and say they are older. They may be encouraged by friends who say that this relationship with a foreigner is the way to a better life,” program director of Childhood Brazil, Anna Flora Werneck explains.

Read more via Al Jazeera.


When I figured out what this girl was doing, it makes you sick. This video was done so amazing. I think the most important thing that it touches is not only how real the horror is happening, but all the people who are there to see it, and they could do something about it. 

Magi: Aladdin and Kougyoku

This is a rather long Magi post. And it also is about a ship that not many people ship, especially because several have not read the manga and not many people are attracted to this ship in general. And it’s kind of sad to think there is probably high possibility that it won’t ever become canon even though it seems kind of obvious Aladdin has a crush on her (although others might think otherwise).

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