Child Prostitution


By day, Peter Parker is a young journalist describing the growing problem of child prostitution. At night, as Spider-Man trying to catch bad guys responsible for this crime. Unfortunately his actions are ineffective. So when the cops come to the Daily Bugle and ask for help he agrees immediately. This is why he i standing on a street corner right now and pretending to be underage prostitute.

Deadpool is a regular customer of Mexican restaurants in the vicinity where Peter works and constantly “rescues” him, Trying to get Peter out of prostitution, trying to hook him up with other jobs, or just scaring off johns.Spiderman is extremely annoyed and a little impressed too, because this big, loud weirdo with scars brings back his faith in humanity.

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Christiane F. - Wir Kinder vom Bahnhof Zoo | 1981 | Uli Edel | West Germany

The city of Fortaleza has gained a reputation inside Brazil and abroad for child prostitution. With the World Cup less than six months away, city officials and activists are launching campaigns to raise awareness and warn tourists and soccer fans of the penalties for engaging in child prostitution.“Teenagers may dress up to look older and say they are older. They may be encouraged by friends who say that this relationship with a foreigner is the way to a better life,” program director of Childhood Brazil, Anna Flora Werneck explains.

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When I figured out what this girl was doing, it makes you sick. This video was done so amazing. I think the most important thing that it touches is not only how real the horror is happening, but all the people who are there to see it, and they could do something about it. 

>Filipino ISIS kidnaps 50-60 year old single white European/American guys vacationing alone in rural poverty stricken south Asian villages and promises to behead them.

I hope they fucking do, there’s only one reason these people fucking travel there and it’s not because they enjoy the weather and scenery of Child Prostitute Village.

Child Labour

I haven't blogged in a while, but my journal is full so u should expect a lot from me. Anyhow, I was reading about child labour for a school project and then came across something else, something worse and I couldn’t hold myself, I just had to write.

Bacha Bazi, or in other words playing with boys. Bacha bazi is a part of the Afghani culture, and it’s gay pedophile. Men buy the boys, train them for a year, dress them up, and then let them dance in secret parties which are attended by rich and high ranking men. These people claim to be muslim, but what they do is in all ways against islam and forbidden in it. This a corrupted act that goes back to the days of the greeks, so to all those who think it’s islamic it’s not. It’s very very sad, how poverty can lead families to do such things. Because of poverty, human trafficking, child labour, child prostitution, and bacha bazi exist. Although bacha bazi it’s against the law, men still do it. And the other sad thing is that the UN acknowledges that it exists, but didn’t do anything about it. Children are suffering, wake up people. It’s not enough to stop buying Nike products, we have to do more. IF YOU READ THIS, PLESE TELL THE PEOPLE YOU KNOW ABOUT LET’S RAISE AWARENESS FOR THE SAKE OF THOSE INNOCENT BOYS WHO MIGHT BE KILLED IF THEY TRY TO RUN AWAY!!!   

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My son told me he was a serial killer. I believe him.

People look at me strange when I tell them that I have an eighteen year old son. I’m thirty-three. When James and I go out it isn’t uncommon for people to ask if he is my little brother. He could easily pass for being in his twenties, and so could I. The past eighteen years haven’t been without their trials, but I like to think I did the best I could given the situation. During my freshman year of high school I knocked up my girlfriend. Her parents were going to put the baby up for adoption but my mom stepped in and helped me get custody.

My son is a straight-A student. He is a point guard for the school basketball team. I scrounged together enough money to get him a halfway decent car. He’s popular in all the ways I wasn’t. By the time I was his age I had a two-year old son, a GED and a job at the local Pella factory. We live in a two-bedroom apartment duplex a few blocks from his high school. He does his homework without much prompting and spends his downtime with friends or in the living room kicking my ass at Call of Duty.

At one point I thought he might be gay. I wouldn’t have cared, but I thought it was weird that a boy his age had never had a girlfriend. I asked him about it and he smiled saying,

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irl-shiba-inu  asked:

What documentaries on the aids crisis do you reccomend watching?(also i dont kno y, but i suddenly remembered this yaoi i read once where the characters refused to have sex without a condom and it was pretty amazing)

how to survive a plague is pretty popular and relatively informative.  common threads is about the quilt.  those are good starting points.

you should watch chemsex, which is about drugs in the gay community, which is a really prominent problem.  holding the man is a really, really good movie but it’s super fucking heartbreaking.  i’d also really recommend transamerica if you haven’t seen it, though it’s about trans rights, not hiv.

if you aren’t too sensitive and can recognize when something is good even though it’s problematic, watch queer as folk in its entirety because it covers pretty much every issue our community goes through.  i.e., meth, stds, drag, child prostitution, religious prosecution, discriminatory legislation, and of course, marriage.  

fyi you’ll probably definitely hate straight people after watching all that.

Trev and I are out for vday and we left right after he got off work so he’s in full suit and I’m wearing my pink jacket and my hair is in a heart clip and I have on fishnets and heart stockings and I look like a child prostitute with him, lol. Feeling awkward but trying to just own it. 💝💖