Hey! So, If anyone is going to the Texas ComicCon, DC Douglas and Maurice LaMarche will be selling my print at their table!!

it would really help me out if people expressed an interest in the print! 

Maurice LaMarche is a super awesome guy, and I’ll will be both credited and paid for every print sold.

So if any RescueBots fans plan on seeing them or wouldn’t mind signal boosting, this would really help me out! :D

okay… i’m just going to admit this, get it off my chest and clense my soul…

I think Chief Burns is a DILF. i love his voice and he’s just… :sigh: completlyLovely. he makes my hart flutter as much as any of the Bots… and thats really something.

i suerly cannot be the only one that thinks this.

I am also not ashamed of this fact.

i feel better…

Literally my favorite convo on Rescue Bots
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b>Doc Greene:</b> FoFood was shelved when researchers discovered that in the absence of UV rays--sunlight--FoFood caused...unusual reactions.<p/><b>Chief Burns:</b> "Unusual". What does that mean?<p/><b>Frankie:</b> It's science speak for "we have no clue what just happened, but it's pretty horrible".<p/><b>Cody:</b> Like, "FoFood turned my brother into a monster" horrible?<p/><b>Frankie:</b> Sounds about right.<p/><b></b> *bit later*<p/><b>Doc Greene:</b> Eating FoFood makes you crave more. [...] The only other supply is--<p/><b>Chief Burns:</b> Don't say it.<p/><b>Doc Greene:</b> The Best Left Forgotten shelf.<p/><b>Chief Burns:</b> *sighs* Just once, can't something in the BLF STAY forgotten?!<p/>
  • <p/> <b>><b>Doc Greene:</b> </b> I'm afraid Griffin Rock is quite thorough when cataloging its scientific failures.</p><p/></p>