I made this music video with/for Chicklette. Check it out if you dig hot cocoa, eggs, spray paint, hair bows, or strange and beautiful music.



mundaneawesome  asked:

🎵🐬🍑🍓Spy, scout, sniper, saxton

🎵 name 5 songs you love at the moment

  1. Sia - The Greatest (feat Kendrick Lamar). Sia has pretty much made no musical missteps since she started her career in the 90s, and the best way to make me fall in love with a song is to including a music box.
  2. Nadia Rose - Skwod. For the past three weeks, every time I’ve been drunk I put this song on and rap along with it. (I’m rollin’ ten gyal up in that skwod. That skwod? That skwod…)
  3. Jenny Hval - Period Piece. Not to be too weird, but pretty much any song about periods (especially one called Period Piece, cf. Chicklette, whose Period Piece I cannot find online right now, but it’s weird and great) is gonna be stunning. Bonus points for a weirdly rickety beat and use of the word “speculum”.
  4. Young Thug - Kanye West (feat. Wyclef Jean) - OK, 90% of my love for this song comes from “wah wah, weh weh, wah wah, weh weh”. But it’s so good, OK?
  5. Dawn Richard - Cali Sun. Remember Danity Kane?? Forget everything you knew about Danity Kane because Dawn is making the most futuristing freakin’ good R&B out there right now.

(Honorable mention to Keith Fullerton Whitman’s “Lisbon”, which I felt like I couldn’t include because it’s the whole album itself, even though it’s only one track.)

🐬 if you could transform into any animal/magical creature, what would you be and why?

See, if it was just animal I’d 100% be a koala because I’d get to sleep for 20 hours a day and then I’d look cute at people and they’d give me food and pay a bunch of money to see me, but if I can be a magical I’m gonna be a wizard and just like have all that magic that I can use. Like, duh.

🍑 what are you obsessed with?

i dunno! i mean, aside from this tf2 stuff i shift what i’m focused on for long periods of time really frequently. today it’s the debate. last week it was stardew valley.

🍓 send me 4 names: kiss, befriend, kill or marry?

i’m assuming you get to fuck someone after you marry them, so marry ABSOLUTELY goes to saxton. i mean, he’s already Large Husband. befriend is definitely spy, both because we could go shopping together and because he seems like the fwb type. so that leaves kiss and kill to sniper and scout… kill scout. take his place. kiss sniper. and that’s how you do it.