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I have gotten mixed feedback on this. otoh, my gay male friends think i’m doing a good job wrt prep, etc. otoh, a few have mentioned that they don’t love belaboring the point bc they’re reading fic for fantasy and they know lube tastes gross and don’t want to read about it in fic.

i’m not trying to call out one specific fanfic or any writer in particular, i’m talking about the big trend in fandom, y’know? 

i personally - as a queer man - would much rather read a fic that took a long time talking about prep work and making it an integral (and hot) part of the scene than a fic that jumped straight to the fucking like it doesn’t matter

people can read fic for whatever reasons they want (escapism, the fantasy, etc) but like?? i’m tired of unrealistic gay sex written by (especially straight) women being the default

Yet another shrunkyclunks drabble:

“Well, if it isn’t Grant Stevens himself.”  Bucky takes a deep pull from his beer and gives Steve a hard look.

“Buck, I’m sorry. Please let me explain.”  The man – Bucky has no idea who he really is – stands before him in worn-in jeans and light gray t-shirt that is at least one size too small, showing off the physique that drew Bucky to him in the first place.

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Title: Friday I’m in Love

Author: betts


Ship: James “Bucky” Barnes/Steve Rogers (Stucky)

Rating: Explicit

Major Tags: Alternate Universe - Modern Setting, Fluff, Angst, Bottom Steve, Frottage, Language Kink, Everything is Beautiful and Nothing Hurts, Friends to Lovers, Platonic Cuddling

Summary: barefootbucky: heyyy! sorry it took me so long to reply. hope you got the last few postcards i sent. ok so i’m in istanbul now and there’s a dirt cheap direct flight to dc. thinkin about stopping by for a bit. mind if i crash with you? the road is great and all but i think i need some time to recoup.

Review’s name: chicklette


*gasp!* It’s another no-powers modern AU!  Shocking, I know.

This fic is so very high up on my list of Stucky favorites, you’ve no idea!  It has everything I love in a fic – angst, pining, bed-sharing, friends-to-lovers, a little bit of language porn and the writing is damn near perfect.

The story opens with Steve picking Bucky up from the airport. Bucky left Brooklyn and Steve’s world five years ago.  He’s spent that time traveling the world while Steve spent it knuckling down, getting through school, and then getting a mysterious government job.

After Bucky lands in Steve’s apartment (where, oh noes! There’s only one bed!) the pair spend some time catching up, and Steve realizes he’s just as in love with Bucky as he’s always been.  Now, though, it’s maybe a little worse because having Bucky back – even for a little while – is going to make it so much harder when Bucky’s wanderlust strikes again.

This is not a plotty, action-filled fic.  Instead, it’s a study in pining, in answering the question of how do you love someone for your whole life, hold them in your hand, and then let them go again?

The characterization of both Steve and Bucky is beautifully done.  There are small details that are call-backs to their pre-serum characters (Steven “Fight Me” Rogers and Bucky “Thing is, You Don’t Have to” Barnes).  Each of these details helps to build the narrative that winds its way up under your ribcage without you even being aware of it.

If pining and angst are your cuppa, along with a healthy dose of idiots in love, then this is the fic for you.  Please give it a shot – I don’t think you’ll be disappointed!


I made this music video with/for Chicklette. Check it out if you dig hot cocoa, eggs, spray paint, hair bows, or strange and beautiful music.

I’ve got shrunkyclunks on the brain:

Here goes, Steve thinks, then closes his eyes and leans.

“Whoa!  Pal, whoa.”  Bucky dances back a step and Steve opens his eyes. His mouth’s caught half-way to a pucker and oh, oh God, could he be more embarrassed?  Being stood up by Sally Lindstrom in ‘36 wasn’t as bad as this.

“Sorry,” Steve says.  “Sorry.  Sorry, I-“

“Hey,” Bucky says.  “Look.  It’s not – you-you’re fucking gorgeous.”

Steve’s deadpan look is all the warning Bucky gets before Steve opens his mouth.

“Really?  ‘It’s not you, it’s me?’ It was a lousy excuse then, and it still is now.  It’s okay,” Steve says.  He ducks his head and rubs the back of his neck, the long line of his triceps on display.  Then he straightens and looks Bucky in the eye before offering a weak grin. “Thanks for trying to let me down easy.”

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anonymous asked:

I sent in a similar ask a couple weeks ago, not sure if it got eaten--do you know of any fics where Steve is struggling but tries to hide it from bucky/the rest of the avengers? Bonus if they find out anyway and help him work through his issues (ive already read through most of the recovery, depressed Steve, and Steves ptsd tags)

here are more fics dealing w steve’s ptsd

Awareness by toujourpurs

No matter how emotionally stunted Sam acted like Steve was, Steve was aware enough to know that he was not completely all right. He could feel an emptiness that he constantly had to work hard to distract himself from.

sell your soul (not your whole self) by softcoregore (WIP)

Bucky is better, which means that Steve should be better.

Things were getting better for Steve, things were meant to get better.

But things don’t work like that in reality. Time can’t heal all wounds, especially one as neglegted as this.

The Soldier Stills by chicklette

One year after the events in Siberia and Bucky and Steve are back in Brooklyn, quietly trying to make a life for themselves. They have friends, a home, and one another. But the world can’t stay at peace forever, and when Steve comes home to find the shield waiting for him in the front hall, he knows he has some decisions to make.

Dona Nobis Pacem by thegraytigress

An incident on the battlefield exposes how much Steve’s falling apart under the crushing weight of leading the Avengers after Sokovia. Now Bucky’s adopting a new mission: save Steve before he destroys himself completely, even if it means the end of Captain America.

The Soldier Stills

“How can I protect us, Buck?  If I’m not Captain America, how do I keep us safe?”

One year after the events in Siberia and Bucky and Steve are back in Brooklyn, quietly trying to make a life for themselves. They have friends, a home, and one another. But the world can’t stay at peace forever, and when Steve comes home to find the shield waiting for him in the front hall, he knows he has some decisions to make.

Art by: Sula Safe Room”>Sula Safe Room (tumblr)
Fic by: Chickalicious (tumblr), Chicklette (AO3)

Fic rating: Explicit 
Art rating: Gen
Word count: 16,926
Relationship: James “Bucky” Barnes/Steve Rogers
Archive Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Additional tags: Angst, Hurt/Comfort, Comfort Sex, Hurt Sex, happy sex too, Angst with a Happy Ending, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder – PTSD, Steve Rogers Has PTSD, Sam Wilson is a Gift, Sam Wilson Is a Good Bro, Awesome Sam Wilson, Tony isn’t terrible, Tony Stark Has A Heart, Even if Steve can’t see it, Post-Serum Steve Rogers, Post-Captain America: Civil War (Movie), Mostly Canon Compliant, Except for that kiss, Steve Rogers Needs a Hug, Steve Rogers & Sam Wilson Friendship, Anal Sex, Anal Fingering, Natasha Romanov Is a Good Bro, Protective Bucky Barnes, Bucky Barnes Feels, Steve Rogers Feels, Top Steve Rogers, Bottom Steve Rogers, Top Bucky Barnes, Bottom Bucky Barnes, sex instead of feelings, Idiots in Love, Canon-Typical Violence, Bucky does not go into cryo

written for the 2017 @capreversebb  // The AO3 Collection

Modern AU, no powers ficlet.  Probably should be rated M: 

Steve stares at the little square packet in right hand, and the sheaf of papers with his name all over them in his left.

“SHIELD,” he mutters.  “Welp, it’s a great name for a condom company, gotta give ‘em that.”  Steve aims a bashful smile her way.  This is his first big break.  He’d always wanted to be an actor, and after a couple of commercials, (“I’m lovin’ it,” he’d said, a mega-watt smile aimed at the camera), he was finally getting a speaking part.

That it’s more about his face and his body and less about his actual acting skills is a bummer, but not the end of the world.  Steve still plans to give it his best shot.  After all, you never know where you’ll land an amazing gig.

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sneak peak of the holiday shrunkyclunks fic I’m writing:

Nudging the tray with the last slice over to Steve, Bucky gets up and starts putting dishes in the sink.  

“No,” Steve says.  “Hey, no.  Let me do that,”

“Ha!” Bucky snorts.  “No guest of mine does dishes.  Geez, my mom’d skin me.”

“Yeah?” Steve counters.  “Well my Ma’d skin me if I let my host do the cleaning.”

“Sounds like we should get the two of them together,” Bucky says, and Steve’s bright smile fades, sadness pulling at the edges.

“Shit,” Bucky says.  “I’m sorry.”

Shrugging, Steve takes his plate and sets it in the sink, hip-checking Bucky aside.  

“I..fogot,” Bucky says.  “I forgot you’re Captain America.”

Steve turns, his eyes piercing as he stares at Bucky.  Slowly, the expression on his face melts from grief and sadness into something warm and brilliant; something real.  Bucky’s stomach swoops with warmth to have all that sunshine directed at him.

“That might be the nicest thing anyone’s said to me this century,” Steve says.  It leaves Bucky feeling caught out.

“Yeah, yeah,” he says.  Don’t let it go to your head.”

Story by @chicklette 
Art by @artgroves
Written for @samwilsonbirthdaybang

Read it here on AO3

Story Rating: Explicit
Art Rating: Explicit 
Pairing: Steve/Sam/Bucky
Warnings: Explicit Angst, Angst with a Happy Ending
Other Tags: All Caps, Sam Wilson Feels, gratuitous use of bubble bath

In the spring of 2017 three things happened that changed Sam Wilson’s life forever: First, the Accords were dissolved and all related “crimes” committed prior to their repeal were sealed and the sentences commuted. Second, one James “Bucky” Barnes (aka the Winter Soldier), came out of Cryo, was successfully deprogrammed, and chose to live with one Steven Grant Rogers (aka Captain America) as he tried to make his way in the brave new world. Third, Samuel Thomas Wilson (aka The Falcon) fell in love with Bucky Barnes. This wouldn’t ordinarily be of note, save for the fact that he was already in love (and living in glorious sin with) the previously mentioned Steve Rogers.

Oh, and there’s also the small matter of how Sam handles his post-mission adrenaline drop. (Hint: he doesn’t.)