#is 06.24.2015 | (1 of 2) is sharing some process shots of binding and trimming Raw Fury #3!

Raw Fury is a Denver and Chicago limited editon urban art and street art diy zine with screenprinted and letterpressed covers featuring interviews with Dread, Max Kauffman, THOR, Ryan Duggan, a zine review by Oscar Arriola, an illustrated samurai poster by Cujo and a gallery section of heavy hitters.

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Avisualist | Visions 

Summer 2015 and Forever 

We’re just getting started…

AVST (Avisualist | Visions) is  on going project that consist of  art/skateboarding/music/film and some. We are about spreading positive vibes, love, rawness. Each piece has it’s own special meaning, and each piece was made for a different reason. If you’ve ever felt like an outsider, alien , lonely uncomfortable you’ll enjoy what we have to offer and the other things we have coming. It’s about n being scared to embrace new fresh things, it’s about simple things being beautiful, it’s about living, it’s about feeling okay and confident in your own skin or in this case your own shirt.

Every shirt in this first run was done by hand using the media of block printing, and every shirt is unique.

We’re coming from all angles with this so don’t feel limited, don’t try to put it in a box, it doesn’t matter if you’re an artist, skateboarder,musician etc. 

*this is not an internet release it’s just an option*

feel free to spread the word with a simple reblog or post the link to the store somewhere. 

Palomar Mountain (II), Phillip Maisel, 2015

The first time I came upon Phillip Maisel’s work they were small cutouts strewn across the grimy gallery floor where I’m interning this summer. Initially I felt confounded by the works, unsure as to whether the “art” in this endeavour was the sculpture or the print, the process or the image. Which, of course, led to embarrassment on my part. However, retrospectively, this initial confusion is a testament to Maisel’s creativity and its results. Somewhere between collage, sculpture, and photograph, these beautiful complex prints seem to be a 21st Century ode to Constructivism or Russian Futurism. Aesthetically similar, with strong straight lines and bold blocks of colour, his works also bring the Russian movement’s philosophy into the present through the positive exploitation of modern technology (digital photography and printing – as well as the abundant availability of the materials he used) and experimentation. In Serengeti Green, his current exhibition on at Document in Chicago’s west loop (yes! this is totally a plug – go see it), images are juxtaposed with their incredibly similar counterparts, and yet no two prints are exactly the same. Furthermore, Maisel adds a collage element to a few of the prints, a cutout here, a translucent film there, adding another layer, if you will, to the art and its deceptiveness. This forces the viewer to peruse the images presented, questioning their own vision as well as the artist’s. The blurring of reality and illusion as well as between the digital and material is captivating, leading the viewer to scrutinise the print fully in order to believe their own eyes. Once this trust has been established, the viewer can finally detach themselves from the desire to understand, and finally be impacted by the works as the beautiful, compositionally simple and yet undefinable images as they are.


Father’s Day is just an awesome excuse to gloat on and on about some dudes. I dig it.

I particularly love being able to squeeze my own dad extra tight and let him know just how rad he is, just how patient and kind he’s been with me, and how I appreciate that he always, always, always picks up the phone when I call. He is present and accounted for, 100% in my life and that just means everything.

As for Fitz? Well, our little family hit the jackpot with him. He deserves all the special spoils and compliments. On holidays like this I keep the celebratory focus very curated: cozy spoils, memory preservers, and, of course, delicious treats.

Here’s what we wrapped up for him:

  • A fresh set of Sunday cozy clothes: baby blue hoodie and dark gray joggers
  • Lillie Q’s Ivory and Smoky BBQ sauces
  • Relish server for toppings for whatever he’s grilled (a boring gift, true, but a necessary one)
  • A Social Print Studio poster featuring all of our Instagram photos taken over the past year (a tradition I’ve had going for three years now, and I suspect this is always Fitz’s favorite gift to receive).
  • A card that we seriously cannot stop laughing at (Before vs. After Kids)
  • Ferrero Rocher and a cherry pie from Whole Foods to satisfy his summer sweet tooth

We visited three of our dads(!). We texted our siblings who also happen to be dads. I tried to nap when Wells did, and Fitz hopped on his bike to check out one of his favorite secret beaches around here (water was so cold, he could only walk in up to his ankles but he loved it). We dined al fresco at a local spot where we weirdly ordered the same thing (smoked chicken burritos) and Wells declared the dinner “pretty much perfect!” because our table sat underneath a billowing Blackhawks flag. :)

It was a happy day, a proud day.

I’ll be honest…our days are not the easiest right now. It’s humid, I’m barely sleeping/existing, we’re 20-ish days away from my due date, and juggling a very energetic little boy. But when you go through these weird, awkward, painful, odd, and exciting times in life, things are made all the better when you have a solid teammate by your side. For that, I am so, so grateful that I picked Fitz to be on my team. I’m so lucky that he is in the trenches with me and that we can laugh about being in the trenches and admit that we’re tired, stressed, and even a little scared sometimes. I’m glad I can be entirely myself with him because then I can face the uncertain times with more optimism and bravery.

And I’m so glad he is the father of my children. The best father. Happy Father’s Day, Fitz!

P.S. When I showed Fitz that Father’s Day Before and After card, he said, “Wait…I don’t look like that dude on the bottom yet. DO I?!!!”

anonymous asked:

Do you do signed merch? It's my best friends birthday soon and she (and I) absolutely love you.

aw dang i’m sorry, but i work with a small chicago based printing company that ships my stuff out for me. i get test prints to try out new designs and to take pictures for the shop but i’m never close enough to actual customer orders to put a pen to them.

sorry again and tell your friend i said happy birthday !


Retro Sports Ads #15, #16, #17,  Diet Coca Cola, Carl Banks - New York Giants, Jay Hilgenberg - Chicago Bears, Nate Newton - Dallas Cowboys, Sports Illustrated December 26, 1988.

A long long time ago…before 1987…when my grandfather was still alive and engraving ½" steel dies in downtown Chicago, we produced custom gold checks for Evel Knievel himself! This is the one and only hand engraved ½" steel die in existence. It is an honor and a privilege to be able to hold it in my hands. #evelknievel #checks #enjoy #engrave #engraved #engraving #embossing #detail #design #graphicdesign #print #printing #printshop #familyowned #familyoperated #stationery #illustration #type #typography #art #artistry #arthistory #artistryink #artistryengraving #intaglio #ink #etch #printmaking #chicago #chicagodesign #chicagoprintmaking (at Artistry Engraving & Embossing Company., Inc.)

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