Asexuality is not some exceptionally rare, impossible thing.  Even using the common 1% estimate (which many people think is low), that’s 3.2 million Americans.  If you met someone who said “Hey, I’m from Chicago”, you wouldn’t tell them that you didn’t believe them, because people from Chicago are only about 1% of the population.  “You’re really from New York or California.  Statistically, that’s far more likely."  That would be ridiculous.


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“ my closest relationship is with my blackberry, thank god it vibrates! ”
“ when i was a kid, most of the advice that my dad gave me was crap. ”
“ there you have it, folks. young love. ”
“ valentine’s day was a massacre in chicago where lots of people were killed. ”
“ i don’t feel comfortable taking my shirt off in public. ”
“ love is the only shocking act left on the planet. ”
“ if you’re ever with a guy/girl that’s too good for you, marry him/her. ”
“ i shut down my playerness from new years to st. patty’s day. ”
“ i need happy, i need romantic, i need love, and i need it from you. ”
“ i would crawl over cut glass to take you to the winter formal. ”
“ dude, he’s from indiana. they only celebrate love your cousin day. ”
“ did you even consider marrying me? ”
“ when you ask a girl to marry you, do you want her to just consider it? ”
“ then there’s the whole thing with my parents’ horrible… ”
“ oh don’t tell me, that’ll take the fun out of guessing. ”
“ i can’t stand the idea of some jerk hurting her, i just can’t. i can’t. ”
“ what’s the greatest love song of all time? ”
“ i’ve never had an inkling before. i wasn’t sure what to do with it. ”
“ what do you do with the flowers? ”
“ you don’t step in to love, you fall in. ”
“ apparently everyone and their mother felt that way but nobody had the guts to tell me. ”
“ have you ever seen someone fall head over heels in love? it’s ugly, bro. ”
“ love doesn’t exist unless you acknowledge it in front of other people. ”
“ unfortunately, the truth makes everything else seem like a lie. ”
“ it’s not about defiance, it’s about what a man will do for love. ”
“ that is a really weird way to talk to your boss. ”
“ this is the busiest day of the year for phone sex. ”
“ you know, i’d like to say yes. but… i don’t know if i can afford it. ”
“ when you love someone, you love all of them… ”

whoops, my hand slipped and here is a much more fic-like set of bullet points that i don’t have to heart to actually turn into a fic. part of a trilogy it seems. parts one, two, THREE (this one!), four.

  • something to know about michelle: she’s very good at keeping secrets
  • once, when she was eight years old, her older brother broke the brand new watch his parents had gotten him for christmas. he begged her not to tell anyone, most especially their parents or her four year old sister who would undoubtedly tattle to their parents. she never spoke a word of it to anyone and helped him fix it as best they could so that her parents never found out.
  • then, when she was eleven, she had the biggest crush on this one girl in her class, layla. and one day, one of her best friends alex told her that he had a crush on layla. so she never spoke a word of her crush, nor of alex’s, to anyone. that is, until one day alex and layla walked around the playground at lunch time holding hands and told everyone they were now dating.
  • and then after she moved to new york, spent the year trying to find a place for herself, and then finally found and joined academic decathlon, she met peter parker and liz allan. and she knew immediately that peter parker liked liz. he always stared at her during practice and smiled at her whenever she glanced at him. she heard him talking about her at lunch. everyone knew that peter had a crush on liz. but one day after practice, she was in the bathroom stall when liz and her friend betty walked into the restoom, chatting.
  • “oh my goodness I can’t believe you have a crush on that freshman.” betty scoffed. “really liz, like half the junior class is in love with you and you’ve got heart eyes for the scrawny kid from, what is it, queens?”
  • “he’s really sweet!” liz laughed. “I think he’s really cute. he’s always nice to me. can’t I like someone who also likes me? is that really a crime?”
  • “of course not.” betty sighed. “I’m just saying. he’s a freshman, you’re a junior. in two years, you’ll be going to college and he will still be here. do you really want that?”
  • “I don’t know.” liz replied, pausing for a while before michelle heard the sink start to run water. “peter is really sweet and smart. i’d like to see what could happen.”
  • “fine, fine.” betty laughs. “but don’t wait for that boy to ask you out because he seems shocked every time you even look his way.” they both laugh and with that, walk out of the bathroom.
  • michelle never spoke of that incident to anyone either. so, she’s good at keeping quiet when she needs to be. which is why she never tells peter that she knows. knows that he spends his time stopping bank robberies, muggings, and helping old ladies cross the street. knows that he saved her friends in washington dc. knows that he’s the reason liz’s dad went to prison and she had to move to oregon. she doesn’t tell anyone this. not even peter.

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Any people in Chicago down with having a trans roommate? Anyone in Chicago know of a good trans friendly doctor or wanna help me research where to get my hormones and other medicines (xanax, rexulti, prozac, vyvanse, lamictal)

IM me if you have any info!

i’m so sick of people thinking chicago is like the most dangerous city in america and keep talking shit when they’ve never been here. like you’re not gonna fucking get shot walking downtown. TONS of cities have good and bad areas. according to statistics, there are more killings in other cities than chicago actually. yes there’s a lot of gun violence in some places here but so are many other cities in america. the media just makes us look super bad

Chicago Police open fire on striking steel workers and their families killing 10 and wounding around 100. Anarchist Dorothy Day, who was present at the March and massacre, is quoted “On Memorial Day, May 30, 1937, police opened fire on a parade of striking steel workers and their families at the gate of the Republic Steel Company, in South Chicago. Fifty people were shot, of whom 10 later died; 100 others were beaten with clubs.”

Velma Kelly
  • Velma: *kills her sister*
  • Velma: "But my sister is now unfortunately deceased."
  • Velma: "What am I supposed to do uh? Suck up to her like everybody else? Over my dead body!"
  • Velma: *asks Roxie if she wants to be part of a double act with her. Twice*
  • Velma: "I can't do it alone."
  • Velma: *does the full act completely by herself to prove that she can't do it alone*
  • Velma: "Whatever happened to class?"
  • Velma: *constantly swears and is rude to people*
Friendship Breakup- Alex Nylander

Originally posted by nylanderhoe

Ok so in my opinion friendship breakups are way worse than relationship breakups. Like they suck. I’ve been there before, many times, and it doesn’t ever hurt less. So if any of you ever need to talk, I am here. Promise! Love you guys! Enjoy!

Warning: angst, cussing

Anon Request: Hey, I’m going through a friend breakup ( I don’t know what else to call it😂) so could you do one with Alex nylander where you’re starting to drift apart with one of your really important friend and you just feel really bad and crying and so and he comforts you? Love you 😘


              You didn’t know what to do anymore.

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anonymous asked:

chicagodykemarchcollective org/2017/06/27/chicago-dyke-march-official-statement-on-2017-march-and-solidarity-with-palestine/ The Chicago dyke march people released a statement about what happened. It includes the line, "Zionism is an inherently white-supremacist ideology." I... I... I am speechless. I don't know how they managed to fuck it up that badly, but they did. I'm almost impressed. (they do know that white supremacists don't like Jews, right?) -pocket-knife (I have returned!)

What’s great about this – archived here – is not only that they doubled-down to excuse their antisemitism, but that they managed to completely destroy their position by failing to smear one of the Jewish women that was thrown out.

“It was later revealed that Laurel was aware of Dyke March’s anti-Zionist position from pro-Palestine memes and art that were posted on the Dyke March page, and was also aware of the fact that her flag could be interpreted as being at odds with that position.”

Oh? Is that true, Dyke March organisers? Well, that could change with the next messages that the March then poste–

Oh. So basically, they’ve managed to unironically put up messages that basically say that a Jewish woman was worried about using the flag that she’s been using for years because of some Facebook posts on the Dyke March’s page, one of the organisers admits to seeing it before and that the flag was fine, as well as saying that they were against antisemitism, and the Jewish woman was grateful for the quick chat…

And that translates as, again:

“It was later revealed that Laurel was aware of Dyke March’s anti-Zionist position from pro-Palestine memes and art that were posted on the Dyke March page, and was also aware of the fact that her flag could be interpreted as being at odds with that position.”

Wow. A Jewish woman saying that she’s worried about harassment over her nothing-to-do-with-Israel Jewish Pride flag is her “being aware” that antisemites would conflate Jewishness with Israel. Because a symbol of Jewishness “could be interpreted” as something that other Dyke Marchers might harass. 

Nice retroactive victim-blaming and obvious gaslighting there, Dyke March.

And that goes straight into the Dyke March saying:

“Upon arrival at the rally location in Piotrowski Park, Palestinian marchers approached those carrying the flags to learn more about their intentions, due to its similarity to the Israeli flag and the flag’s long history of use in Pinkwashing efforts. During the conversation, the individuals asserted their Zionist stance and support for Israel. At this point, Jewish allies and Dyke March organizers stepped in to help explain why Zionism was unacceptable at the march.”

So, again, a Jewish woman asked the organisers if she would be safe from harassment if she brought her Jewish Pride flag, since it was nothing to do with Israel. An organiser said it was fine because they’d seen it on previous marches. And then Dyke March organisers admit that the Jews were just marching until Palestinian marchers deliberately went over there to harass them for seeing nothing but a Star of David on the Jewish Pride flags.

“Anti-Zionism has nothing to do with antisemitism! But we’re going to presume that a universal symbol of Jewishness = Israel and deliberately go over to start antagonising Jews!”

The antagonists started a conversation about Israel. The Jews then tried to defend themselves, even though the earlier messages prove that they weren’t even there about Israel, but for themselves, and the organisers accepted that.

And then, to top it all off, the organisers then admit not to break up that antisemitic harassment, or say, “Hey, this is just a Jewish Pride flag, we’re not here to talk about Israel, they’re not even here to defend Israel, so separate.” No, they decided to continue the harassment of the Jews there and then eject them from the march entirely.

I’m not even going to go into their ramblings about attacking Israel, because Israel here isn’t the point. Actual Jews and actual antisemitism is the point. Israel here does not matter even one bit.

If the Dyke March organisers had tried to claim something like the Jews went over and started something with Palestinians, then I could say, “Well, they were being troublemakers when they knew it wasn’t going to go down, so that wasn’t antisemitism, that was their own fault.” 

But the Dyke March’s statement proves absolutely otherwise.

They reassured a Jewish woman, who made it clear she was only there for herself, that her Jewish Pride flag was good and she wouldn’t be harassed.

They then let her be harassed for her Jewish Pride flag by antisemites.

They then supported those antisemites to be antisemitic themselves.

They then get backlash online for their antisemitism.

And then they make a statement admitting that a universal symbol of Jewishness makes Jews an acceptable target for antisemitic harassment.

But they’re totally not antisemites, guys.

Chicago Franchise Episodes Timeline

As a lot of people are getting interested with the franchise but don’t know where to begin since there are so many crossovers between the three, now four shows, I made a list that could come in handy. I also wanted to go back and binge watch from the start without getting confused with the timeline. I will be updating this list weekly or so as I’m watching the new episodes (except Justice, because TWD).

Anyways, enjoy ! DM me if anything’s incorrect !

2012-2013 : Fire S01

01. Chicago Fire - S01E01 - Pilot
02. Chicago Fire - S01E02 - Mon Amour
03. Chicago Fire - S01E03 - Professional Courtesy
04. Chicago Fire - S01E04 - One Minute
05. Chicago Fire - S01E05 - Hanging On
06. Chicago Fire - S01E06 - Rear View Mirror
07. Chicago Fire - S01E07 - Two Families
08. Chicago Fire - S01E08 - Leaving the Station
09. Chicago Fire - S01E09 - It Ain’t Easy
10. Chicago Fire - S01E10 - Merry Christmas, Etc.
11. Chicago Fire - S01E11 - God Has Spoken
12. Chicago Fire - S01E12 - Under the Knife
13. Chicago Fire - S01E13 - Warm and Dead
14. Chicago Fire - S01E14 - A Little Taste
15. Chicago Fire - S01E15 - Nazdarovya!
16. Chicago Fire - S01E16 - Viral
17. Chicago Fire - S01E17 - Better to Lie
18. Chicago Fire - S01E18 - Fireworks
19. Chicago Fire - S01E19 - A Coffin That Small
20. Chicago Fire - S01E20 - Ambition
21. Chicago Fire - S01E21 - Retaliation Hit
22. Chicago Fire - S01E22 - Leaders Lead
23. Chicago Fire - S01E23 - Let Her Go (PD backdoor pilot)
24. Chicago Fire - S01E24 - A Hell of a Ride

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