Liar, Liar. (Double posted cause I'm an idiot) (Chicago PD, Voight)

Prompt: so cool that you write for chicago pd!! could you write something with 65. &48. for Hank Voight? would be great :)

Pairing: Hank Voight/You.

Fandom: Chicago PD

You knew better than to trust men like Hank Voight. He was a menace with steel grey eyes and calloused hands that knew exactly what to say to get someone like you in their grasp. You were nothing special, a waitress in a downtown diner where he frequently had breakfast after long shifts and oh boy, had he pulled you in. He had requested you sit with after a particularly unruly customer had gotten a little too flirtatious, offered you some of the coffee from the pot you’d left on his table as he practically begged you to tell him your whole life story. You were interesting, he said. You didn’t understand why.

But he was a mistake wrapped in old denim, a liar hidden inside small smiles and weathered lines. He was a monster, a man who played you like a fiddle and you were pissed. Okay, you were hurt but it was easier to be pissed as you stormed up the stairwell of the precinct, the woman at the desk not even trying to stop you. Slamming open the gate, you skipped stairs as you made your way into the center of the intelligence loft.

He was explaining a new case, some robbery homicide that you didn’t want to think about, but faltered when he saw you. How did you find out? How could you, his little secret, find out about this? About his job?

“You’re a cop.” You stated into the dead silent room. “More than that, you’re the cop who just used me to find my brother. You’re the cop who just slapped cuffs on an innocent 18 year old boy because of something I told you and you’re the one who has been lying for months!”

You didn’t know when your feet brought you to stand directly in front of him, or how your hands found their way to slapping him in the chest repeatedly as anger, sadness, hurt flowed out of your core. He had used you, slept with you, to get information on your brother. Your innocent brother at that. He had made you think he was falling in love with you, he had made you fall in love with him, all for a case.

“No, please, darling listen to me.” He caught your hands in his, holding them tight as you tried to pull away. The team was attempting to give you privacy but they had never seen their boss like this, it was like watching a train wreck as the man’s hurt eyes tried to catch yours. “I only ever asked about your brother on that first meeting, that was the plan; but the rest of it, that was all real.”

“Real? We started out as fucking ploy. How can any of this be real?” You were borderline hysterical, you hadn’t ever felt so used in your life.

“Look at me- Just breathe, okay?”

“Breathe. You want me to breathe? I can barely keep myself from throwing up looking at you. How could you do something like this, something so vile?” You spat, eyes ablaze as you wrenched your hands from you. “This was, you were, I made a mistake ever trusting you.”

“Don’t do this, just let me explain why I-”

“Why what? Why you couldn’t just ask me for my brother’s alibi - which was me? Why you couldn’t tell me once you were done being a secretive asshole what you had done? Why you let me fall in love with you when this was all some big game to you? I’m a human being Hank Voight and you played me. I don’t know whether to punch you in the face or say congratulations, you won.”

You didn’t wait for his response, turning on your heel and stalking to the stairs. You were practically trailing fire you were so mad. But right before you took a step down the stairs, your shoulder deflated and you turned to look at him. You needed to see his eyes when you asked him, needed to know if he was telling the truth. Meeting the very eyes that made you fall in love with him, you voiced your question.

“Did you ever truly love me?”

“Yes, I do.”

A small smile quirked on your lips, heart breaking in your chest as you nodded to yourself. How cliché. How horribly, heartbreakingly cliché. “You know Hank, I think that’s the first time you’ve never lied to me.”

With that, you let yourself walk away from him because love couldn’t erase the fact that your relationship was based on lies or that even standing one foot away from him, you hadn’t recognized the man in front you.

angst, because I’m angsty and Voight stresses me

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