linstead appreciation week day one: most underrated moment 
jay giving erin a pep talk before she starts her new job with the task force (2x11)

I don’t understand how people can not like musicals, they’re like real life but WITH MUSIC AND SONGS how can you not like that? it’s like real life but BETTER in fact it’s like what real life SHOULD BE because frankly the lack of a soundtrack in real life always weirded me out a little

Excerpts from Second Verse, Better than the First (Steeger returns to Chicago)

Did you see this revival coming when you first joined the Blackhawks?

I’ll tell you a story: In 2007, after being traded from Boston, I’m with the farm club in Rockford. Dave Bolland, Martin St. Pierre and I come to Chicago for a game. First game for Jonathan Toews. Scores on his first shot against San Jose. We sit in the stands. We have a section to ourselves in the 200 Level. I have my legs draped over a chair in front of me, same with the other two guys. Nobody in the United Center. Maybe 6,000. I’m thinking, “So this is the NHL?” With Toews and Patrick Kane as rookies, you could see a future. But if you had told me that fans would come back like they have, I’d have called you nuts. We just had a road game in Phoenix in November, right after I re-joined the team, and there were more Blackhawks fans there than there were at that United Center game in 2007.

When you returned, it was thought that you might help keep the locker room loose. How so?

I don’t think this group needs me to stay loose. We lost some characters from 2010, but there are new characters. Bryan Bickell is different. And Andrew Shaw… Well, he’s Andrew Shaw. I used to go back and forth with Dustin Byfuglien. But there’s still Tazer — Jonathan is serious, yeah, but he likes to have fun. I love to poke at him. He gets red in the face, looks down and shakes his head. You can have him on the ropes, but you have to hit the brakes sometimes. You don’t want to push him over the ropes.

From (x).

Oh come on. You know you want to poke the bear. I assume that your knee has healed enough so that you can run fast.

Chicago Marathon Runner Tracking

Want to track my progress on Sunday?

For text alerts at the major milestones, send 1995 (my bib #) to 37619 or go here to sign up online. If they hold to form, you’ll get 10K, half, 30K, and finish updates. Each one with chip time, pace, and projected finish.

If that’s not enough, you can go to that morning and look me up in the live results. They’ll have splits every 5K with pace and projected finish. Always fun to run over those 5K mats and think about everyone getting an update.

And if you’d rather use a fancy smartphone app, it’s available for iPhone or Android under the title “Chicago Marathon 2014”. Probably not any better than the options above unless you’re running the race.

The goal is 2:55. That’s about a 6:40/mi pace.