The Metropolitan Correctional Center, Chicago (MCC) is a federal prison located in Chicago, Illinois. The facility holds both male and female inmates and holds inmates at all security levels, including those who are awaiting trial or engaged in court proceedings. The building was designed by Harry Weese, and the unique design of the building sets it apart from other federal prisons and correctional facilities nationwide. The building is a right triangle shape with 28 floors, and each cell has a window that is 5 inches wide and 7 feet long. The outdoor recreation area is on the roof of the building, where male inmates are allowed two hours every other day. Female prisoners are allowed access to an indoor exercise room and law library once a week, and are not allowed to have jobs working in the kitchen.

Inmates successfully escaped from MCC in 1985, 2009 and 2012, but all were recaptured, although the inmates in the ’85 escape were on the run for months before they were found. Piper Kerman spent the last few months of her sentence at MCC.