Darren Criss with fans after Market Days in Chicago.

I hadn’t seen this posted yet, so sorry if it’s a repeat.

Video from annieroselee on YouTube.

Another Love Affair
Darren Criss
Another Love Affair

Today’s Darren Criss post is one of his new original songs that he debuted at Chicago Market Days over the summer. I’m in love with it already and soon you will be too. 

It’s not like I don’t know what you really need
I just wish that in this situation it was me
So shut up, shut up why don’t you? Sayin’
And it’s breaking my heart.
Trying to pick up the pieces
Put them back before it falls apart.

I’ll wait for an answer…

I’ll need another love affair to hold me down
Need somebody there to be around
Now I need another love affair to hold me down
Need somebody there to be around

Now I don’t love you more than anyone, my dear
But I need you more than anyone ‘round here
And I love to say that, say that you love me
But that ain’t enough, we tried so hard

Isn’t is gorgeous? Darren truly is infinitely talented. Check out my masterpost here for more amazing Darren Criss performances.


A longer video of the Darren Criss Flash Mob in Chicago

kinda loud…you might want to turn down your volume a tad…