Fangirl Forever

Characters: Dean, Reader and Sam.

Pairings: Dean x Reader

Summary: The reader is completely hungover from the tremendous amounts of fun from the previous night. Dean is a total sweetheart and he decides to show her instead of tell her about exactly how much fun she threw herself into.

Warnings: Second hand embarrassment? It’s fluff, I swear.

A/N: This is for @fandommaniacx / @becs-bunker Beckii’s 21st Birthday Challenge. My prompt was “Bye Bye Bye.” by Nsync. I hope your birthday is awesome and I hope you like this!

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Schweinsteiger to join Chicago Fire

A deal has been agreed upon by Manchester United and the player which will see him joining the MLS team.

I am sad to leave so many friends at Manchester United,“ said Schweinsteiger. “But I am grateful to the club for allowing me the chance to take up the challenge at Chicago Fire.

"I have enjoyed working with the manager, the players and staff here and wish them all the best in the future. But I have to reserve special thanks to the United fans – whose support has been a very special part of my time in Manchester.

"I was delighted to be part of the squad that won the FA Cup for them last season and will always remember their energy and their passion. Now is the right time for me to start a new chapter in Chicago and I am looking forward to it.”

Best of luck, Basti!

Series that I’ve picked up that are similar to the Dresden Files:

-The Iron Druid Chronicles: The gods are real, some are still right assholes and the last living Druid is just trying make a living after a couple of millennia.  It doesn’t last, and the end of the world is ready to go.  Snark, romance, a talking dog and some pretty badass women pepper the series.

-Mick Oberon: It’s Chicago in the 1930′s, and Mick Oberon is just your regular PI.  Except he uses a wand.  And has pointed ears.  And is a couple of centuries old.  You know what?  A Fae PI in 1930′s Chicago, dealing with the Mob, the Unseelie and a baker’s dozen other bad things isn’t normal at all.  Oh, and there’s snark.

-Sandman Slim: James Stark has been locked away for a decade and in that time, his girlfriend died, he lost his house, life has gone to shit, and punk got a whole lot wimpier.  So he’s back to right some wrongs.  With a knife that can kill anything, some Hellion magic and a series that just won’t let up with the action.  It also lets the whole trope of power deescalation take hold.  Yeah, and there’s snark.  Anyone seeing a pattern?

-Alex Verus: Mr Verus is a bit of a one trick pony compared to everyone else here.  He’s not powerful, he can’t blow you up and he doesn’t have gods backing him up. All he can do is see the future.  But sometimes, that’s not enough to stay out of a fight, or keep your greatest fear from raising it’s head.  So when push comes to shove, Verus fights.  And scares the everloving shit out of Harry Dresden in the process.  And guess what?  There’s snark, of the British variety.

-Eric Carter:  This is not a good man.  Don’t try and trick yourself into believing he can be anything but.  But this necromancer tries to fly right and help.  The only downside is that the bodies start piling up and Santa Muerta wants to put a ring on him… Only downsides?  Oh yeah.  Those are just the beginning…

My observations watching 🎯 Arrow 5x22 "Missing"

All I can say is ASDFGHJMNNBGFF!!! *squeals* I think that’s eloquent enough to express my opinion about this episode.


The birthday man!! OMG! He was so freaking adorable unsure if he had a date or not with Felicity. I wanna know of who was the idea of leaving the door open for him to enter. I mean, do you even know the guy you’re dealing with? And not just him! If i go someplace and find the door ajar, I get suspicious. I don’t know why they didn’t go with something more normal as in he ringing the doorbell and Felicity telling him is open. That was it. Oliver would’ve gotten in relaxed and happy and Curtis wouldn’t have ended on the floor. Just sayin’! (Side note: WOW! i love the shoutout to @lordmesa-art and the cake. It was awesome!!) Anyway, he was so happy celebrating his birthday. Pity that the joy lasted so little, damn it!

Oliver killed me with all his fatherly pride. First saying that William is the purest part of him and then calling him his boy. Oh gosh too many feels

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I didn’t get to grocery shop yesterday because there just literally isn’t enough time in the day when you have to deal with Chicago traffic. So here I am continuing to spend money I don’t really have on a breakfast I can’t wait to eat at home.

I’m bowling tonight with my old work crew, and that won’t let out until about 10:30. Maybe I’ll go light grocery shopping tonight, just so I can like bring my lunch and stuff the rest of the week. Idk man, I gotta fit this in!

Personal achievement: I traveled to the land where I get my weed from and came back with no weed. I only debated it for like 3 seconds, too!

Now to get back on my metformin. Haven’t taken it in like five days. I swear that’s one of the hardest routines to keep. I swear.

Also, soon-to-be not pictured: dat coffee, or at least not dat large of one.

Anyhow, cheers to getting the most out of today!

Okay, so Jim Butcher has apparently stated that readers will get to see more of Dad!Harry in Peace Talks. But I think there is a far more important question to be asking here. If Dresden is finally getting back to Chicago, finally sealing the deal with Murphy, finally going to be there to raise his daughter…is Murphy going to get to be Maggie’s MOM? And I mean this very directly. I liked Susan a lot, I would never want Maggie to forget her biological mother, and I’m sure that Maggie knew her as her biological mother, and that they probably got a few opportunities to bond when Susan would visit her at her foster parents’ place.

But I want to see Murphy in the role of a mother. I want her and Maggie interacting, and I don’t want it to be some Karrin/Aunt Karrin/Aunt Murphy thing. I want a scene where she refers to Harry as “Dad” and Karrin as “Mom.”

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If SM doesn't debut Johnny this year, then he should take his talents elsewhere

I’m not joking. Johnny has trained longer than EXO, Red Velvet, and ALL of NCT. Yet SM passes him over as his close friends in EXO debuted. Yet they pass him over while 15 year olds debut. Yet they give Taeyong, Taeil, Mark, and Jaehyun a comeback and still might not debut my Younghommie. I know it is his dream to become a star, but it’s now doing more harm than good. He could have actually had a real childhood in Chicago instead of dealing with this. He can live out his dream in places other than SM’s basement. Johnny shouldn’t be giving SM his time if they aren’t giving anything back. Honestly.

I’m an experimental photographer from Chicago. My work deals primarily with concepts of abstraction, perception, and representation. My photography is often about photography itself, or in response to historical precedent. I also work directly with photographic data and glitch manifestation as a means of producing concept driven images.

Read less broad, confusing statements and see more of my work here.

Boy or girl?

Alex awoke with a quiet groan. He had just gotten back from Chicago after dealing with a client that he was working with for the past month. Needless to say, he was glad to be home with his family. Alex turned to look over at Carlie and smiled, leaning down to kiss her tummy. “My little Emily…” He said, glancing up at his sleeping wife before remaining there for a moment.

Time for some damn Bawson meta.

Ginny telling Mike that he has an early flight and he replied to her, “yeah.”. Look at their faces. Ginny’s is showing she feels an attraction towards him. Not the “It’s a school crush” or sexual attraction (not in this scene, but I am sure she does), but this is more an emotional attraction. The VERY BEST attraction we can have towards someone we are falling in love with. Mike is trying to show it to her by releasing all his energy of his true feelings to her. He already know his feelings towards her and his energy is comparing to hers of he wants to be with her.

This one is my favorite. Lawson is looking at Ginny, but her eyes closed as they spread their foreheads apart just a bit, but his? Hell no. He wants to make sure does she feel the same way about how he feels about her. That man was about to leave for Chicago to play for another team and his expression is “let me look at her ONE LAST TIME, before I go”. He thinks since we’re not going to be teammates anymore, let’s give “US” a try. Mike Lawson is so damn smooth, let me tell you.

His phone rings (I know I was disappointed too, but it’s too early for the kiss to happen, y’all.) that immediately stops both of them of getting their lips in tact with each other and he told Ginny it’s Oscar and she tells him to answer his call. Ginny looks so disappointed, because she finally know how her idol feels about her and she wants to kiss. Mike, on the other hand, looks to her as reassurance. He’s like “Are you sure you want me to answer this call?” and he seems he’s a bit scared too. Why do you think Oscar would call him for something? Unless something happened at involved Mike in a situation (The Trade with Chicago).

Mike is told by Oscar that he is staying with Padres and the deal with Chicago has been cut off. He’s a bit relieved that he is staying in San Diego, but that means he knows they can’t be together as a couple. That moment made him realize, “I can’t be with her, because she’s still my teammate”. He really wants to be with her. That’s why he wanted to leave for Chicago. TO BE WITH HER! Now, what? It’s not happening.

After Mike told Ginny he’s not leaving for Chicago, Ginny expressed a bit of distress here. Yes, she is happy Mike isn’t leaving for Chicago, but oh no, their romantic feelings have to be put at bay, because teammates do not date each on the same team. It cause chaos and disruption of the chances to go the World Series.

Last scene. Notice how both of them backed away after the known that they’re still teammates after Oscar called off the trade deal? Mike just looks at Ginny with so much hurt, it’s ridiculous. Ginny just found out about his romantic feelings for her and she responded to them with the same feelings for Mike. They’re thinking that they almost kissed and the situation turned awkward in a matter of seconds, meaning the course of their relationship has changed forever.


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