Chicago Architecture Biennial
Why Architecture Isn't Art (And Shouldn't Be)
The very concept of architecture could be misleading both the public and the profession.

Huffington Post readers aren’t alone in this view, of course. “Architecture is art, nothing else,” architect Philip Johnson once declared, and Pritzker Prize winner Richard Meier claims that architecture is in fact “the greatest of the arts.” In 2011,President Obama observed that architecture at its best becomes “works of art that we can move through and live in,” and the Chicago Architecture Biennial, going on now til January, is themed “The State of the Art of Architecture.

I studied Architecture because it was not exclusively an art or exclusively utilitarian, as a way to find a place where both sides of my brain met. Either without the other leaves us with incomplete structures: A building that its all style but no substance or a machine for living. What do you think?