One of the biggest tragedies is that the whole “Halstead brothers grew up rich and their dad is a doctor and wanted Jay to become one but he didn’t and Will did so they don’t get along” thing got scrapped. The rich dad thing was given to Rhodes and turns out they grew up in Canaryville (not a rich place.)

The best part was like if you look at Jay and how humble and nice and down to earth he is, you would never guess he grew up wealthy and privileged as fuck and decided to go to war instead of be a doctor. And that would make his character so much more dynamic. And a great contrast to Lindsay who grew up dirt poor and on the streets. And they still relate to each other so well. 

And I loved how Will was the partier and playboy who was a contrast to Jay that Jay had to keep in check, even though Jay’s younger. Now I kind of see them being more similar. And originally, when Will came to town, the whole thing was going to be that he knocked a girl up and Jay had to help him through that. Which I wanted to see so much, I was so fucking excited for that. 

But it’s gone and although they started some of that, it got scrapped and is leaving continuity issues in its wake. 

And I was so excited for WIll to show up because we’d learn more about Jay. Which, I’ve learned more about Jay on Med than PD just from Will saying things that would also apply to his brother as well. 

And I’m still waiting to hear about what Will almost said to Erin about Jay coming home from Afghanistan that he thought she already knew. 

But I’m so glad the sibling that tied the shows together was a brother for Jay. 

I just wish it went in the same direction it was headed before Med premiered.

Someone actually made a linsteadsucks account on twitter and said that they were forced upon us. I have a question for all the linstead fans, when was the exact moment you started shipping linstead?

For me, I knew who Sophia Bush was. Loved her in OTH. I didn’t really know who Jesse was. Knew he was in a soap and from and episode of CSI miami but didn’t really follow him.

I didn’t expect to even ship Linstead, I was just looking for a show to watch and saw my dad had scheduled Chicago PD on his DVR. The moment I shipped them was their first scene in the breakroom on ep 1, season 1. So they weren’t forced upon me. I was like omg that guy is fricken hot and I immediately saw the chemistry Jesse and Sophia played into their characters. Lol yup I’m bored, so how did you all ship Linstead?

Wed, 21. Sep

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