Imagine finishing a show and moving on with your life. Can’t relate.

i don’t know about u sometimes I just have to pause certain episodes bc a character was about to fuck up so bad I have to prepare myself bc this stupid little shit doesn’t feel like thinking twice about the situation and that’s when I realize that I’m too much into a TV show

Like this post if you watch the follow: Legends Of Tomorrow, The Magicians, Chicago Med, Chicago Fire, Gotham, Lucifer, Sense8, One Day at a Time, The Flash, 911, Big Little Lies, New Girl, Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Also overall if you’re a fan of coldflash, Leonard Snart, Sara Lance, Rafael Barba. 

I need new blogs to follow. 

*new medical drama gets released*

Me: Isn’t the whole doctor-drama shows completely over done and cliché at this point??

Also me:

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“Dr. Charles we’re in the business of saving lives. The moment people lose confidence in their leader the fight is lost.

Ok so I want more friends that have the same interests as me. So if you’re hella gay and you love music and tv shows and spending all your time fangirling, hit me up? I’m super aware that probably nobody will respond to this but at least I tried🤷🏻‍♀️

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Wheeler came to me, too, Reese. When we had that pileup in the blizzard and the pregnant woman almost bled out, he took it hard. I had the chance to reassure him, but I didn’t.