chibi-pan  asked:

"Nana! Nana!" Pan clapped as she flew towards Broly taking a chunk of blonde hair in her palm. Why didn't this look like a normal banana?

That’s because it wasn’t–

Throughout the entirety of the child pulling on his hair, Broly is absolutely quiet save for a few grunts of pain here and there. Why was this child so strong? More importantly, where the hell did she come from?

It didn’t take long before he grew fed up with this tug of war between his herself and his skull. Before he knew it he was swatting at the child, not too hard to cause any serious pain but enough to push her back and free his hair from her grasp.

       “STOP THAT!!”

chibi-pan  asked:

"Hiya Uncle Gayten!" the four year old yelled as she ran over to him. "What're you doing?"

“Hey there Pannie.” He smiled at his niece as he crouched down, one arm curved and outstretched to pull her into a hug. “Not too much right now. I was just here to see your mom and dad.”

It wasn’t like he was doing much else, though, and he adored Pan. Making time for her was never a problem.