I’m not sure if I did this before or not, BUT I THIN I SAW SOMETHING NEW. Or something that got lost in the haze of blog nuking, whatever. CHECK IT OUT

Usagi pouting is absolutely glorious don’t get me wrong, and Ami clapping along is adorable.

Minako though you guys. Fucking Minako.

She’s spent almost every second since Esmeraude and The Esmeraudettes appeared with dancing and saying how sexy everything is. I mean look at this:

Minako is super fucking here for this performance. But when their attention turns to Chibi-Usa, everything changes for her. Not in the immediate way that it does for Usagi, where Chibi-Usa being at the center of attention strikes her instantly and very emotionally. For Minako, it’s a slow peeling away of the squealing fangirl to reveal the observing tactician, AND IT’S UTTERLY PERFECT AND BRILLIANT. She doesn’t have Mako’s suspicion to work from, but still something seems a bit off, and she drops everything to watch. Not with open mistrust like Mako, and not with heated jealousy like Usagi. She just knows they don’t have answers about Chibi-Usa AND SHE DOESN’T LIKE IT. She’s seizing this opportunity just to try and learn more, and jesus wept I fucking love that.

And look how Minako’s pulled back into the shadows even, not wanting any attention for a change. She just wants to see what’s going to happen, taking every available chance to learn something about this strange little girl now, before they’re forced to learn the hard way.

And I’ll point out once again THIS SHIT IS HAPPENING ON THE FRINGE. By rights, nobody’s watching the girls on the sides at all, their attention is fully on the singing and dancing happening right in front of them. But the character work just never fucking stops in these musicals. It would’ve been so easy to be “everybody dances and enjoys themselves”, but it wasn’t. It was “Mako intently watches with suspicion while Usagi feels the sting of yet more attention for Chibi-Usa, and Minako sees an opportunity to learn more about their strange little visitor.” Which means intense effort and consideration is going into what each character is thinking and feeling right now and why. FOR SHIT MOST PEOPLE WOULD NEVER EVEN GET THE OPPORTUNITY TO NOTICE

These fucking musicals, you guys.


Come with me to enjoy once again the many reactions to Chibi-Usa’s assessment of an Usagi Band Without Usagi.

Such as Usagi’s “The fuck did you just say??”

Ami’s “I can’t believe you just!”

Minako’s “Maybe you shouldn’– oh well okay you did.”

Mako’s “No! Shh! There’s only so much protecting of you I can do!”

And, of course, the greatest response of them all, Rei’s “This is why we will always have a special bond, you and I” double thumbs up.


「美少女戦士セーラームーン Crystal」第3期<デス・バスターズ編>