On Mamo-chan and the Tsukinos

So, I’m writing him like reeeally integrated into the Tsukino family, anyway, buuuut…

lemme prove my point, lol.

Cause Crystal gives us really nice Mamoru Tsukino family integration.

So, we all remember Crystal episode 28, right? The one where Chibi-Usa loses her hat at that amusement park, meets Hotaru, and Usagi transforms into a Mugen student to snoop around (cause apparently she’s the only one who can, tho Mina does it a few episodes later, too, to get into Mimi’s concert? Anyway…).

THIS, was the first scene.

So, Usagi comes home late after dinner at Mako-chan’s, and finds Chibi-Usa in the kitchen with her mom, calling Mamoru. Little cute fight ensues and Chibi-Usa’s all I’LL NEVER TELL, until Ikuko breaks it up, saying Chibs is going out with her friends tomorrow, and because she can’t, she needed someone else to chaperone them.

Implying that SHE SUGGESTED THIS. She asked Mamoru, her daughter’s boyfriend, to babysit what she believes is one of her kids.

AND THAT’S the level of integration Mamoru has in the Tsukino family. He’s being called to do family duties without his girlfriend currently even being in the house.

And I love it.