I’m a buff nation that can dance like a man!

I can shake-a my fanny, I can shake-a my can!

I’m a tough tootin’ nation!

I can punch-a yo buns, punch-a yo buns!

I can punch all yo buns!

If you’re a limey Brit, I will punch you for fun! :D


Ok, I know he technically wasn’t a nation at the time but I couldn’t resist. xD Reference from here: link

Sometimes I imagine an Au where Arthur is in the army and is little Alfred’s dad and because his mom died during child birth and Arthur doesn’t trust his brothers to take care of his son, he lets his neighbor Francis watch over Alfred, because he has a son around Alfred’s age and they get along well.

So anyway, Alfred is about four or five and hasn’t seen his daddy in months (which is probably the longest time he’s been away without contact with him) and Alfred really wants to see him again and gets really upset when he tries to find him in the house and Francis tells him Arthur’s not there.

Then Francis takes him and Matthew to the airport and Francis keeps telling him its a surprise and won’t tell them why. They stand near the baggage claim and watch the escalator, but Alfred finds that boring after a while and starts playing with his stuffed rabbit, only for people to start cheering and for Francis to tap his shoulder and tell him to look up. Alfred looks up and sees Arthur at the bottom of the escalator with a big grin on his face in his army uniform and holding his arms out for him, but Alfred just stands there in shock for about a minute.

Then his eyes well up with tears and he cries and screams really loudly and he can’t stop crying and the sobs hurt so much he drops his toy and can’t move. Arthur has to walk over and pick him up and Alfred’s clings to him like he never has before and just keeps crying because he’s so happy to see his daddy again and he missed him so much and he had no idea he that he needed to see him so badly and Arthur just stands there rubbing his back and telling him that it’s okay, because he’s here now and Francis gets it all on tape.

I think about this a lot.


I can’t stop making these help

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