The8!!!!! Fans are worried about you ; v ; please be healthy and eat!!! Carats really do love you! <3 Guys~ Go show him more love by using the hashtags #weloveyouthe8 and #behealthythe8 ! He is getting really skinny, like more than before ;;; Go show this precious boy some love!

I feel bad that i am also guilty in not giving this boy enough love (same with a few other members BUTTT i will change that!) ; v ; Since my Midterm is this evening, i will dedicate the next few days for The8 fanart! I’ll do this for a few other members i dont draw enough of!

I’m still modifying the design for my chibi bunny fursuit.

I’ve also changed how I want to do his story. I’d like for it to be related to a Japanese folktale. Or rather, many of them, but with emphasis on the Rabbit on the Moon making mochi.

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