I cannot recommend this chia jam recipe enough, it only takes 5 minutes to make (needs a couple hours in the fridge though), it is super healthy and it is so tasty and versatile – I love to add it to pretty much everything! You can use whatever berries you like and have available, this time I made it with homegrown black currants, red currants and blueberries from my parents garden and it turned out so good – sweet and with a subtle taste of vanilla, but still a little sour as well.

Find the recipe on the blog:

You know your dedicated when you step out into the pouring rain just to take a nice photo 😅 This morning was a layered jar of goodness: chocolate oats, berry chia seed jam, matcha flavoured buckwheat and chia pudding, black sesame seeds, greek yogurt, strawberries, chunks of sweet potato brownie and tahini drizzle 🙌 So basically I just threw all sorts of things into a jar 😂 But despite the weird combo it was super tasty!

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When I don’t want to be shivering cold ❄️💨 after eating breakfast ( ahem nicecream and smoothie bowls 🙄🙄), I sometimes like to turn to oatmeal. Todays late breakfast/ brunch ¿¿¿ ( my eating schedule is really not ok rn) is a bowl of Apple oatmeal 😼👅🍏🍎 topped with basically everything good = berry chia jam, fruits, flax seeds, melty @squareorganics #pleaseignorethegrapearea 🤓

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