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STEAL OF THE WEEK: barn owl rustic gift wrap, three sheets by handmadeandheritage

$9.99 gets you three big sheets of rustic barn owl wrapping paper. the artwork is originally from a lino print. this chi-o is partial to the owls, but be sure to check out all of handmadeandheritage’s rad earthy options.


During his utter rampage of the Chi Omega Sorority house, Ted Bundy impulsively bit the left buttock of Lisa Levy. He also bit her breast, but the bite mark on her buttock was much more prominent, so it was used as evidence during Bundy’s trial.

Despite leaving no evidence in the form of fingerprints or DNA, the bite mark was so clear that a perfect impression of the attacker’s teeth had been made. If prosecutor’s had a mold of Bundy’s teeth, then they could almost certainly see him convicted. According to Bundy and his defence team, however, the warrant for the teeth mold was not completely legitimate, and he asked for it to be withdrawn.

The judge refused, and stated that the evidence was admissible and relevant to the case. After coming to the conclusion that the bite mark was blatantly made by Bundy, the judge handed him the death sentence.

🎨 get the look: how to paint sorority canvas shoes! 🎨

Painted sorority Keds and Toms are super fun for bid day, big/little reveal and any day! Get the look with these step-by-step instructions for creating your footwear works of art. They are totally wearable and a FAB way to show your greek pride all around campus.


  • Pair of white canvas sneakers (Keds), or white/ivory slip-ons (Toms), or similar brands. 
  • 1-2" blue painter’s tape
  • Acrylic paints
  • Paint pens and/or Sharpies
  • Firm small brushes
  • Tissue paper
  • Pencil for tracing or penciling freehand 
  • Tracing paper for preferred technique
  • Nail polish remover & Q-tips
  • Clear matte sealing spray such as Krylon

❉ STEP 1 Prep the Shoes: 

  • Remove the laces if you are painting Keds. 
  • Tape all around the sole with the blue painter’s tape, protecting the edges from stray paint.
  • Stuff tissue paper in the toes of the shoes to keep your painting surface firm.

❉ STEP 2 Lightly Trace Your Design:

  • With a pencil, lightly freehand your design. Or trace one using your favorite tracing technique. Please refer to the sorority sugar Letter Tracing Guide for different ways to trace. 
  • Another option is to print a design from the computer, cut it out and use it as a “stencil.” Secure your stencil with pins and lightly trace around it.

❉ STEP 3 Paint the Design:

  • Using firm, small brushes paint your design on the canvas surface. 
  • A light touch works better than a heavy application.
  • Accent and outline with paint pens and/or colored Sharpies.
  • If there are multiple layers to your design, allow for drying time.

❉ STEP 4 Finishing Touches:  

  • After shoes are completely dry, spray clear sealant over the painted surface.
  • Remove the blue painter’s tape. 
  • Touch up any stray paint spots with a Q-tip and nail polish remover.
  • Remove the tissue paper inside the toes.
  • Re-lace the shoes if you painted Keds.

{DIY photos & info from: google search}

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Investigators obtain crucial dental impressions from Ted Bundy

After the brutal attack at the Chi Omega Sorority House in 1978, investigators of the case requested that Ted Bundy gave them a dental impression so that they could compare it with the bite mark found on the buttock of Lisa Levy found at the crime scene, but he refused. However, the prosecution managed to obtain a search warrant that allowed them to obtain this crucial piece of evidence. In order to prevent Bundy from altering his teeth in any way (such as grinding them down or chipping them), the investigators arrived without warning. An experienced dentist, Dr. Richard Souviron took several photographs of Bundy’s front upper and lower teeth and gums. He determined that a distinct, uneven pattern was recorded, which would make a match easier to make.

Further analysis made by Souviron in court showed that Bundy had bit his victim twice: he bit once, then turned sideways and bit again. The top teeth remained in the same position, but the lower teeth left two rings. Twice as much evidence was obtained in order to prove the case against Bundy, and to persuade the judge to give the death sentence.