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The Legend Of Zelda Collector’s Edition Board Game 

  • Features 32 custom Legend of Zelda figurine chess pieces made of Vinyl
  • Hero Pieces: Zelda herself is the Queen, while Impa, Epona, and Darunia are Bishops, Knights, and Rooks respectively. Of course the ever-lovable Navi is used for the Pawns.
  • Villain Pieces: The infamous sorceress sisters - merged into Twinrova - serve as the dark Queen. Iron Knuckle, Phantom, and Armos are the Bishops, Knights, and Rooks, while Deku Scrub represents the Pawns.
  • Premium styled window packing with magnetic front closure

Available for purchase via Amazon

anonymous asked:

the end of the chess video you linked appears to be footage of 9/11. maybe find a different version that has the actual ending?

oh my god shit i didn’t know! I just youtubed the video and didn’t watch through cause I already had seen the real one, this is the full real one i intended!

I am so so sorry!!! 

Kasparov discusses his match against IBM’s Deep Blue computer 20 years later

May 11 is the 20th anniversary of the victory of Deep Blue, a chess-playing IBM supercomputer, over world chess champion Garry Kasparov. He recently spoke to Yahoo News and Finance Anchor Bianna Golodryga about his match with Deep Blue and the advancement of technology. Kasparov said his 1997 match “was really a watershed moment for human players, but it was a milestone for computer science.”

Partida de ajedrez relámpago. Te quedas loco….


Brian d'Arcy James sings Pity the Child (aka Pity the Singer). Nyack, NY 2001 Chess in Concert.

  • me: [thinks about asgore being a strategy nerd and introducing undyne to chess and old video games nominally as a training exercise but mostly as a chance to bond]
  • me: haha, nice
  • me: [thinks about the role of the queen and the king in chess]
  • me: wait, hold on
  • me: [thinks about asgore going on a whole dramatic spiel about how the king is nothing but a burden that the rest of the pieces on the board must bear]
  • me: I SAID WAIT

i made a couple kids for my favorite ut ships haha. i dont have names for them yet but i will name them eventually

captions since my handwriting is sloppy:



-wants to be a librarian or biologist





snowriel (toriel/snowdin shopkeeper)


-poor fashion sense

-good leader



-wears glasses but only needs them for their bad eye

-likes anything competitive (ex: team sports, chess, video games)

mbti as children

enfj: one time they thought they had hurt their parent’s feelings, and they started crying because they felt so bad. 

esfj: every time is snuggle time. and talking time. and hugging time. and friend time. and smiling time. 

infj: they’re just… sitting there. staring out the car window at the trees. in silence. what are they thinking about? no one really knows. the mysteries of the universe, probably.

isfj: some of their friends might wonder why they always want to play the same exact games every time they see each other. hide and seek? again?

entj: they were the trouble child in the class. not because they were stupid or refused to do the work, but because they were too smart, and they wanted everything done their way. 

estj: ha! estjs were never children! they pop out of the womb in a suit, holding a copy of The New York Times!

intj: they played with LEGOs a lot. and chess. video games. solitare. RISK, probably. adults were way more interesting than other kids.

istj: got extremely frustrated with Mr. Noodle. why couldn’t he figure out hands? or swimming? you’re a full grown man, Mr. Noodle! hands aren’t that hard!

enfp: introduced their siblings to Santa Clause. “hi, Santa! okay, so this is what my brother wants for Christmas this year…”

esfp: that kid over there? that’s their new friend. that girl in the pigtails? also their friend. actually every single person here is their friend now. that took… five minutes.

infp: why are they crying? I don’t know–they probably had to make a decision. you can only have macaroni or pizza for dinner, not both! suck it up!

isfp: they did a lot of dancing and painting and singing… but on their own. they also probably cried a lot.

entp: this kid tried to stage a coup against his teacher, and they were so close to getting away with it, too! the fatal flaw to the plan? the other kids remembered it was nap time.

estp: when they weren’t playing outside or wrestling with siblings, they were asking questions. and lots of them. “why is the sky blue? why can’t I play there? what does this do?”

intp: they wanted to know everything. and they argued so much! just give it a rest! please! go read a book or something!

istp: this kid probably sat in the corner, alone, figuring out a puzzle or building something with blocks. and they were happier alone, away from all the plebian children…


How to play chess properly