#650.5 - Chespin typically have a cheery disposition, and will only flex the soft quills on their head in attack when absolutely necessary. As they age, the thick wooden shell covering their head and back spreads and thickens, granting them an immense amount of protection from predator attacks. To keep nimble during this bulking up period, Chespin strengthen their lower bodies by running into one another.

#651.5 - As Quilladin evolve, their protective shell opens up to reveal an armored body beneath. These kindhearted Pokemon prefer to use their power to protect their allies, and will not start fights unless seriously provoked. Their newly growing spikes add and extra layer of defense to this Pokemon’s nearly impenetrable shell, and also act to strengthen their offensive attacks as well.

Named: Chespin - Spikell - Quilladin - Chesadine - Chesnaught

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So I was watching Power Rangers Time Force

and I noticed something

The villain from the 3rd episode(Something to fight for) Jetara has a very similar design to Chesnaught in X and Y  in terms of body shape and even those thorns on its body..

I guess Pokemon got Chesnaught’s design idea from Power Rangers/Super Sentai