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YJ thing, so Jade says that she wants Artemis to Babysit Lian once in a while, right? What if, one of those times, Artemis took her niece to the watch tower, and did not understand why Red Arrow flipped out about her being there. She ended up sparing him over who got to watch the young Lian, as Lian cheered excitedly on the sidelines. No one knows who she was cheering for, and to this day, Red Arrow refuses to say why he’s so protective of Artemis’s niece.

Then I made more Young justice horses.

Or two Young Justice horses, one griffin and one hippogryph.

Roy really should have been included on the last YJ-ponies image I made but for some reason I forgot him. I’m sorry Roy. I didn’t even have the excuse of not knowing how he would look, I actually designed a version of him a while ago. (Two actually, this is the one that won out). 

Then there’s Chesire…whom I drew just because I wanted to make a design for her to complete the family. 

Aaand Rocket and Zatanna. Both unicorns.

Magic-using super-heroes are a bit intresting since in this universe their powers wouldn’t be considered out of the ordinary when ¼ of the population can do magic… But I just chose to think they’re just exceptionally good Magic Users, something ala pre-Alicorn Twilight Sparkle.

lemme list the reasons that Jade Nguyen is better than your fav

  • left Roy because he was/is unstable and she didn’t want her baby to be around that
  • has been managing an evil career, a baby, and a crazy estranged husband
  • broke into a former superhero/vigilante’s house with a baby on her back
  • her little sister is Artemis (okay not quite anything she did BUT STILL)
  • still cares for her little sister, despite being on the opposite side of the law
  • could kill you 53 different ways without a knife
  • fabulous mane of hair
  • called in favors to help her estranged husband get his shit together
  • basically just a total badass

get to know me meme: [3/10] families → the Crocks

Dad will come after you. Let him. I’ll disappear like the Cheshire cat. You should go too. I’d let you go with me, but you’d slow me down. Someone has to be here when mom gets out. Haven’t you learned anything? In this family, it’s every girl for herself.