Playing Digimon World and got my first Ultimate! Was going for Skullgreymon but got Metalgreymon, OH WELL. Here is my favourite Digimon (good & evil), Cherubimon! What i wouldn’t give for a Digimon World game i could have Cherubimon <:¬)


More Digimon! God, i absolutely love doing these. They work as a great release from my normal, super-boring job, so i always just relax working on stuff like this. Anyways, here is the Lopmon-line (good/bad) and the Devimon line, which consists of like, every bad Digimon in the first season. Some bad dudes in that family. 

Ladydevimon, Andromon, Diaboromon, Monzaemon and Arukenimon are next

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Digimon Frontier Things

People seemed to like this stuff, so here’s some more:

  • The reason Vritrimon is so angry at first is because the Warrior Ten waited for the gang to show up before the first fight with Lucemon, but they never did, resulting in the death of most of them.
  • When Ancient Greymon and Ancient Garurumon entrusted the spirits to the Three Great Angels, Seraphimon recieved two sets, Ophanimon recieved three, and Cherubimon recieved five. This was so human-shaped and beast-shaped digimon were entrusted eith the same amount of power in an attempt to preserve the peace for as long as possible.
  • During a spirit evolution, the chosen children convert their bodies into digisoul to make up for the missing data in their partner’s digicore, resulting in one complete digimon.
  • Wolfmon also has a child form that results from his power being lost, Strabimon. He is absolutely vicious.
  • Out of any season, Frontier has the highest amount of time spent in the digital world. To reflect this, the colors of the chosen children’s clothes are slightly faded as the end of the series nears.
  • A battle between the Warrior Ten and insert name of threat here happens at the begining of every reboot of the digital world.
  • All of the spirits children have a fusion spirit, but only Takuya and Kouji get to use them for contrived plot reasons. Tomoki had Daipenmon, Junpei had Rhinokabuterimon, Izumi had Jet Silphymon, and Kouichi had Reichmon (You remember Reichmon, right?).