“Things are rough all over” -Cherry Valance headcanons

-She wasn’t when she said ‘things are rough all over’, because seemingly strong Sherri Valance was broken and fragile and she never told a soul why. 
-All children think their parent’s hate them, but Cherry’s did. Her father hurt her in ways no father should and her mother blamed her daughter. 
-When her father was particularly drunk he’d sneak into her room and steal her innocence and all that was pure. 
-When she was 15 CPS (Child Protective Services) found out about the abuse she was enduring and sent her to live with her uncle in Tulsa, Oklahoma where he took over the job of raising her. He gave her everything she could possibly want and dream of because all he wanted was for her to be happy- but she still wasn’t. 
-She had met Bob, but she particularly attracted to a greaser named Dallas Winston, a boy her uncle had told her to stay away from. But she understood him and how he could turn out so vulgar and cruel.
-She had nightmares every night and every time she closed her eyes- she could still see him leaning over her… hurting her. 
-She didn’t feel a thing when Bob died, she didn’t cry like she should’ve, she felt sorry for Ponyboy and for Johnny Cade who was only trying to protect themselves against him.
-And when Dally died she vowed to help children like them, and so after school she went to college and studied to become a psychologist and she worked alongside CPS, sharing not only her story, but the story of a kid who grew up too tough and died a violent death when she knew he could’ve made something of himself just like she had.

Stop treating the characters of The Outsiders like one dimensional tropes.

Ponyboy is a caring dreamer, but he’s also judgmental and immature.

Sodapop is happy-go-lucky and friendly, but he’s also reckless and damaged.

Darry is under a lot of pressure and has limited patience, but he’s also protective and arguably the most selfless character in fiction.

Dallas is dangerous and angry, but he’s also loyal and protective.

Johnny is anxious and sad, but he’s also a compassionate dreamer.

Steve is angry and violent, but he’s also emotional and intuitive.

Two-bit is a lazy drunk, but he’s also fiercely protective of his friends and cheerful.

Cherry is reserved and caught up with social status, but she’s also brave and understanding.

Bob is hateful and violent, but he’s also desperate and passionate.

Randy is judgmental and violent, but he’s also insightful and ready to grow.

Some Socs are obnoxious and dangerous, but some Socs are fun and friendly.

Some greasers are loyal and brave, but some greasers are violent and angry.

The book is narrated by somebody who sees others as very black-and-white, good-or-bad… but that isn’t the truth of the characters or the world.

  • Cherry:I could fall in love with Dallas Winston...
  • Johnny:*steps forward* Okay, first of all, bitch-